Reasons To Purge Your Data and Digital Media Destruction

Heartbleed Data Theft

At Security In shredding our purge clear out service and media destruction of electronic devices are a guaranteed method of data destruction. This form of data destruction ensures your data security is being maintained as with electronic devices there can be flaws and potential breaches that can be a major risk to a business or organisations data.

The Heartbleed Bug

An unexpected encryption flaw known as the Heartbleed Bug has been referred to as the biggest security threat the Internet has ever experienced. The Bug which is a severe vulnerability within the widely used OpenSSL cryptography software library has received the name “Heartbleed” from security researchers.

Open SSL software is used to encrypt information that you send to and from websites, examples of this information would be your login name and password and/or other sensitive information. SSL/TLS software provides communication privacy and security over the Internet for applications such as email, web, virtual private networks (VPNs) and instant messaging.

Within your browser you can recognise when websites encrypt information when you see a closed padlock symbol alongside the website address. The Heartbleed Bug enables anyone on the Internet to read memory of systems protected by the OpenSSL software.

This compromises the security keys used to identify service providers and encrypt the traffic, the actual content and the names & passwords of the users. The Bug essentially allows attackers to impersonate services and users by allowing them to eavesdrop on communications and steel data directly from the services and users.

As the bug allows hackers to exploit a flaw in the OpenSSL encryption software used by the majority of major websites changing your passwords will not matter if the website is still vulnerable as the website would have to update their software first.

To provide guidance and to help defend against this online tools such as The Heartbleed Test & Norton Safe Web – Heartbleed Check  have been created in order to test if a website has been compromised by the Heartbleed Bug.

How Heartbleed works

When sending information back and forth through a secure connection (E.g. Facebook – Gmail messaging) sometimes a computer will test to check if the other computer is still available. This is completed by the computer by sending a small packet of data called a “heartbeat” which is then confirmed. The flaw within the OpenSSL software enables hackers to use a fake packet of data which in turn tricks the corresponding computer into responding with data stored within its memory.

This flaw within the conventional encryption software is undetectable by current standards and has been active under the radar for a period of time in the region of two years. Google Security Researcher and security firm Codenomicon discovered the flaw and they said that even if you are not a frequent user of the internet, you are most likely affected by the bug – “You are likely to be affected either directly or indirectly.

OpenSSL is the most popular open source cryptographic library and TLS (transport layer security) implementation used to encrypt traffic on the Internet. Your popular social site, your company’s site, commercial site, hobby site, sites you install software from or even sites run by your government might be using vulnerable OpenSSL.”

How to stop the leak?

While the vulnerable version of OpenSSL is in use it can be abused. Fixed OpenSSL has been developed and released but it has to be deployed. Operating systems vendors, distribution vendors along with independent software vendors have to adopt the fix and notify their users as it becomes available for the software they use, operating systems and networked appliances.

This is a detailed report on the heartbleed bug. There are many bugs and issues regarding software and devices. Awareness to these issues is important for you and us. Ensuring your data security is maintained and compliance with data protection act.

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5 Reasons To Hire an On-Site Paper Shredding Service

Security In Shredding on site service

At Security in Shredding our On site shredding is available for a scheduled call outs. Confidential shredding is available in Galway, Limerick and throughout Ireland.

Securing the confidentiality of data generated through business activity has always been of paramount importance for an organisation/individuals reputation. As competition increases, it is important to eliminate the risks that may lead to the loss of client business and severely damage their reputation.

While today much of the work is done online, the hard copies of some documents are still maintained for the purpose of information sharing or as documented records that need to be produced during meetings or during audit trials by regulatory authorities. To protect the information in these documents, the businesses therefore need to destroy and dispose it safely and responsibly.

Using a conventional office paper shredder could be an option but for higher volumes of documents with varying levels of data protection requirements and critical information contained on them, it is not viable and safe to use. This is when a professional paper shredding service comes helps the businesses securely dispose of their offices documents and comply with all relevant legislation.

Data Protection, Secure Paper Shredding

Following are the top 5 reasons why you should prefer an on-site paper shredding service over traditional office shredder:

  • Destroys the Document Completely: The office shredders shred the documents in strips that can easily reconstructed to retrieve the data. The on-site professional service guarantees the complete destruction of the document into cross cut particles, making it completely impossible for any person to reconstruct.
  • Facilitates Efficient Management of Resources: An office paper shredder occupies a lot of space and takes a lot of time to install and operate. You need to dedicate an employee for this task which normally takes half an hour or even more depending upon the volume of the documents to be shredded. In addition to that the issue with regards to deciding upon what needs to be destroyed and what can enter the traditional recycling streams.

The employee will also require the relevant training with regards to data protection if they are to be left with the responsibility of destroying the documents. At that time, the employee is not executing anything productive for future business. While half an hour or so may seem a small length of time at first but the annual figures will finally give you a clearer picture of how much time your employee has spent in this non productive activity.

  • Information Security: To shred the documents, you have to delegate a specific employee for this task which means you are giving all your company’s confidential information in the hands of a third person who may or may not be loyal to the company. Therefore, calling for an on-site paper shredding service is a better option because these people are only focused towards doing their job and they are not at all concerned about the information contained in the document.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring the services of a professional paper shredder saves you money because you don’t have to bear the maintenance and repair costs of the machine in addition to the wages and training expenses. Moreover, your employees will continue to earn more profits for the company by working on core business projects rather than engaging in paper shredding work.
  • Additional Services: Some paper shredding companies also provide additional services such as dismantling of IT equipment, electronic hard-drives destruction and consultancy to give a complete piece of mind to its clients. So, it is a one-stop shop for all your security needs.

With all these benefits, an on-site paper shredding service is certainly the best way to secure the business critical information. Always look for those companies that also offer additional services so you don’t need to go to different companies for your every security need.

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On Site Shredding Benefits For Limerick & Galway Businesses

Security In Shredding on site service
When it comes to data protection, confidential shredding of your documents should be incorporated as part of your business day to day. Limerick & Galway regions can also benefit from our on site shredding service.
On Site shredding provides a secure shredding process to your business and also a number of other benefits for your business such as:
  1. We can provide a “Scheduled Basis” On Site Shredding
  1. “On Call Service” Client calls and sets a date for out team to
  1. “Clear Out Shredding” For large quantity of document destruction


The Data Protection Commissioner

There are many reasons for your business to incorporate a confidential shredding service. Firstly it’s the law; The Data Protection Act ensures that businesses and organisations maintain that the data stored by them is protected to a standard set by the DPC.
More details regarding data security and method to improve your data security can be read on the DPC site; Data Security Guidlines

How Confidential Shredding Can Help

When it comes to data protection, minimising the risk of data breaches is essential for businesses to continue in operation. As mentioned above it’s the law but also data breaches can be hugely damaging to a companies reputation. If people are aware of a business or organisations data breach, people will not use that service or switch to a competitor good or service. All it can take is one breach for this to occur.
Along with compliance with the law, there are a number of reasons why your business benefit from confidential shredding services, reasons such as:
  • Prevent information leaks and breaches of security
  • Reduces your risk from improperly discarded documents
  • Reduces risk of identity theft
  • Reduces your risk of recovery
  • Reduces your storage costs
  • Saving employee time from document shredding
  • Minimum time used for speedy efficient shredding service
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Become an active business in protecting the environment


On Site & Confidentiality

Our on site shredding service will provide you and your business a secure method of destruction. The shredding process is monitored to ensure that the documents are destroyed and our on board systems ensure that this process is done correctly. The added bonus of the truck being on site, is that you get to see your documents go from the bin to shred on your premises. Giving you the confidence that your documents are destroyed in a safe and secure manor.

For more information on our on site shredding and or any other services we provide, please check out our site or feel free to contact one of our shredding specialists.

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Mobile Devices – Dangers & Destruction Method


At Security In Shredding protecting your data is essential for businesses and organisations to succeed. Our On Site shredding services are available throughout the Limerick and Galway regions.

It is perceived that one’s personal information held on Smart Technology Devices (wireless technology) is deleted when being sold or sent for recycling, but in fact sensitive data for example your banking details, passwords, contact information and much more are stored on hand held devices and when such information is not removed effectively it will end up in the hands of the end user.

Even though you take careful precautions regarding deleting information on PC’s or laptops, many neglect to implement these precautions with their hand held devices.With this in mind the percentage of the international population using Smart technologies is continuously increasing.

More Smartphones Than People Today

The increase in the use of Smartphones coupled with the lack of user knowledge in relation to Data Protection has made them attractive targets for attackers to obtain by means of second-hand sales via internet sites and recycled phones etc. The number in addition to the sophistication of the attacks made on mobile devices are increasing and measures to counteract these attacks are slow to catch up.

Smart technologies have not kept up in the security technology pace as with other traditional computer security. There are little or no firewalls, antivirus etc. available for the user to use to increase privacy controls. A huge percentage of Smart technology users, use social networking sites and upload a wealth of personal information on such sites. As stated in my previous posts, “Data is worth money in today’s environment”.

“A recent study by life assistance company CPP found that 54% of second-hand phones contained personal data. During the research it purchased 35 mobiles and found personal information such as text messages, emails and even bank details on 19 of them. In addition, 50 SIM cards were purchased, with 27 containing similar information, and this is despite 81% of users claiming that they delete all personal data.”

Bullguard Article on Smart Technologies

It is imperative that everybody understands the dangers associated with assuming ones personal data is removed from his/her device. The only way one has true and complete piece of mind is to shred the device. There are many services available to the public in relation to Professional Data Destruction, and Knowledge is Key to your personal data security.

If you have any queries regarding Data Protection, please do not hesitate to contact Security In Shredding as we are more than happy to provide free expert advise.

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Choosing A Confidential Media Destruction Service In Limerick Area

secure document destruction limerick.

At Security In Shredding we pride ourselves with an up to date and confidential shredding service. Another service on offer is our media destruction service. Media destruction is essential for ensuring data protection and data security for any Limerick businesses or organisations.

Now more than ever data is transferred digitally rather than paper data equivalent. Monitoring digital data and how it is handled is different to paper data. Your computer (digital device) contains a vastly larger amount of data with minimal physical storage being used.

Why Replace and Not Erase?

With time your computer slows down and needs to be updated or replaced. Most people will get rid of the computer without destroying the hard drive. This is a big security vulnerability. You may have deleted all the files from the hard-dive or a memory wipe. This is not enough to ensure the data is destroyed.

The only way to ensure data destruction of the hard drive is to physically destroy or crush it. There is software readily available that can retrieve the erased data. If your company is handling sensitive data then this could be a major data breach against your business or organisation.

Why Choose a Media Destruction Service?

Drilling a hole into the hard drive is an effective method of destroying the device. If your an organisation or business then you may have multiple devices and accessing each hard drive and drilling each one will take time and effort. Not to mention if its a tablet or mobile device that will require specialist tools to access the storage.

Our media destruction service can handle large quantity shredding of hard drives, CDs, DVDs, USB and external drives. Once the shredding is complete you will receive a document of destruction certificate. Shredding the device ensures security and disposing it in the correct recycling steams.

Confidential Document Destruction Service

We strive to ensure our shredding documents and media destruction service are to the highest standard and in compliance with EU directive. Our vans and trucks are available for on site shredding or collection with off site shredding. 

Please contact our staff for any queries regarding our media destruction service.

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Limerick Businesses Top 5 mistakes after a data breach

secure document destruction limerick.

All organisations that operate throughout Limerick and Ireland will be aware of the risks of data breaches. The negative sentiment of experiencing a data breach affects relationships with your current clients and how others view your organisation. In certain cases your organisation may be legally responsible to your customers as well. Recovering from a data breach is a long but attainable process.

Our paper shredding service in Limerick value data protection and recommend the following steps you can follow after a data breach occurs:

1.    Enlist Expert Help
Depending on the size or type of breach you experience, your organisation may need to enlist external help. While external assistance is an added cost, you should evaluate your options with professional Incident Response teams to determine if an ongoing relationship is needed after the breach has been resolved.

Hiring a Limerick paper shredding service can help protect your organisation from future attacks.

2.    Elect a Leader
Managing a data breach is never an easy task. There are several parties within an organisation that will be responsible for resolving the breach, including IT staff and executive management. Electing a strong leader will help ensure all team members are updated and held responsible for their duties. Any external parties involved in the resolution should also have one point of contact. A strong leader will drive the response plan and keep the organisation and customers updated on all steps taken to resolve the breach.

3.    Communication Plan
Along with electing a strong leader, establishing a communication plan to external parties like the media can help to mitigate negative coverage. Data breaches are increasing in occurrence and major companies have also being targeted (LinkedIn & Electric Ireland).

Responding to these incidents quickly with a detailed action plan has proven to be an effective tactic for organisations to reassure partners and customers that the data breach is being resolved as efficiently as possible. Your organisation should consider drafting statements and other materials to release quickly in light of a data breach.

4.    Waiting for Perfect Information
It may be tempting to wait for the right information from your Incident Response team before taking action against a data breach. However waiting for the right, or “perfect information” can cause delays in meeting certain requirements and communicating to external parties like the media and consumers.

It’s important for your organisation to take action immediately after a breach. Begin executing the first steps in your data breach recovery plan, should your organization have one. It may also be wise to consult with an external partner to get started immediately.

5.    Plan Post Breach
Having a Post Breach Plan of Action is vital to the recovery process. Your organisation should release details on how consumers can contact your organisation to voice their concerns and monitor their financial security, if applicable.

You may also consider investing into additional security measures such as clear out shredding or improved technology to avoid issues in the future. It’s also important to update your internal procedures on managing a data breach, and meeting regularly with your team to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

Our mobile paper shredding service is available and regularly operate throughout all of Limerick and greater Limerick area. For more information on a confidential document destruction service Email us at 

The Data Protection Commissioner phone no: +353 57 868 4800


Earth Day – Friday 22nd April 2016

Shredding Event & recycling

A paper shredding event in Limerick today. Recycling office paper is one of the simplest ways a workplace can do its bit to contribute to helping protect the environment and celebrate Earth Day 2016.

Security in Shredding is assisting Limerick City and County Council by participating in a waste prevention and recycling event at Mungret Recycling Centre from 1pm to 3pm. Not only are the members of Security in Shredding team going to be there to destroy your confidential documents but they will be there to assist both householders and SME’s with any questions they may have regarding the importance of data protection.

The question we need to ask ourselves is does your recycling process protect your confidential information?

“Earth Day was started in 1970 as a way to focus attention on the environmental problems on our planet. This year the Council is holding an event focusing on the 5 R’s, namely Rethink, Reuse, Restore, Repair and Recycle.”

In 1970, the movement gave voice to an emerging consciousness, channelling human energy toward environmental issues. Forty-six years later, we continue to lead with groundbreaking ideas and events throughout the country.

As security breaches are at an all-time high, it is extremely important that every workplace makes data security a priority in the day to day running of their business and incorporate green office strategies and resourcefulness in the actions and celebration of Earth Day every year.

This great public event provides SME’s and householders with a great opportunity to have their confidential paper material shredded on-site to promote Earth Day and the importance of Data Protection. “Shredded paper recycling, for example, saves trees. In fact, every two consoles of shredded and recycled paper saves one tree.”

So call down to Mungret Recycling Centre on the 22nd of April 2016 and avail of the fantastic facilities that are available to celebrate Earth Day 2016.

Security in Shredding look forward to meeting you there and answering any questions you may have. Join in on the conversation at @securityinshred

Shredding Documents Before Recycling Them

Data Protection, Paper Shredding, limeirck paper shredding

Paper data still plays a major part of industrial paper shredding. It is important that you are Shredding confidential paper before it is put into recycling. This is to ensure that your data is protected and cannot be viewed by public eye.

Paper like any other recycling is often left in the blue bin outside your home or business for it to be collected. This is a common practice and nothing wrong with it. If your recycling contains documents of a personal nature and or sensitive data nor for public knowledge, how it is disposed needs to be taken into consideration.

It is quite easy to access anything contained in these bins and within an urban area someone in a “white van” and a high vis jacket could pull up and throw these bags into the van. What they do with these documents may be unclear but can be malicious intent. Having the documents shredded before it is recycled will increase your data security.

Shredding Documents

A good practice for your business to incorporate is to shred your document before you put them into recycling bin. Also to be aware that a simple office shredder does NOT provide adequate data destruction. This data can be reconstructed. An industrial paper shredding service provides you with secure paper shredding. Incorporating a service to handle and destroy your documents should be used.

Scheduled Onsite Collection

A reputable shredding service will provide you with a collection service to handle and securely destroy documents you have. Ringing your shredding service provider and organising a collection at a time specified by you will ensure that you know when your documents are to be transferred.

A shredding service can provide you with sealed bags for collection and shred them in off site paper destruction location. A shredding service can also provide onsite shredding service with their specially designed trucks to handle and destroy these documents.

Data Protection

Under the EU directive the data protection act and the data protection commissioner are governing bodies in place to ensure that businesses handle data correctly and ensure sensitive data is used in a correct manner.

For more information on a reputable shredding service in Ireland please visit:

Responding To Data Breaches

Secure Paper Shredding Hard Drive Shredding WEEE Destruction

Paper Data;

Without a confidential document shredding service in place for shredding documents and media devices. Your company or business may become under scrutiny for not having these defensive measures in place to begin with.

It is common practice for a business to securely deal with paper documents in its handling, who can access it and how it is destroyed. Most businesses and organisations will incorporate a reputable paper shredding service and these processes are all above board.

Digital Data;

This trend is still widely used but not with the increase in use of mobile devices globally. Digital Data has become the preferred use of displaying data. How this information is used and the potential of this information being misused. Issues regarding digital use to be an “IT issue” but this is now no longer the case. Data Breaches and leaks have become more and more common due to lack of cyber protections in place. Lack of knowledge for one about cyber security is one factor that causes these issues.

Data Protection

A Data Protection strategy for digital and paper documents must be implemented throughout a business. There are governing bodies in place and bodies localised to your business and is worth knowing what procedures are in place for data protection. In Ireland the Data Protection Commissioner is a governing body directive from the EU.

“The office of the Data Protection Commissioner is established under the 1988 Data Protection Act.  The Data Protection Amendment Act, 2003, updated the legislation, implementing the provisions of EU Directive 95/46. The Acts set out the general principle that individuals should be in a position to control how data relating to them is used.”

The DPC provides guidelines for data protection and methods. If these measures are in place before a data breach occurs, it can save face for a business reputation and wont be scrutinised for not having these measurements in place to begin with.

The DPC site offers guidelines regarding Data Security both physically and digitally and the guidelines can be viewed here.

An Industrial Paper Shredding Service will provide you with credible Data Protection service please visit our site for more information:

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Data classification and identification

Security In Shredding on site service, Onsite shredding service

Confidential shredding in Cork and throughout the country can incorporate a off site document shredding service to promote good business practice.

Internal Data classification and identification is when an Organisation tags their data so it can be managed effectively, securely processes, found quickly and destroyed appropriately.

It is a beneficial exercise for many Organisations as it helps to de-duplicate data stored on devices, this de-duplication vastly speeds ups data searches while also saves upon revenue in the form of storage capacity and back-up requirements for a given Organisation.

This exercise is also required for Organisations who need to meet legal and regulatory requirements for destroying the information beyond reconstruction, not holding information longer than necessary in addition to enabling an Organisation to retrieve specific information within a set timeframe.

Data strategies vary significantly from one organisation to another for many reasons. For example, many may generate different types and volumes of data that are subject to differing legislative requirement and responsibilities. The balance of information type can vary from one user to the next between e-mail correspondence, images, video files, office documents, customer and product information, financial data just to name a few.

It may seem a good idea to tag and classify everything within your Company database however experts here and abroad advise against this due to high costs and success rates within Organisations. Certified database technology is available for Organisations however; this method seems to work best for Governments with an allocated budget for the activity.

Alternatively, it is advised that Organisations can choose certain types of data to classify into the main segments of your business, for example; account data, personal data and commercially valuable data.

It is advised that an Organisation’s data is to be classified in line with their confidentiality requirements. It is important to carry out an information audit at this stage which in turn will give you an accurate view of the nature of the data.

It is essential for an Organisation to ensure that the data it is classifying is of good quality, “Common pitfalls for Organisations is that too much rubbish is allowed to accumulate, from duplication to copies of office party photos to personal letters to bank managers”, storage cleansing technologies are extremely useful at this stage to eliminate obsolete, trivial or redundant content.

Once the classification system is up and running it is important that management and staff take part in periodic reviews as it is not set in stone and business developments can translate to design changes in data classification.

Once the data has been classified an Organisation is empowered with the ability to tailor procedures for specific data in order to maintain regulatory compliance.

Secure Destruction of Sensitive data.

When destroying information whether it be hard paper data or digital data on data carriers it is essential for Organisations to ensure that they comply with regulations and are not proving to be negligent in their processes. For this reason, we have constructed three different protection classes for data that requires specific attention to ensure that the material has been destroyed appropriately.


Protection Class



Protection 1:Normal security requirement for internal data Unauthorised publication or dissemination would have a limited negative impact on the company. Protection of personal data must be ensured. There would otherwise be a risk to the position and financial situation of the affected persons.
  Protection 2:High security requirement for confidential data
Unauthorised dissemination would have a considerable effect on the company and could infringe legal obligations or laws. A personal data data-breach would result in considerable risk to the social standing and financial situation of the affected persons.
  Protection 3:Very high protection requirements for particularly confidential and secret data. Unauthorised dissemination would have serous terminal consequences for the Company and infringe upon trade confidentiality, place a data subject at risk of safety or freedom, break contracts and legal law.

It is essential that the confidentiality of personal data is maintained.


Destruction Tips;

Protection Class 1:

Destruction activities must be carried out in line with a detailed procedure, all staff carrying out destruction activities are to be trained. Alternatively, destruction processes are to be implemented and provided through a data processing firm receiving all data processing certificates for completion of destruction. All data is to be destroyed to shred No. 3 of EN 15713.

Protection Class 2:

Destruction processes of data in protection class No. 2 are to be implemented and provided through a data processing firm receiving all data processing certificates for completion of destruction. All data is to be destroyed to a minimum of shred No. 3 of EN 15713. The data processor must be registered for their services.

Protection Class 3:

Destruction processes of data in protection class No. 3 are to be implemented and provided through a certified data processing firm receiving all data processing certificates for completion of destruction. All data is to be destroyed to a minimum of shred No. 5 of EN 15713. The vendor must be independently certified to destroy paper and digital data beyond reconstruction and they must be registered for their services with the policing authority in the relevant Country.

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