Paper Shredding Limerick & The Importance of Uniforms

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Our data processing team operate a confidential shredding service in uniform throughout all our Limerick based clients. Uniforms also exist outside the workplace, Limerick GAA (the shannonsiders) iconic green jersey can also be considered a uniform. The reasons for wearing a uniform do have their benefits which are listed below.

Uniforms for Corporate Branding

Having a distinctive uniforms in the colours associated with the company can assist in the establishment of an impression in the mind of the consumer. Security in Shredding’s uniforms help to identify its employee’s as individuals who are associated with it and its services, and it helps to brand the company by distinguishing it from the competition. Consistency in employee’s appearance can create a positive impression on the customer and contribute to the projection of the Security in Shredding’s corporate image.

Uniforms for Portraying Competence

Uniforms can enable customers to identify employees eliminating the possibility of a customer mistakenly asking a member of the public for help. Employees wearing a uniform encourage confidence in the client by portraying the individual is a professional with service knowledge and an eagerness to help. A uniform puts the force of the corporate reputation behind the individual, making him look reliable and trustworthy as a company representative.

Uniforms to Promote Security

Just as a Gardaí or Army uniform identifies an officer, Security in Shredding’s uniform identifies its employees who are out onsite conducting a service call or delivery to a client’s premises.

Uniforms to Eliminate Dress Codes

Having a compulsory requirement for Security in Shredding’s employees to wear its uniform eliminates the need for creating and enforcing a dress code. Enforcing a dress code can lead to hard feelings on the part of employees who are told that their attire is not appropriate for the workplace.

Overall it is important to Security in Shredding that its employees are always dressed in uniform for their job roles and are neat and tidy at all times. Security in Shredding provide a professional and secure data destruction service nationwide.

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Your data security is our priority. We operate throughout Limerick and Limerick county. We also provide on site shredding in all major cites in Ireland. For more information on a secure document shredding service, please visit our site for more information.

4 Reasons Why A Paper Shredding Service Is Needed

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Paper shredding or document shredding is vital for protecting confidential and sensitive information / data. Most of us create and keep files with sensitive data; examples of which are bills, financial statements, marketing plans, employee files, and even delivery packages. Industrial shredding services are used by Government offices, non-commercial organizations, small and large businesses, and private citizens. These document shredding specialists will shred the documents securely beyond recognition.

1. Compliance With The Law

We all have the right to protection of personal information. The Data Protection Commissioner was put in place to enforce the obligations of businesses to protect data. Failure to comply, as there are laws that penalize improper disposal of documents with sensitive and confidential content. Businesses and Organizations that hold personal data but neglect to protect it face financial and legal consequences. Employers for example use paper shredding services to get rid of employee files which are no longer in use.

2. Positive Recycling Habit

Reducing the amount of paper used in an office is a good reduction method, while reduction also ensures that there is less of a chance data breaches from misplaced documents. The paper and documents shredded by a mobile paper shredding service will be put into a compost heap and reused at a later stage. This creates a good recycling method for your business and benefit the environment overall.

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3. Preventing Identity Theft

Without shredding or destroying documents before disposing them, Identity theft is a possibility. All it takes is someone to simply look into a bin and grab what they can. With data now widely available is now more of an issue. Any data is far better shredded before disposal, all it takes is one piece of information in the wrong hands for a data breach to occur. These breaches are damaging for a business or organisations reputation.

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4. Eliminating Clutter & Hazards

Papers occupies space and cause clutter and increase the risks of fire. Once a document has served its purpose, offices need to constantly get rid of these papers as part of an organization-wide records management system. A paper shredding policy within an organisation for when to retain and destroy documents will help an employee to take care of the proper disposal and destruction of paper documents. However shredding services are available throughout Ireland and hiring a industrial paper shredding company is more cost effective.

Document shredding is important part of business practice. Mobile paper shredding services are available. Along with an awareness to data breaches and compliance with the law will ensure data security.

Security In Shredding provide high quality secure shredding services. They provide a Confidential Waste Disposal service both on site and off shredding available. If you are in the Limerick area then please visit our Limerick page for more details.

Shredding Documents Before Recycling Them

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Paper data still plays a major part of industrial paper shredding. It is important that you are Shredding confidential paper before it is put into recycling. This is to ensure that your data is protected and cannot be viewed by public eye.

Paper like any other recycling is often left in the blue bin outside your home or business for it to be collected. This is a common practice and nothing wrong with it. If your recycling contains documents of a personal nature and or sensitive data nor for public knowledge, how it is disposed needs to be taken into consideration.

It is quite easy to access anything contained in these bins and within an urban area someone in a “white van” and a high vis jacket could pull up and throw these bags into the van. What they do with these documents may be unclear but can be malicious intent. Having the documents shredded before it is recycled will increase your data security.

Shredding Documents

A good practice for your business to incorporate is to shred your document before you put them into recycling bin. Also to be aware that a simple office shredder does NOT provide adequate data destruction. This data can be reconstructed. An industrial paper shredding service provides you with secure paper shredding. Incorporating a service to handle and destroy your documents should be used.

Scheduled Onsite Collection

A reputable shredding service will provide you with a collection service to handle and securely destroy documents you have. Ringing your shredding service provider and organising a collection at a time specified by you will ensure that you know when your documents are to be transferred.

A shredding service can provide you with sealed bags for collection and shred them in off site paper destruction location. A shredding service can also provide onsite shredding service with their specially designed trucks to handle and destroy these documents.

Data Protection

Under the EU directive the data protection act and the data protection commissioner are governing bodies in place to ensure that businesses handle data correctly and ensure sensitive data is used in a correct manner.

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10 Steps To Prevent Data Breach regarding Cyber Security

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Paper Shredding Services are an important part of business practice. A reputable onsite shredding service can be incorporated for business Data Protection.

Cyber Security comes in many forms and one method which is targeted regularly are credit cards. Criminals will try anything into tricking people to obtain credit card numbers. There are a number of preventative methods you can use to protect your details. Below is a list of steps to look out for to improve your data security:

  1. Don’t be tricked into giving away confidential information;  make sure you do not respond to emails or phone calls requesting confidential information. Report any suspicious activity to IT and/or your manager.
  2. Don’t use an unprotected computer; ensure to use a computer that has latest approved security software prior to viewing and company information (particularly if you are viewing the material from an internet café or shared computer)
  3. Don’t leave sensitive information on your desk; Keep them safe by locking them in a drawer or have them destroyed – shredded securely using a registered Data Processor.
  4. Lock your computer and mobile phone when not in use; Keeps your data and contacts safe from prying eyes.
  5. Stay Alert and report suspicious activity; In case something goes wrong and the sooner you report the issue the faster it can be dealt with.
  6. Password-protect sensitive files and devices; Protecting your devices with strong passwords means you make it incredibly difficult to break in and steal data.
  7. Always use hard-to-guess passwords; Make sure to use complex passwords not just 12345 or abcdef but “G$4s1KoOl” for example. (It is used more often than you think.)
  8. Be cautious of suspicious emails and links; don’t let curiosity get the best of you. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  9. Don’t plug in personal devices without the OK from IT; Personal devices can be compromised with code waiting to launch as soon as you plug them into the computer.
  10. Don’t install unauthorised programs on your work computer; If you like an application and think it would be useful, contact IT to look into it for you before installing.

By following the Do’s and Don’ts mentioned above you will greatly reduce the risk of a cyber attack.

Security in shredding offers this type of security and more. please visit our website for more information: 

Data Protection And Data Encryption

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Industrial paper shredding of private documents should be destroyed by a secure paper shredding service. Shredding paper is among one method of Data Protection.

In light of the recent event involving the F.B.I and Apple involving Apple’s security feature on the iPhone 6’s data encryption and fail-safes. With the iPhone once a passcode is entered incorrectly 10 times, the phone is then locked and the data cannot be retrieved by anyone other than the owner. Apple do not have access to the user’s phone. Any current mobile or electronic device will have encryption available.

Now more than ever companies and organisations need to be aware of the devices they use and what security and encryption they are using. Encryption protects your data on devices. It essentially scrambles data from anyone trying to access the data. A password or code is usually the only way to view the data.

It is worth knowing what encryption if any do software programmes use. Unencrypted data can be accessed by people with a little bit of know how. Data Protection is vital part of business as data breaches will have a hefty penalty if a breach occurs they occur.

Any media device your organisation uses, that is being replaced should be destroyed by a shredding service. WEEE Ireland is a recycling service for electronic devices and batteries. All digital data stored on a device should be destroyed if the device is no longer in use. A reputable shredding service will destroy these devices in the correct manner.

Information on WEEE Recycling

Simple things to remember when using electronic devices can massively improve on your security. These methods are often overlooked and hackers and criminals will prey on these oversights as the vast majority of electronic breaches can be broken down to human error. The following methods can improve your data security:

  1. Passcode on your mobile and electronic device
  2. Ensure that software used has encryption on data
  3. Use various passcodes on your devices to ensure security
  4. Destroy your devices when no longer needed

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Keeping you Identity Safe – Paper Shredding Limerick

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No matter what your career, your financial standing, association involvements and tolerance for privacy it can be detrimental for you to have your identity stolen. When looking at data privacy and data protection there are lists of methods to ensure your safety for both physical data (paper records) and digital data (Online privacy). Examples of these would be data protection training, secure paper shredding, document shredding, hard-drive destruction, hiring EN 15713 certified vendors, purchasing security software and ensuring effective firewalls are in place to name a few.

We know today that the majority of data breaches and identity theft occurs online as it is easier and more efficient for criminals to source personal information without being detected and leaving a trace. This is a new and ever evolving effort for security providers and legislators to battle with in an attempt to succeed against the online data theft crimes.

However, with that in mind it is time to think about the high levels of data theft crimes that we have experienced for years and continue to experience today through bad guys impersonating their victims in return for financial gain. These crimes have been committed as long as confidential identity documents have existed. Precise and measured management is required on order to truly battle against identity theft from paper documents with the key stone being a paper shredding Limerick system, it is not only limited to The Limerick area, firms from right across the Country need to construct/purchase and implement a confidential paper shredding system to manage waste paper documents.

The hard truth is that all of our identities are linked to paper that in turn require a confidential paper shredding service. Simply having copies of the confidential documents can be all that is needed in order to pose as them. Once you can pose as someone you can claim benefits, raise loans and apply for credit cards. One single document could be worth hundreds of thousands of Euro to the right person with criminal intentions. A Limerick paper shredding service through professional vendors that are registered with the required regulatory body is an essential activity for both business and individuals in today’s economy.

The slowdown in the economy, seen the introduction of financing options from product providers such as car dealerships. This development has increased the risk of a identify theft occurring as it requires specific training for any employee to be able to identify a fraudulent request for financing.

Not all identity theft through paper documents is for money, though. A famous example is actor Wallace Ford, who acquired documents including a passport in the name of his dead friend and lived a fake life for thirty years until his death in 1966.

To battle and protect yourselves from data breaches and receiving fines and penalties hire a paper shredding Limerick vendor who has the expertise and certification that will ensure that you are protected from such breaches occurring.

Never enter waste paper into recycling bins and never allow waste vendors to “manage” your waste paper data in order to maintain confidentiality of your data and protect you and your Company’s image.Data Protection, Paper Shredding, limeirck paper shredding