Secure & Confidential On Site Mobile Paper Shredding

With increases in legislative fines and penalties due to come into effect across Europe, Confidential Paper shredding and data destruction has become an essential activity for organisations today to comply with data protection laws.

On Site Paper Shredding

With our Onsite paper shredding service, the client’s sensitive material is destroyed at their premises and they receive a certification of compliance post each confidential shredding service. The full destruction process can be viewed through our onboard camera system.

Off Site Paper Destruction

If clients need to go through their material prior to receiving their shredding service, our offsite paper shredding service is ideal. With this service, we can provide the client with containers to fill as they go through their material. Once complete we arrange for the secure collection and destruction of the material. Our services are safe, secure and cost effective while ensuring to achieve compliance with the Law.

IT & Media Destruction

Our nationwide Hard Drive Shredding service is the only one of its kind in Ireland. We can come onsite to each client location to securely destroy each hard drive to particle sizes ensuring that the data is destroyed. We can also provide our offsite hard drive shredding service where the data carriers are collected and destroyed. We are the only Irish Company to offer this service to clients both at their location and offsite. All material is recycled in line with The European Waste Hierarchy.

Product Destruction

Our obsolete product destruction service was the first of its kind in Ireland. A necessity for manufacturers who cannot allow their products from production to enter general waste streams due to patents and competitive reasons.

Uniform Destruction

Our uniform destruction services have been destroying uniforms for clients varying from crime fighters, healthcare providers, military, manufacturers, PPE and high end clothing outlets since 2004.


Additional information relating to business models, services, pricing and the potential risks that you may be subject to if you fail to be informed when choosing your security partner.

About us

We are a 100% Irish owned paper shredding company specialising in the provision of confidential shredding services that helps achieve Data Protection Compliance for Organisations in Ireland for over 12 years.

Since establishment in 2004 our reputation for exceptional security, customer service, value for money and the use of globally leading technologies achieving the highest security during the process has proven to be unique within our Industry and differentiates us other firms within the market here in Ireland.

We offer certified Paper disposal Services, Hard-Drive Destruction, Disks Destruction, Uniform Destruction Services and Obsolete Product Destruction throughout Ireland.

Our Products & Equipment

With our on site trucks performing secure shredding. Our off site document destruction service provide your business with equipment needed to ensure your data protection needs.

Lockable Blue Bins

Lockable Bins

Strong Plastic, Lid Access

Sealed Blue Bags

Sealed Bags

W x L 62 cm x 90 cm
(Contains 25 – 45 Kg)

Paper Shredding Console

Shredding Console

Secure Lock, Discreet Design

Secure & Confidential Paper Shredding

Bins Also Available In Blue

Lockable, Secure

The Team

  • Our senior management have in excess of 40 years’ senior managerial experience in specialist technical services sectors.
  • All managers of our company have attained third level education qualifications in order to fulfil their duties and provide a professional service to clients.
  • Full background checks are carried out on all employees prior to hiring conforming to the IS 999 guarding services standard.
  • Background checks are completed with An Gardaí Síochana prior to hiring employees processing sensitive personal data.
  • Employees must sign a deed of confidentiality prior to beginning employment.
  • Detailed procedures are in place for all aspects of our Operations to ensure the highest level of quality and security.
  • All drivers must meet all licensing requirements.
EN 15713 Certified
EQA Certified
Certified Process Number

Confidential Shredding Companies

Data Protecton & Compliance

Our paper shredding service customer care representatives provide guidance to clients helping them to achieve compliance with The European Data Protection Legislation when managing their requirements. All services are certified to EN 15713 which is the European Standard for Secure Data Destruction. In addition to our certification for EN 15713, we are the only company in Ireland to have independent certification for our shred sizes.

We can provide a shred size of 15.9 mm cross cut particle up to the high security size 6 mm cross cut particle which are both achieved onsite. The service that achieves the highest shred is eight times more secure to the traditional 15.9 mm paper shred. Please see the table below outlining the particle sizes.

Our Shredding Services

Our confidential services achieve data security and legislative compliance for our clients. As the industry leaders for confidential shredding services Ireland we strive to achieve total customer satisfaction and maintain the highest standard of confidentiality.

We are a single resource for clients to manage all sensitive material destruction requirements. We certify the destruction through our paper shredding services, hard drive shredding services, CD/Tape shredding services and product destruction services to name a few. When looking for a partner to ensure your compliance with Data Protection Law through certified destruction services, we at Security in Shredding are your no.1 choice.

Additional features have been implemented to improve the quality of our confidential document destruction. Such measures include; staff background checks with An Garda Síochanna, slam locking systems on all vehicles, GPS tracking on all service vehicles, achieved ISO 90001 for quality, conform to ISO 14001 for Environment and are members of The Irish Security Industry Association.


Simply put; our Paper shredding service provides protection to you our clients. Your old data is confidentially shredded to achieve compliance and our environmental ISO 14001 compliance is good for the environment giving you peace of mind and saving you money. We are the number one company for your business in Ireland.


Security and confidentiality is the core of our business and to maintain the highest standard available. We at have special quality and security controls in the following areas;

Employee hiring & screening – (Background checks, training and legislative compliance)

Vehicle Security – (GPS systems, immobilisers, slam lock systems, constant contact with HQ)

Procedure security – (ISO 90001, EN 15713, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, Procedures and Policies)

Shred Size security – (Shred size No. 3 of EN 15713 up to Shred size No.6 of EN 15713, first in the world making Ireland a leader for data protection)

Facility security – (CCTV system with recording, Alarm 24-hour monitor system, 24-hour security presence, No access to unauthorised personnel entry)

Industry body membership – (Additional quality standard to become members, at the industry front for technologies and legislations)

Destruction Process – (NO material enters storage waiting destruction, certifications of compliance, paper destroyed to a 6mm shred size, vehicles are compliance with road traffic legislation and European data security standards)

Why Choose Security in Shredding

Why Us

Compliance ensures our success and to guarantee data security and confidentiality. Our Standards, Our Licenses, Health & Safety, Environmental Compliance, Information Management Compliance

What To Shred

What To Shred

We provide a vast range of confidential shredding, to satisfy all of our client’s confidential data destruction requirements. More information can be found by clicking the button below.

Choosing A Security Partner

Our services conform to European Standards and are provided to government departments, public and private companies as well as home owners throughout the Republic of Ireland

Geographical Spread

Since the establishment of our services in 2004, we are consistently the No. 1 choice security partner throughout Ireland.

Geographic areas of our services include: Munster, Leinster, Dublin, Connaught and Ulster Regions.

Our professional mobile paper destruction is available in your region, whether you require it in Dublin or Cork, our responsive expert staff are here to assist.

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