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Companies in Ireland – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Within the EU GDPR there is a mandate for certain companies including specific Companies operating in Ireland that a Data Protection Officer is appointed within their business.

This Data Protection Officer will be the “go to” person within Irish companies and will manage the responsibility for Data Protection Compliance.

Responsibilities for the Data Protection Officer include but are not limited to;

  • Monitoring the company’s compliance with The Data Protection Law, managing training of staff for data protection and carrying out audits within the Organisation.
  • Providing advice to the Organisation relating to their obligations under the GDPR
  • Acting as the main contact point within the Organisation for the local Data Protection Authority (The Data Protection Commissioner)

Not all Irish companies will require to have an appointed DPO.

The circumstances listed below will require companies in Ireland will have a DPO;

  • Public Authorities processing public data (except for courts in their judicial capacity)
  • The Company in Ireland has a core activity which involve data processing operations and “require regular monitoring of data subjects on a large scale
  • The core activities of the organisation involve the processing of sensitive personal data on a large scale.

The specific size of the above listed processing activity is not detailed within the GDPR. There is not identifiable cut off point but it would be advised that Irish Companies to act on the side of caution rather than face the extreme financial sanctions for breaking the Law.

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Under Article 58 of the GDPR, in Ireland, the Office of The Data Protection Commissioner will be able to fine Irish companies who are found guilty of a data breach. Article 58 does not differentiate between an accidental breach and a deliberate breach. Fines for a data breach have been increased to a maximum of 20 million Euro or 4% of their global turnover, whichever is the larger.

If there was ever an appropriate time for Irish Companies to review all of their data processing activities, identify to whom they are releasing data to both digital data and paper data, it is now before the fines are in place and enforced.

Within the GDPR, a single DPO can represent multiple organisations and does not have to be a member of staff belonging to the specific Company. Therefore, several organisations can collectively appoint one DPO to represent their combined interests.

Currently it is clear to see through research conducted that the expected compliance is not matched by the level of knowledge and awareness within the market. An underestimated figure of 28,000 Data Protection Officers will need to be appointed throughout Europe before the GDPR becomes law.

For more information upon compliance with the GDPR please contact the Security in Shredding team for assistance.


Protecting your online privacy – Top tips (Part 2 of 2)

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As mentioned in our previous article, information in paper form can be destroyed through an onsite paper shredding service Ireland or an in-house onsite paper shredding facility.

Reputable paper shredding companies with the required certifications can also provide offsite document shredding services where your paper data is released to be destroyed under contract. The key points here are that the vendors providing the offsite paper shredding service have the required certifications and you have agreed under contract for the data to be processed which is the actual paper shredding process.

When talking about releasing personal paper files for offsite paper shredding the majority of people will always be concerned with whom they are giving the data to however when the data is in digital form and communicated through the internet the same level of caution does not always be applied.

Our first five tips to protect yourself online were;

  1. Do not give your info away inadvertently
  2. Use cookie management software
  3. Have a specific email account
  4. Do not share with unknown people
  5. Study privacy policies

In this article we will list our final five tips on protecting yourself online.

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#1.          Be aware of potential monitoring at work

In many Countries employees have little to no privacy protection from their employers. With this in mind, when discussing sensitive topics in email be sure of whom you are communicating to. Keep private data on your home network at home.

#2.          Be aware of rewards & prizes offered by sites.

More than likely these kind of sites are gathering information for direct marketing purposes. In this scenario your name and address s sold for marketing purposes.

#3.          Be conscious of your home computer security

If you home computer is set up on a DSL line that runs 24 hours be sure to turn off your computer when not using it. Many PCs will have poor security levels and system hackers will search for vulnerable computers and can invade them and get into your files and personal details.

#4.          Use encryption

Good encryption will utilise security codes that are difficult crack and protect your data. There are easy to use mail and file encryption services available out there. Hopefully all devices will come with security encryption built into their servers, until then, be aware and be safe.

#5.          Never reply to spammers

These Spam messages also known as unsolicited bulk email need to receive a response to tell their system that this email is being used. If you end up opening one of these messages check to see if there is anything in your outgoing box in case there is a return receipt attached to the mail. If you are getting spammed there are a great deal of filters and anti-spam services available out there.

Awareness if key, receive some education and proceed with caution are the best tips to have. Technology is every advancing and with it you also need to evolve, increase your knowledge and you will be in a safer position.

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Identity theft – stats, tips and how to protect your information

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Paper shredding in Ireland is a growing industry sector and for good reason. Approximately 7% of all adults within the US have their identities misused with substantial financial losses equating to approximately €3,000.

Close to 100 million additional people have their personal identifying information put at risk of identity theft each year when records from Government & Corporate databases are misplaced or stolen. It makes total sense to see secure, professional, and regulated destruction services being introduced and increased in Ireland. Services such as on site document shredding, clear out shredding, purge clear out services and off-site document shredding services are there for all Corporates and Governments to implement to protect your and my identity.

The level of sophistication used by organised crime to facilitate identity theft is ever increasing. Examples of such sophistication to name but a few are; tailored vishing scams, hacks of corporate and government databases to elaborate bots designed to hack your computer without leaving a trace.

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The more historic/basic methods of identity theft are still out there with high numbers of people being a victim of. Simply pick pocketing wallets, going through your waste bins for sensitive paper, following waste trucks to sift through the waste material for paper and social engineering to trick innocent people into releasing personal information still work and work well.

Within this article, I will highlight some of the straightforward ways you can have your identity stolen with the hope that I can help some potentially targeted people in protecting their identity. There are also some tips to protect yourself when possible.

How you can be a victim

  1. People going through a pharmacy waste bin, unfortunately not all pharmacies avail of offsite document shredding services and their bins can contain significant amounts of personal information.
  2. People hacking into GP records, health records from a doctor’s office contain vital personal information. Many identity thieves will try to hack medical facilities electronic health records.
  3. Never use your place of birth as your security question, it is easy to find out this information.
  4. RFID scanner, many credit and debit cards are enabled for contactless payments. Yes, this is convenient but if a thief can get close enough to you he/she can make a convenient withdrawal at your expense.
  5. Using camera phones, always be careful when you are in a situation where you need to show personal details and information, a camera phone could be watching you.
  6. Accepting strange friend request on social media, if you do not know who they are, our advice does not accept.
  7. Leaving bills in your mailbox for pickup, always deliver your bill personally
  8. Putting cheques in the mail, if required always place additional paper within the envelope so the data cannot be seen under lights.
  9. Never changing your passwords, you should always change your password at least once a year.
  10. Failing to consider once off credit cards, it is a good idea if you are not a regular online shopper.
  11. Leaving receipts behind, you should always take your receipts with you even if it only shows the last four digits of your account number.

For more tips to stay safe please contact one of our team at

Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media to protect your info

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Social media has grown where most people will operate across multiple social media platforms. While these such platforms have made us feel closer to friends and family that are far away it has not come without added risk.

Apart from secure document shredding Galway, secure document shredding Dublin and paper shredding Ireland, it is essential for all people using social media to be careful and diligent when using their platforms.

Online criminals can target these platform profiles to make use of our most private details, even details we may not class as “important” can be of high value to an online criminal. Simple “check in” details of our favourite restaurants can end up revealing more than was intended.

Next time before you tweet, click or share your next updates it is important to be sure that you are protecting your information.  Below is a brief list of Do’s and Don’ts that we believe will help you to ensure that your privacy is maintained.


  1. Create a strong and long password. We suggest that your passwrods should contain upper and lower case letters with numbers included also. Similar to paper shredding Ireland, a non-secure shred size will be reconstructed where a certified shredding service either a mobile paper shredding service or an offsite paper shredding service resulting in particle shred sizes cannot be reconstructed. Do not make it easy.
  2. Use a two factor login process for authentication purposes. We advise that the phone option where a time sensitive code will be sent to your phone to be entered when logging in on a new device.
  3. Keep all social apps updated, the latest versions will be up to date with all data protection risks at that current time.
  4. Edit your privacy settings on social media. Make sure your information is not being shared with strangers.
  5. Delete old apps from your devices fully. Make sure to go into the settings to fully remove the apps, removing from the screen may not delete all of your data.


  1. Do not share location details, these include where you live, where you visit regularly and where you vacate to for holidays. This kind of information can put you at risk of identity theft and/or inform criminals of your whereabouts.
  2. Do not post mean and harmful posts online. It is good practice to post about other as you want them to post about you.
  3. Do not take cyberbullying lightly, it can be extremely damaging to your self-esteem and if allows to continue and grow will put your safety and privacy at risk.

For further information upon social media security and confidential paper shredding Ireland please get in touch with one of our team.


Top Tips; Implementing a clean desk policy (Secure document destruction Ireland)

During the implementation process it is important to have a clear confidential document shredding policy in place whether it is an onsite paper destruction system, a mobile paper shredding system, an off site shredding service or in-house shredding service the options are there to ensure compliance with Data Protection Legislation.

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Our advice!

  1. Your Clean Desk Policy must be put in writing

It is a good idea to clearly communicate the policy to all staff who are responsible for managing their confidential document shredding and management of their documents. We advise that you inform employees in writing as to how to follow your policy in addition to informing them why it is important to your Organisation. As Organisations deal with varying levels of sensitive information it is important to inform them as to the consequences if any member fails to comply with the policy and manage their onsite paper destruction effectively and securely.

  1. Provide secure storage

    (Data awaiting destruction through your mobile paper shredding service)

If you communicate your clean desk policy to all employees, you are on the right track for effective confidential document destruction management. One important factor to consider is the provision of secure storage containers. You cannot have a successful policy in place if your staff do not have anywhere available to them to store their sensitive documents that await the secure document destruction process. This point directly covered in the Data Protection Legislation in order to keep data safe and secure.

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  1. Encourage electronic data Vs paper data usage

When staff are encouraged to use electronic copies vs printing hard paper copies of information while working, your Organisation will benefit. You will reduce your requirement for confidential document shredding within your office, reducing your business costs, helping the environment while also increasing overall data security.

  1. Routinely complete full data back-ups.

This point is important for all business not only to maintain a Clean Desk Policy. However, when encouraging staff to complete their duties through electronic data forms to reduce the mobile paper shredding burden, it is essential to have an effective data backup system in place.

  1. Finally, begin your communication from The Top!!

This Clean Desk Policy has to be complied with and understood to be serious. If senior management do not follow the policy and continue to have paper pilling up and not routinely destroying their documents through the onsite paper shredding service, why would any other employees?

So make sure to get full agreement from all senior management to ensure a successful policy implementation.

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This is part two of a three-part blog providing information upon constructing, implementing and justifying your Clean Desk Policy. For any further information upon the Clean Desk Policy please contact one of our helpful team to go through the details and answer any possible queries you may have.




Secure Data Destruction – Ireland

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

Ireland’s technologies are increasingly advancing in the area of confidential document shredding. Whenever talking about secure business strategy, Security In Shredding is the professional leader in areas such as Dublin and Galway.

Regular scheduled shredding service –  Reliability Counts;

Security in Shredding provides their onsite and offsite secure shredding services to their clients and as a result the client has peace of mind regarding their securely destroyed data.

Security In Shredding provides purge shredding clear outs with its unique on-site mobile document shredding service. This service can be tailored and customized to the clients requirements or schedule. The trustworthiness and reliability of on-site mobile data destruction provider assists you persistently to meet the security and responsible needs of you or your business.

Enhances the efficiency with imperative security audits;

All Security Mobile Shredding Ltd. strive to go above and beyond industry norms by helping in tailoring the shredding schedule to a variety of aspects involved with your office. An in-depth security audit and mobile document shredding professionals certainly help you in determining the estimation of confidential or regular documents need to be destroyed according to the density and its personnel level.

Scheduled confidential shredding plans to fit all your business needs;

A certified, highly secure mobile data shredding service is an ideal solution to shred the documents regardless of the business size. What do you need to do? Contact Security In Shredding and explain to a representative, your document destruction requirements and they will accommodate your needs to the best of their ability. Business size depicts the schedule of shredding services with daily, weekly or monthly options.

No compromise in secure destruction has been entertained at Security in Shredding.

Security In Shredding has a strategically formulated business model.

The client’s paper data security is of paramount importance to Security In Shredding which in turn designates the success of company and provides security and peace of mind to client.

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Reasons To Purge Your Data and Digital Media Destruction

Heartbleed Data Theft

At Security In shredding our purge clear out service and media destruction of electronic devices are a guaranteed method of data destruction. This form of data destruction ensures your data security is being maintained as with electronic devices there can be flaws and potential breaches that can be a major risk to a business or organisations data.

The Heartbleed Bug

An unexpected encryption flaw known as the Heartbleed Bug has been referred to as the biggest security threat the Internet has ever experienced. The Bug which is a severe vulnerability within the widely used OpenSSL cryptography software library has received the name “Heartbleed” from security researchers.

Open SSL software is used to encrypt information that you send to and from websites, examples of this information would be your login name and password and/or other sensitive information. SSL/TLS software provides communication privacy and security over the Internet for applications such as email, web, virtual private networks (VPNs) and instant messaging.

Within your browser you can recognise when websites encrypt information when you see a closed padlock symbol alongside the website address. The Heartbleed Bug enables anyone on the Internet to read memory of systems protected by the OpenSSL software.

This compromises the security keys used to identify service providers and encrypt the traffic, the actual content and the names & passwords of the users. The Bug essentially allows attackers to impersonate services and users by allowing them to eavesdrop on communications and steel data directly from the services and users.

As the bug allows hackers to exploit a flaw in the OpenSSL encryption software used by the majority of major websites changing your passwords will not matter if the website is still vulnerable as the website would have to update their software first.

To provide guidance and to help defend against this online tools such as The Heartbleed Test & Norton Safe Web – Heartbleed Check  have been created in order to test if a website has been compromised by the Heartbleed Bug.

How Heartbleed works

When sending information back and forth through a secure connection (E.g. Facebook – Gmail messaging) sometimes a computer will test to check if the other computer is still available. This is completed by the computer by sending a small packet of data called a “heartbeat” which is then confirmed. The flaw within the OpenSSL software enables hackers to use a fake packet of data which in turn tricks the corresponding computer into responding with data stored within its memory.

This flaw within the conventional encryption software is undetectable by current standards and has been active under the radar for a period of time in the region of two years. Google Security Researcher and security firm Codenomicon discovered the flaw and they said that even if you are not a frequent user of the internet, you are most likely affected by the bug – “You are likely to be affected either directly or indirectly.

OpenSSL is the most popular open source cryptographic library and TLS (transport layer security) implementation used to encrypt traffic on the Internet. Your popular social site, your company’s site, commercial site, hobby site, sites you install software from or even sites run by your government might be using vulnerable OpenSSL.”

How to stop the leak?

While the vulnerable version of OpenSSL is in use it can be abused. Fixed OpenSSL has been developed and released but it has to be deployed. Operating systems vendors, distribution vendors along with independent software vendors have to adopt the fix and notify their users as it becomes available for the software they use, operating systems and networked appliances.

This is a detailed report on the heartbleed bug. There are many bugs and issues regarding software and devices. Awareness to these issues is important for you and us. Ensuring your data security is maintained and compliance with data protection act.

Visti our shredding Limerick pages for details on our data destruction services.

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New Data Protection Laws Will Effect Limerick Businesses

Data protection service AND DATA DESTRUCTION

At Security in shredding our confidential document shredding services complies with current Data Protection laws. Incorporating an industrial shredding service for your business will improves the business data security.

The new Data protection act or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) document was released recently. The GDPR will come into effect in 2018. Giving businesses 2 years to familiarise themselves with the new changes. You can view the official document here: EU Official GDPR Document

How Will This Effect You?

Even though all the implications of the GDPR are not known yet, one thing is certain: all employers will be affected by the GDPR. In addition, the GDPR will affect those businesses and government authorities which process personal data about customers, citizens, etc., other than for HR purposes. In the area of employment law, the GDPR also includes a provision authorising Member States to implement specific national provisions in connection with the protection of employee data.

There are still elements of the GDPR that will be familiar to you and a lot of provisions in the Data Protection Directive are re enacted in the GDPR. For example, employers and an employment contract, with this new regime, form the basis of the processing of various employee data. Similarly, employers should expect in the future to receive subject access requests from their employees. Separate data processor agreements must also, in the future, be entered into with external processors – such as IT services, personality & aptitude tests and payroll admin services.

secure document destruction limerick.

The GDPR also contains a number of elements which until now have not been generally used in Europe. By way of example, some data controllers are required to appoint a data protection officer to inform and advise the data controller in order to ensure compliance with the GDPR. The data protection officer will enjoy protection against dismissal. All government authorities and certain businesses must have a data protection officer.

There will also be a number of procedural requirements to replace the current notification procedure. This means, among other things, that data protection impact assessments will have to be prepared in certain contexts and that records must be kept of the personal data being processed and the purposes of such processing, etc.

In addition, there is a new requirement that government authorities and businesses must report any security breaches to the national data protection agencies on their own initiative.

Further, as a result of the GDPR, employees also have an increased focus on data protection. This is already being seen in, for instance, termination situations where privacy-related issues are raised by employees and their unions. In light of the GDPR, this trend is definitely not expected to diminish.

Security in Shredding Standard

At Security In shredding data security comes in many forms. Secure document shredding is one of those methods. Also providing up to date information and added security methods for businesses and organisations throughout Limerick city and Limerick county. Any questions or queries regarding our shredding service, then feel free to email us at

Limerick Businesses Top 5 mistakes after a data breach

secure document destruction limerick.

All organisations that operate throughout Limerick and Ireland will be aware of the risks of data breaches. The negative sentiment of experiencing a data breach affects relationships with your current clients and how others view your organisation. In certain cases your organisation may be legally responsible to your customers as well. Recovering from a data breach is a long but attainable process.

Our paper shredding service in Limerick value data protection and recommend the following steps you can follow after a data breach occurs:

1.    Enlist Expert Help
Depending on the size or type of breach you experience, your organisation may need to enlist external help. While external assistance is an added cost, you should evaluate your options with professional Incident Response teams to determine if an ongoing relationship is needed after the breach has been resolved.

Hiring a Limerick paper shredding service can help protect your organisation from future attacks.

2.    Elect a Leader
Managing a data breach is never an easy task. There are several parties within an organisation that will be responsible for resolving the breach, including IT staff and executive management. Electing a strong leader will help ensure all team members are updated and held responsible for their duties. Any external parties involved in the resolution should also have one point of contact. A strong leader will drive the response plan and keep the organisation and customers updated on all steps taken to resolve the breach.

3.    Communication Plan
Along with electing a strong leader, establishing a communication plan to external parties like the media can help to mitigate negative coverage. Data breaches are increasing in occurrence and major companies have also being targeted (LinkedIn & Electric Ireland).

Responding to these incidents quickly with a detailed action plan has proven to be an effective tactic for organisations to reassure partners and customers that the data breach is being resolved as efficiently as possible. Your organisation should consider drafting statements and other materials to release quickly in light of a data breach.

4.    Waiting for Perfect Information
It may be tempting to wait for the right information from your Incident Response team before taking action against a data breach. However waiting for the right, or “perfect information” can cause delays in meeting certain requirements and communicating to external parties like the media and consumers.

It’s important for your organisation to take action immediately after a breach. Begin executing the first steps in your data breach recovery plan, should your organization have one. It may also be wise to consult with an external partner to get started immediately.

5.    Plan Post Breach
Having a Post Breach Plan of Action is vital to the recovery process. Your organisation should release details on how consumers can contact your organisation to voice their concerns and monitor their financial security, if applicable.

You may also consider investing into additional security measures such as clear out shredding or improved technology to avoid issues in the future. It’s also important to update your internal procedures on managing a data breach, and meeting regularly with your team to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

Our mobile paper shredding service is available and regularly operate throughout all of Limerick and greater Limerick area. For more information on a confidential document destruction service Email us at 

The Data Protection Commissioner phone no: +353 57 868 4800


Paper Shredding Benefits; Environmental & More

Improve Office Environment Usage

There are many Benefits of Shredding and one reason is the environmental benefit. There are more reasons but in our lives, we use paper extensively in one way or another to record data. Even with the increased use of digital devices paper is still widely used throughout business.

Documents and papers used in companies lose their relevance with time and they are no longer required and one option for getting rid of them is to insert them into general recycling streams. But this is not an effective solution and creates data breach hazards as more and more paper ends up in untrained and unaccountable hands.

The other disadvantage of such an arrangement is that paper and documents used in a company contains highly sensitive information about the clients, customers and the company itself. If manipulative individuals gain access to them from a recycling stream, this can result in company’s secrets getting leaked to its competitors putting its survival at stake. Similarly the confidential customer information may get compromised resulting in identity theft and other damaging outcomes for the customers.

confidential shredding, clean desk policy

To avoid such scenarios, documents need to be destructed in a safe and secure manner. A company can achieve this by hiring services of a Paper shredding Ireland Service which will not only destruct documents securely, but will also recycle them. So the company can use them again in the form of sanitary rolls and cardboard packaging.

Confidential Shredding Service; On site & Off Site

A paper shredding service has security screened and trained men, equipment and transport facilities required for the secure destruction of paper. Such a service provides both on site as well as off site destruction facilities. For destroying papers on site, the service would bring its men and equipment to the company’s premises and destroying them there. Its personnel would maintain confidentiality and security of data and information contained in papers strictly as deeds of confidentiality are signed in order to carry out their operations. They have got the latest equipment which can shred vast amount of documents fast, efficiently and beyond reconstruction.

Security In Shredding on site service

Off site data destruction involves moving the documents away from the premises to some other place and destroying them there and recycling it. The paper shredding service would also provide an auditing facility, so the company can remain assured about confidentiality being implemented during the destruction process.

If you as a company owner or representative want your data to be destructed safely, properly and efficiently for protecting your important information contained in the documents, you should hire a reputed and reliable document destruction service.

By getting your paper destructed and recycled from the service you will not only be able to save your costs, but can also protect your company’s reputation as your sensitive data would not be falling into wrong hands.

Please visit our site for more information and contact us if you have any enquiries regarding our confidential shredding service.