Confidential Paper Shredding Industry welcome Budget 2017 increase in funding for The Data Protection Commissioner

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This week confidential paper shredding service vendors welcome the decision in this weeks budget for additional funding being allocated to The Data Protection Commissioners office. The additional funding makes up an increase of €2.8 million to the previous figure. This increase brings the total funding from The Irish Government for 2017 to €7.5 million. This much welcomed funding will be allocated to police and enforce the Data Protection Acts and protect Irish citizen’s data.

Even with the relatively small geographical size of Ireland, it has been difficult for the policing authority to monitor all activates by Organisations to ensure compliance with Data Protection.

An example; it can be difficult to investigate whether Organisations are complying with requirements for Data Processing (paper shredding) Cork while also completing the same for paper shredding Galway with almost 200 Kilometres in-between. The welcome news will certainly make an improvement in Ireland for Data Protection compliance and in turn protect our personal information.

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Whether it be confidential paper shredding Dublin or confidential paper shredding Limerick this announcement will help The Data Protection Commissioner to increase their employee numbers and enable them to fill in their new role with The General Data Protection Regulation from Europe.

Vice Chairman of the ISIA (SDD Division) said “This additional funding is a great step to further protecting European citizen’s personal data. With fines for a breach of legislation increasing up to €20 million it is a welcome announcement and Organisation now have the opportunity to comply.”

Shredding Companies Ireland will also have to make the leap to become compliant data processing firms, today there can be a number of high risk vendors in operation and education is the first step in protecting our data.

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Mobile paper shredding providers Security in Shredding go through Brexit and what it means for Data Protection and Privacy.

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Uncertainty is ever present when dealing with Data Protection and since the Brexit referendum there is undoubtedly an increased level of uncertainty. Many questions are circling relating to how will this Brexit decision impact data processors and data controllers across key sectors of the UK and Irish economy.

For example, will paper shredding Dublin and the related legislations be the same as that in London, or will secure document shredding Galway be subject to separate legislation as that in Manchester. Similar issues arise when multinational Companies that for example, receive confidential shredding Limerick at their Limerick location and also receive confidential shredding Belfast in their Belfast location, will there be discrepancies in the requirements for each location to be compliant with Data Protection Legislation?

EU & The Single Market

Harmonisation of laws throughout Europe has been one of the main aspects of the EU. The current regulations for protecting personal data within both Ireland and The UK which include secure document shredding derive from EU Law. The Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland and the Information Commissioner in the UK released a statement saying that the on-going 1998 Act will remain law post Brexit.

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General Data Protection Regulation (Divergence of the Law?)

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect. Unlike its predecessor the Data Protection Directive, the GDPR will be a cross region regulation that will apply directly to all EU member states.

With The UK no longer being a member of The EU the GDPR will not apply to it. With this in mind there are many questions relating to the future path for UK data protection rules. In areas such as data transfers, subject access requests and data erasure whether it be paper shredding or Hard-Drive destruction.

If the UK wishes to remain a central location for IT & Finance then it will seem that they will have to comply with The GDPR, additionally if they wish to join the European Economic Area it will need to adopt the GDPR.

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What does it mean?

In plan terms, it is likely to remain business as usual for the next 12 – 19 months and the exit period is expected to take up to 2 years which ends a couple of months after the GDPR is implemented.

In many views, the Brexit outcome is beneficial to Ireland relating to Data Protection. The Republic will be the only English speaking nation with the benefits of being part of the EU free movements of services, people, goods workers and personal data.

This means that businesses can structure their operations so as to only be subject to one single data protection authority such as The DPC.

The content of is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other advice.

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Secure Data Processing – What is it?

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

Data processing can be defined as “the carrying out of operations on data to retrieve, transform, or classify information”. When completing paper shredding Dublin, paper shredding Limerick or Paper shredding Ireland you are transforming confidential documents that are highly valuable into destroyed paper which is ready to be recycled and holds a value that the recycling market dictates.

Before paper documents enter a destruction process they have a high monetary value to the fraudulent industry as they can be used for identity theft to name but one use.

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It is important never to treat your waste paper material as a waste product as it is far more valuable than waste. Not alone are the theft issues serious risks but there is also significant fine for Organisations that experience data breaches which are due to go up to 20 million euro.

Another important factor is that The Data Protection Laws apply to “data”, there is no reason to think that paper equates to “data”. It is for this reason that a secure data processing service that destroys all of your waste paper material is implemented instead of a simple offsite paper shredding service as you need to be certain that your service provider acknowledges that it is your data that they are destroying.

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Do’s and Don’ts – paper shredding service.

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

When securely shredding your old paper data it is advisable to opt for a secure paper shredding service. Whether you are paper shredding Cork, Paper Shredding Galway or Paper shredding nationwide you should remember that a secure paper shredding service is best suited to save time, money and gives you peace of mind.

Onsite document destructionPaper Shredding Don’ts

  • Don’t be tricked into giving away confidential information. Don’t leave sensitive information lying around the office.
  • Don’t release your data to a general waste vendor unless they have independent certified credentials for their paper shredding service.
  • Make sure that it is only paper information that enters the paper shredding process, aerosol cans and batteries can cause a fire to occur during the paper shredding service and this is certainly something that you do not want to occur.
  • Do not remove paper clips and staples from the paper, a professional paper shredding service can handle these small items.
  • Do not always go with the cheapest option, Data Protection is such a serious topic today with fines of up to 20 million for data breaches, the cheapest service option may not have you compliant with the Law. In this case the risk cost associated with receiving the service far outweighs the savings you may make receiving the service.

Paper Shredding Do’s

  • Go through your paper files to double check what you are shredding when hiring a paper shredding service.
  • Make sure that you are receiving a paper shredding service that is certified for the European Standard EN 15713, this standard proves that the vendor has appropriate procedures in place to handle your paper data
  • Make sure that the paper shredding service vendor is certified for the shred sizes No.3 up to No.6 of EN 15713. Shredding service providers can receive certification for EN 15713 but not including the shred size certification means that they may not be destroying the paper beyond reconstruction. Please see table below detailing the shred sizes.


Paper shredding and data security is and on-going effort for all businesses and private individuals today. Data is here to stay and that means that the threats associated with it are here to stay too.

Stay safe and secure, the risk cost is well worth the effort for security.

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6 Steps To Improve Your Data Security


Data is King. Protecting your data comes in many forms. Your confidential document shredding specialist will securely destroy any sensitive documents. Data protection is equally important as data destruction. IBM are a leading High Tech company and provide you with relevant information and software to improve your security.

IBM Security solutions for data security and privacy provide a holistic approach that helps prevent data loss while enabling data access to support business operations, growth and innovation. These solutions help you ensure regulatory compliance, defend against internal and external attacks, and can lower storage and data management costs.

IBM Security solutions for data security and privacy enable a layered approach to achieving data security that helps you:

IBM also provide a free software for you to assess and detect vulnerabilities. The software will detect weak passwords, any misconfiguration on your database. Read more about it here:  

While IBM methods deal with digital data the crossovers and similarities can be applied to your paper data. Paper shredding services will also offer digital data protection and knowledge. Knowing these risks and implementing the steps to prevent a data breach will benefit your business or organisation in the long run.

Technology terminology can be confusing to understand but implementing security measures for digital devices is pretty straight forward. For more information on a data protection and security please contact us or visit our site for more information.

10 Threats Against Data Security For Small Business


Bigger companies incorporate off site data destruction practices, small businesses often don’t have the financial resources to house large scale IT departments, purchase the latest and greatest technology or invest into data security.

Many a cash-strapped small business finds itself operating its critical systems on computers that are old, slow and often times insecure. This leaves them susceptible to a wide array of security pitfalls and privacy threats, including data leaks and identity theft.

Fortunately, beefing up your security doesn’t necessarily mean draining your bank account. There are many inexpensive options to improve the security of your small business and protect your information.

Geoffrey Arone, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of SafetyWeb, gave his take on 10 very real threats facing small businesses and how they can be addressed in ways that are free or inexpensive.

1. Data Breach Resulting From Poor Networking Choices
Enterprise-level networking choices that are found in large IT departments around the world carry costs that price small or medium businesses out of the market. SMBs that have networks often use networking devices targeted at home users. Some may forgo the use of routers at all, plugging directly into the internet.

Business owners can block most threats by using a quality router, like a NETGEAR or Buffalo brand router, and making sure to change the router password from the default to something more secure.

2. Data Breach Resulting From Improper Shredding Practices
Trivial as it may seem, dumpster diving identity thieves target businesses that throw out paperwork without shredding it. Your small office shredders will NOT suffice for a secure document destruction, but a industrial paper shredding company is a wise investment if private or sensitive information is printed and shredded daily.

3. Identity Theft Resulting From Public Databases
Individuals, especially business owners, often publish lots of information about themselves in public databases. Businesses are registered with governments, telephone numbers are in the phone book, and many individuals have social media profiles with their address and date of birth. Many identity thieves can use information obtained across various public forums to construct a complete identity.

4. Identity Theft Resulting From Using A Personal Name Instead Of Filing An OA
Sole-proprietors that have not registered a business name to receive “operating as” designation are at a far higher risk of identity theft due to their personal name, rather than their business name, being published publicly.

5. Tax Records Theft Around Tax Time
Businesses should ensure that tax returns are dropped off at the post office and refunds are collected promptly from the mailbox. Identity thieves often steal tax returns from an outbox or mailbox.

6. Bank Fraud Due To Gap In Protection Or Monitoring
Business owners know that it is vital to balance their accounts every month to ensure that checks are not being written out of business funds by embezzlers, but many businesses rarely, if ever, check what kind of credit accounts have been opened under the business name. Monitoring services like can alert business owners when new credit accounts are opened fraudulently.

7. Poor E-mailing Standards
Many businesses treat e-mails as confidential communications, but this is far from the case. They are available to a number of people other than the recipient. It’s more appropriate to treat e-mails as postcards, rather than sealed letters.

8. Failing To Choose A Secure Password
In fact, many security experts are recommending the use of a pass phrase, rather than a pass word. Pass phrases are several words long, at least three, and are far more secure than passwords. A pass phrase like “Friday blue jeans” can be typed far quicker than a complicated password, and it doesn’t need to be written down on a post-it. The length of a password increases security.

9. Not Securing New Computers Or Hard Drives
Businesses that had their IT system professionally installed may opt to upgrade a computer or two by themselves. This is strongly discouraged on a business network, as new computers must be professionally secured or else they pose a serious threat and an entry point for hackers.

10. Social Engineering
Social engineers are individuals that call and claim they are from another organization. They may even claim to be with a firm that a business owner does business with. If someone you do not know calls on the phone, be sure that it is the person you think it is before revealing passwords or confidential information.

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Adopting A Secure Document Shredding Strategy For Business

 confidential shredding, clean desk policy

A secure document shredding policy is integral to any business and protecting customer data is legislative. The Data Protection Commissioner implements the provisions of EU Directive 95/46. Not only are these regulations that require businesses to shred documents securely, but it is also part of running a business and maintaining a positive business reputation.

Why Businesses Need To Securely Destroy Documents?

Every day, companies create paper documents and these documents require shredding. Practically any document that contains data and especially sensitive data needs to be shredded. In particular data containing the following would be regarded as sensitive data:

  • Person’s Name
  • Address
  • contact information
  • Account Details
  • Credit Card Details
  • Budget Reports
  • Medical Reports
  • Payroll information
  • Legal contracts
  • Receipt Information

This is a snippet of what data to shred any and all documents should be securely destroyed by a secure document shredding service.

How This Data Can Be Used Against You?

Not only is forgery and fraud a major issue but also there is of course the potential for bad publicity, loss of customers and lawsuits to name but a few of the dangers. Identity theft is a common issue with data breaches. Criminals will use this data to either make purchases or obtain more data under the pretence of your name.
It is important that all businesses shred or destroy certain sensitive documents. Law enforcement, legal industries, government agencies, banks, health care providers, insurance providers, financial brokers, and real estate are just a few industries where managing paperwork is crucial.

How To Manage Business Documents Safely & Effectively?

A detailed security policy for every type of document your business handles is essential and employees need to know these policies before starting work.

For example:

What are the shredding requirements for the various document types that your company frequently uses? What are employees allowed to photocopy? Incorporating a reputable Confidential Shredding Company that has a good track record. While also training employees about the correct method of destroying sensitive documents and ensuring correct secure policies about how long to hold and when to destroy documents.  Access to company records should be controlled and restricted to a small number of trusted individuals and there should be rules relating to access of these records. A notification or logging system can also be in place to account for what and where data is being used.

At Security In Shredding we operate throughout Ireland and frequently do business in areas of Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork and Waterford areas.

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How to incorporate Recycling into Data Management Security

Improve Office Environment Usage

Many organisations are unfamiliar with how to incorporate methods of recycling in the workplace whilst maintaining Data Security. Shredding companies in Ireland can provide you with a recycling service for your business.

Security in Shredding recommend to have the following;

  • All open and unsecured paper recycling bins in the workplace replaced with Security in Shredding’s lockable office friendly consoles. The benefit of using these consoles is that you know your confidential documents are safe from prying hands and eyes. Your documents cannot be retrieved as the consoles have bevelled slots.
  • Each and every desk should have a specific paper waste bin that is used only for office paper waste. At the end of each employee’s working day, the employee takes the waste paper bin to the lockable console and empties the contents into the console. If an Organisation implements and enforces this process, it will greatly reduce the risk of a possible data breach. As many data breached are as a result of human error, the employer is not relying on the employees to distinguish the confidential paper from the non-confidential paper. This Policy is call a Shred-All Policy.
  • A service provider that employees security-vetted staff to conduct service deliveries. The client has assurance that the personnel whom handle the confidential documents have received extensive security awareness training and have a great understanding of Data Protection Legislation.
  • A service provider whom provides its onsite and offsite shredding services via shredding technologies that are certified to Shred No. 6 of the EN 15713 shredding standard. The benefit of having a Data Destruction Service Provider whom is certified to this shredding standard is that you have total peace of mind and you know that the shredding service is off its highest level.
  • The vast majority of organisations are Data Controllers. Therefore these Data Controllers should most certainly use a Data Processor to processes its confidential data when I reaches its end of life. A Data Processor should issue its client a Data Processing Certificate detailing the quantity of material destroyed, the material type, date of destruction, name and location of the client and the shred number and shredding standard the material was shredded to. The certificate is proof of destruction and allows the client to keep track of data destruction for compliance and other data management purposes.
  • Security in Shredding transport all destroyed paper material to licensed and permitted recycling facilities. The paper material is sent to paper mills. Printing ink is removed and the material is turned into pulp and it is then used to manufacture new paper products. An interesting fact; one tonne of recycled paper saves 17 mature trees and reduces carbon emissions.

By implementing these changes you are contributing to making your organisation greener and whilst increasing the level of data security. For more information on a paper / document shredding service please visit our site for more information. 

Responding To Data Breaches

Secure Paper Shredding Hard Drive Shredding WEEE Destruction

Paper Data;

Without a confidential document shredding service in place for shredding documents and media devices. Your company or business may become under scrutiny for not having these defensive measures in place to begin with.

It is common practice for a business to securely deal with paper documents in its handling, who can access it and how it is destroyed. Most businesses and organisations will incorporate a reputable paper shredding service and these processes are all above board.

Digital Data;

This trend is still widely used but not with the increase in use of mobile devices globally. Digital Data has become the preferred use of displaying data. How this information is used and the potential of this information being misused. Issues regarding digital use to be an “IT issue” but this is now no longer the case. Data Breaches and leaks have become more and more common due to lack of cyber protections in place. Lack of knowledge for one about cyber security is one factor that causes these issues.

Data Protection

A Data Protection strategy for digital and paper documents must be implemented throughout a business. There are governing bodies in place and bodies localised to your business and is worth knowing what procedures are in place for data protection. In Ireland the Data Protection Commissioner is a governing body directive from the EU.

“The office of the Data Protection Commissioner is established under the 1988 Data Protection Act.  The Data Protection Amendment Act, 2003, updated the legislation, implementing the provisions of EU Directive 95/46. The Acts set out the general principle that individuals should be in a position to control how data relating to them is used.”

The DPC provides guidelines for data protection and methods. If these measures are in place before a data breach occurs, it can save face for a business reputation and wont be scrutinised for not having these measurements in place to begin with.

The DPC site offers guidelines regarding Data Security both physically and digitally and the guidelines can be viewed here.

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Paper Vs Digital Data

Paper Data vs Digital Data

Paper Data & Digital Data are both equally as important to protect from data breaches. A Paper Shredding Service should provide a Din 66399 Standard when shredding documents. This ensures that documents are destroyed beyond repair. While this deals with paper data and documents. Your digital data is just as vital to protect. 

We now live in a digital age. With the increase in usage of electronic devices and data is accessed and viewed digitally. This has caused a decrease in print media. Forbes magazine released a interesting article about the benefits of print media.

Over the past decade media has switched to digital based as people now access information through digital media. While there wont be a switch back to print media recent neuroscience research has shed new light on this form of media.

“Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media (5.15 vs. 6.37), suggesting that it is both easier to understand and more memorable. Post-exposure memory tests validated what the cognitive load test revealed about direct mail’s memory encoding capabilities. When asked to cite the brand (company name) of an advertisement they had just seen, recall was 70% higher among participants who were exposed to a direct mail piece (75%) than a digital ad (44%).


The study continues and explains how paper causes an emotional response to the brain:

  • Physical material is more “real” to the brain. It has a meaning, and a place. It is better connected to memory because it engages with its spatial memory networks.
  • Physical material involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations.
  • Physical materials produced more brain responses connected with internal feelings, suggesting greater “internalization” of the ads.

Your recall is better from paper media. So don’t throw out the printer just yet. Accessibility of data may be easier digitally but data will be read and learned better from paper. Whatever method you choose it is important to know that the data needs to be protected.

Data protection laws are in place for businesses that contain sensitive data. With paper a confidential shredding service should be implemented for your business to dispose of sensitive data in a secure manor.

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