Benefits of Shredding Documents On Site

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Shredding documents is a highly beneficial process to protect your data within businesses and organisations. A reputable shredding service will shred your documents on-site to better suit your data destruction process.

Shredding paper on-site gives peace of mind. It offers security and reassurance to organisations. An organisation can in fact nominate a representative to view the destruction through a monitor on the side of the truck. Either system ensures that ALL DATA is shredded BEFORE leaving a site.

All material is destroyed beyond recognition.

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On Site Shredding Benefits:

We supply the highest standard, most efficient mobile shredding machine on the Irish market.

This system includes the supply of secure wheelie bins and a regular call-out service to our customers. Our operators do not see or touch any documents before they are shredded. The output of the shredding machine is 2.5 tonnes per hour, the equivalent to a 240 litre wheelie bin per minute. As a result, we use the minimum amount of time while providing our customers with the most professional and efficient service possible.

Security Shredding Eliminates Risk:

  • Prevent information leaks and breaches of security
  • Reduces your risk from improperly discarded documents
  • Reduces risk of identity theft
  • Reduces your risk of recovery
  • Reduces your storage costs
  • Saving employee time from document shredding
  • Minimum time used for speedy efficient shredding service
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Become an active business in protecting the environment

“Scheduled”, “On Call” or “Clear Out”

We provide a variety of services to better suit your needs or destruction process. We can shred your documents on a specific date available. Clients can call our trained staff and make an appoint for our truck to come out to your base of operation.

Or a once off large shred of Clear out shredding is also available. Due to the efficiency of our on site mobile shredding units we have the capability to destruct high volumes of material efficiently. This service can also be scheduled by contacting our staff.

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At Security In Shredding we provide more than just a paper shredding service. We shred a number of items and old or unused items. For more information on our shredding services, please get i contact with one of our staff at; 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An On-Site Paper Shredding Service

confidential shredding, clean desk policy

At Security In Shredding on-site paper shredding services is available throughout Limerick and Galway regions. Protecting your sensitive data from data breaches is hugely important for a business or organisations reputation and compliance with EU laws.

Securing the confidentiality of a business document has always been of paramount importance. As the competition grows, it is important to eliminate the risks that may lead to the loss of business and reputation.

In today’s world, a vast amount of work is done online, the hard copies of some documents are still maintained for the purpose of information sharing or as documented records that need to be produced during meetings or during audit trials by regulatory authorities. To protect the information in these documents, the businesses therefore, need to dispose it off safely when they are no longer required. Conventional office paper shredders are not an appropriate option as many of these shredders do not destroy paper beyond reconstruction therefore they are not a viable option.

This is when a professional paper shredding service comes into the limelight that helps the businesses securely dispose of their office documents.

Following are the top 5 good reasons why you should prefer an on-site paper shredding service over traditional office shredder:

  • Destroys Documentation Beyond Reconstruction: The office shredders shred the documents in long strips that can easily be put back together by anyone easily. The on-site professional service guarantees the complete destruction of the document, making it completely impossible for any person to put them together and read.
  • Facilitates Efficient Management of Resources: An office paper shredder occupies a lot of space and takes a lot of time to install and operate. You need to dedicate an employee for this task which normally takes half an hour or even more depending upon the volume of the documents to be shredded. At that time, the employee is not executing anything productive. While half an hour or so may seem less to you at first but the annual figures will finally give you a clearer picture of how much time your employee has spent in this non productive activity.
  • Information Security: To shred the documents, you have to delegate a specific employee for this task which means you are giving all your company’s confidential information in the hands of a third person who may or may not be loyal to the company. Therefore, calling for an on-site paper shredding service is a better option because these people are only focused on providing a secure, professional, high standard data destruction service for the client.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring the services of a professional paper shredder saves you money because you don’t have to bear the maintenance and repair costs of the machine. Moreover, your employees will continue to earn more profits for the company by working on core business projects rather than engaging in paper shredding work.
  • Risk: The Professional Data Destruction Service Provider, is 100% responsible for your data. As a result from hiring this Data Destruction Provider, they are taking on the Risk of ensuring that your confidential documents are destroyed in compliance with relevant standards and beyond reconstruction. By using Security In Shredding, you will be employing a Service Provider who can provide a completely closed loop on-site or off-site secure data destruction service.
  • Additional Services: Some paper shredding companies also provide additional services such as dismantling of IT equipments, electronic hard-drives, electronic equipment, digital scanning and archiving, to give a complete piece of mind to its clients. So, it is a one-stop shop for all your security needs.

With all these benefits, an on-site paper shredding service is certainly the best way to secure the business critical information. Always look for the service providers that offer 100% complaint services and certified services.

Mobile Devices – Dangers & Destruction Method


At Security In Shredding protecting your data is essential for businesses and organisations to succeed. Our On Site shredding services are available throughout the Limerick and Galway regions.

It is perceived that one’s personal information held on Smart Technology Devices (wireless technology) is deleted when being sold or sent for recycling, but in fact sensitive data for example your banking details, passwords, contact information and much more are stored on hand held devices and when such information is not removed effectively it will end up in the hands of the end user.

Even though you take careful precautions regarding deleting information on PC’s or laptops, many neglect to implement these precautions with their hand held devices.With this in mind the percentage of the international population using Smart technologies is continuously increasing.

More Smartphones Than People Today

The increase in the use of Smartphones coupled with the lack of user knowledge in relation to Data Protection has made them attractive targets for attackers to obtain by means of second-hand sales via internet sites and recycled phones etc. The number in addition to the sophistication of the attacks made on mobile devices are increasing and measures to counteract these attacks are slow to catch up.

Smart technologies have not kept up in the security technology pace as with other traditional computer security. There are little or no firewalls, antivirus etc. available for the user to use to increase privacy controls. A huge percentage of Smart technology users, use social networking sites and upload a wealth of personal information on such sites. As stated in my previous posts, “Data is worth money in today’s environment”.

“A recent study by life assistance company CPP found that 54% of second-hand phones contained personal data. During the research it purchased 35 mobiles and found personal information such as text messages, emails and even bank details on 19 of them. In addition, 50 SIM cards were purchased, with 27 containing similar information, and this is despite 81% of users claiming that they delete all personal data.”

Bullguard Article on Smart Technologies

It is imperative that everybody understands the dangers associated with assuming ones personal data is removed from his/her device. The only way one has true and complete piece of mind is to shred the device. There are many services available to the public in relation to Professional Data Destruction, and Knowledge is Key to your personal data security.

If you have any queries regarding Data Protection, please do not hesitate to contact Security In Shredding as we are more than happy to provide free expert advise.

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Paper Shredding Benefits; Environmental & More

Improve Office Environment Usage

There are many Benefits of Shredding and one reason is the environmental benefit. There are more reasons but in our lives, we use paper extensively in one way or another to record data. Even with the increased use of digital devices paper is still widely used throughout business.

Documents and papers used in companies lose their relevance with time and they are no longer required and one option for getting rid of them is to insert them into general recycling streams. But this is not an effective solution and creates data breach hazards as more and more paper ends up in untrained and unaccountable hands.

The other disadvantage of such an arrangement is that paper and documents used in a company contains highly sensitive information about the clients, customers and the company itself. If manipulative individuals gain access to them from a recycling stream, this can result in company’s secrets getting leaked to its competitors putting its survival at stake. Similarly the confidential customer information may get compromised resulting in identity theft and other damaging outcomes for the customers.

confidential shredding, clean desk policy

To avoid such scenarios, documents need to be destructed in a safe and secure manner. A company can achieve this by hiring services of a Paper shredding Ireland Service which will not only destruct documents securely, but will also recycle them. So the company can use them again in the form of sanitary rolls and cardboard packaging.

Confidential Shredding Service; On site & Off Site

A paper shredding service has security screened and trained men, equipment and transport facilities required for the secure destruction of paper. Such a service provides both on site as well as off site destruction facilities. For destroying papers on site, the service would bring its men and equipment to the company’s premises and destroying them there. Its personnel would maintain confidentiality and security of data and information contained in papers strictly as deeds of confidentiality are signed in order to carry out their operations. They have got the latest equipment which can shred vast amount of documents fast, efficiently and beyond reconstruction.

Security In Shredding on site service

Off site data destruction involves moving the documents away from the premises to some other place and destroying them there and recycling it. The paper shredding service would also provide an auditing facility, so the company can remain assured about confidentiality being implemented during the destruction process.

If you as a company owner or representative want your data to be destructed safely, properly and efficiently for protecting your important information contained in the documents, you should hire a reputed and reliable document destruction service.

By getting your paper destructed and recycled from the service you will not only be able to save your costs, but can also protect your company’s reputation as your sensitive data would not be falling into wrong hands.

Please visit our site for more information and contact us if you have any enquiries regarding our confidential shredding service.

4 Reasons Why A Paper Shredding Service Is Needed

Security In Shredding on site service

Paper shredding or document shredding is vital for protecting confidential and sensitive information / data. Most of us create and keep files with sensitive data; examples of which are bills, financial statements, marketing plans, employee files, and even delivery packages. Industrial shredding services are used by Government offices, non-commercial organizations, small and large businesses, and private citizens. These document shredding specialists will shred the documents securely beyond recognition.

1. Compliance With The Law

We all have the right to protection of personal information. The Data Protection Commissioner was put in place to enforce the obligations of businesses to protect data. Failure to comply, as there are laws that penalize improper disposal of documents with sensitive and confidential content. Businesses and Organizations that hold personal data but neglect to protect it face financial and legal consequences. Employers for example use paper shredding services to get rid of employee files which are no longer in use.

2. Positive Recycling Habit

Reducing the amount of paper used in an office is a good reduction method, while reduction also ensures that there is less of a chance data breaches from misplaced documents. The paper and documents shredded by a mobile paper shredding service will be put into a compost heap and reused at a later stage. This creates a good recycling method for your business and benefit the environment overall.

Data Protection, Paper Shredding, limeirck paper shredding

3. Preventing Identity Theft

Without shredding or destroying documents before disposing them, Identity theft is a possibility. All it takes is someone to simply look into a bin and grab what they can. With data now widely available is now more of an issue. Any data is far better shredded before disposal, all it takes is one piece of information in the wrong hands for a data breach to occur. These breaches are damaging for a business or organisations reputation.

clear out paper shredding

4. Eliminating Clutter & Hazards

Papers occupies space and cause clutter and increase the risks of fire. Once a document has served its purpose, offices need to constantly get rid of these papers as part of an organization-wide records management system. A paper shredding policy within an organisation for when to retain and destroy documents will help an employee to take care of the proper disposal and destruction of paper documents. However shredding services are available throughout Ireland and hiring a industrial paper shredding company is more cost effective.

Document shredding is important part of business practice. Mobile paper shredding services are available. Along with an awareness to data breaches and compliance with the law will ensure data security.

Security In Shredding provide high quality secure shredding services. They provide a Confidential Waste Disposal service both on site and off shredding available. If you are in the Limerick area then please visit our Limerick page for more details.

5 Best Practises Regarding Document Management


Paper shredding is important practice for businesses in Ireland. A confidential shredding specialist will remove unwanted document and destroy them in a secure manner while also help remove clutter from the office.

Offices should avoid having files, documents and detailed paper information scattered on top of filing cabinets and desks. In every organisation regardless in size, it has a responsibility to manage the information it handles in a secure and organized way. It should be a priority or each and every organisation to minimise the risk of a data breach;

Security in Shredding have outlined below the top five best practises for Document Management whom they encourage every business to follow;

  1. Indexing & Filing:

    An organised document management system has an effective and current index system based on the file contents and compliance requirements. The organisation should manages file creation in an efficient manner whereby no duplication or irrelevant copies are filed and records retention periods are clearly labelled on the files or storage boxes. Security in Shredding would recommend implementing an electronic file tracking system to manage where documents are in their life cycle, and show whether documents are active, archived, or ready for disposal.

  2. Secure Storage:

    Sensitive data stored on hard paper data and e-data should be securely stored and protected either in locked cabinets or a locked room. Many organisations produce a substantial volume of paper as a result from employees conducting their duties, making notes, printing of emails, discussion notes, to do lists – the list goes on. It is just as vital that this paper production is securely stored in lockable consoles when the employee has not longer got a requirement for it. Security in Shredding encourage organisations to implement a Shred-all policy whereby all paper produced in the offices that is no longer required is placed in the secure consoles for destruction at a scheduled date.

  1. Limited Access:

    It is vitally important that limited access is maintained with hand-picked specific employees having the secure access to the file sharing system the organisation has in place. Security in Shredding recommend using a system that uses authentication and password protection to control access and track and manage who can view them.

  2. Retention and Destruction Schedule:

    All documents and files should be clearly labelled by what they contain, retention period, and end of life date. When documents reach their end of life they must be securely destroyed. Security in Shredding recommend outsourcing the destruction of all or any sensitive data to a certified professional whom are registered data processors. Also the Data Destruction Service Provider should provide a chain of custody from the time the material is placed in the secure lockable consoles to the secure removal of documents for shredding. The service provider should be able to provide certification for their ability to shred the sensitive confidential data to Shred No. 6 of the EN 15713 European Shredding Standard. A Data Processing Certificate should be issued post every service delivery.

  1. Staff Training:

    It is imperative that all employees are trained and fully understand the importance of Data Protection. Security in Shredding recommend every organisation to employee a Data Compliance Officer to enforce information security policy and ensure all aspects of Data Protection Legislation are adhered to.

If anyone has any queries regarding any of the important points illustrated, please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to our Data Consultants.

Our confidential document shredding services are available throughout Ireland. We regularly operate in the Limerick, Galway, Dublin and Cork areas.

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How to incorporate Recycling into Data Management Security

Improve Office Environment Usage

Many organisations are unfamiliar with how to incorporate methods of recycling in the workplace whilst maintaining Data Security. Shredding companies in Ireland can provide you with a recycling service for your business.

Security in Shredding recommend to have the following;

  • All open and unsecured paper recycling bins in the workplace replaced with Security in Shredding’s lockable office friendly consoles. The benefit of using these consoles is that you know your confidential documents are safe from prying hands and eyes. Your documents cannot be retrieved as the consoles have bevelled slots.
  • Each and every desk should have a specific paper waste bin that is used only for office paper waste. At the end of each employee’s working day, the employee takes the waste paper bin to the lockable console and empties the contents into the console. If an Organisation implements and enforces this process, it will greatly reduce the risk of a possible data breach. As many data breached are as a result of human error, the employer is not relying on the employees to distinguish the confidential paper from the non-confidential paper. This Policy is call a Shred-All Policy.
  • A service provider that employees security-vetted staff to conduct service deliveries. The client has assurance that the personnel whom handle the confidential documents have received extensive security awareness training and have a great understanding of Data Protection Legislation.
  • A service provider whom provides its onsite and offsite shredding services via shredding technologies that are certified to Shred No. 6 of the EN 15713 shredding standard. The benefit of having a Data Destruction Service Provider whom is certified to this shredding standard is that you have total peace of mind and you know that the shredding service is off its highest level.
  • The vast majority of organisations are Data Controllers. Therefore these Data Controllers should most certainly use a Data Processor to processes its confidential data when I reaches its end of life. A Data Processor should issue its client a Data Processing Certificate detailing the quantity of material destroyed, the material type, date of destruction, name and location of the client and the shred number and shredding standard the material was shredded to. The certificate is proof of destruction and allows the client to keep track of data destruction for compliance and other data management purposes.
  • Security in Shredding transport all destroyed paper material to licensed and permitted recycling facilities. The paper material is sent to paper mills. Printing ink is removed and the material is turned into pulp and it is then used to manufacture new paper products. An interesting fact; one tonne of recycled paper saves 17 mature trees and reduces carbon emissions.

By implementing these changes you are contributing to making your organisation greener and whilst increasing the level of data security. For more information on a paper / document shredding service please visit our site for more information. 

Clear-out Shredding & File Purging

clear out paper shredding

We all know the saying “A clear space a clear mind” and clutter builds quite easily without you realising. A document clear-out of old documents is available. At Security In Shredding we offer an excellent clear-out shredding service both on site and off site shredding is available.

De cluttering your office space will give many positive benefits for yourself and work colleagues. For a number of reasons listed below:

  1.  Gives back your space

Paper documents take up space. While you might only leave few documents lying around, over time these build up into large piles. This takes away space in the office that could be used for a better purpose. If the documents are in a pile this could mean that a) the documents served their purpose and no longer in use and b) its and not an organised pile. If this is the case then it is time to hire a secure shredding service.

  1. Eliminates dust and mites

Any item left idle for an extended period of time will gather dust. Dust presents its own problems. For some people dust can cause asthma flare ups. There can be other factors that cause asthma flare ups but with a clear space will make it easier to clean the area and prevent dust from gathering.

With dust comes dust mites. These bugs are microscopic to the eye and are everywhere. Not necessarily representative of a dirty office but can cause irritation to people with asthma.

  1. Large quantity removal in one easy process

We receive a massive amount of documents over time. Be it brochures, newsletters, advertisements and or your own documents on top of that. Most likely these will get recycled but the documents that are left around that had a purpose and were kept as reference. After a while we can forget what was left where and newer documents get put on top of the old.

There is a potential here of sensitive data getting mixed in with these documents. Chances are it won’t happen but in case there are confidential documents then hiring a on site secure shredding service will remove all your documents in a large quantity.

At Security In Shredding we regularly preform clear-out shredding of documents and confidential documents. With all this new space available there will be “so much room for activities.

Please visit our site and contact our team for a consultation about clear out shredding. Please like and subscribe to our social media. Join the conversation and

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Earth Day – Friday 22nd April 2016

Shredding Event & recycling

A paper shredding event in Limerick today. Recycling office paper is one of the simplest ways a workplace can do its bit to contribute to helping protect the environment and celebrate Earth Day 2016.

Security in Shredding is assisting Limerick City and County Council by participating in a waste prevention and recycling event at Mungret Recycling Centre from 1pm to 3pm. Not only are the members of Security in Shredding team going to be there to destroy your confidential documents but they will be there to assist both householders and SME’s with any questions they may have regarding the importance of data protection.

The question we need to ask ourselves is does your recycling process protect your confidential information?

“Earth Day was started in 1970 as a way to focus attention on the environmental problems on our planet. This year the Council is holding an event focusing on the 5 R’s, namely Rethink, Reuse, Restore, Repair and Recycle.”

In 1970, the movement gave voice to an emerging consciousness, channelling human energy toward environmental issues. Forty-six years later, we continue to lead with groundbreaking ideas and events throughout the country.

As security breaches are at an all-time high, it is extremely important that every workplace makes data security a priority in the day to day running of their business and incorporate green office strategies and resourcefulness in the actions and celebration of Earth Day every year.

This great public event provides SME’s and householders with a great opportunity to have their confidential paper material shredded on-site to promote Earth Day and the importance of Data Protection. “Shredded paper recycling, for example, saves trees. In fact, every two consoles of shredded and recycled paper saves one tree.”

So call down to Mungret Recycling Centre on the 22nd of April 2016 and avail of the fantastic facilities that are available to celebrate Earth Day 2016.

Security in Shredding look forward to meeting you there and answering any questions you may have. Join in on the conversation at @securityinshred

Why should SME’s outsource the destruction of it confidential documents?

Onsite document destruction

Secure document destruction is an integral part of business practice. Shredding confidential paper can be done by your business but hiring a certified and secure shredding service will benefit your business long term.

Firstly, outsourcing means just what it says — going “out” to find the “source” of what you need. Many companies regularly outsource areas of their business such as document management, payroll, Human Resource Management, cleaning to name but a few.

There are many benefits to outsourcing;

  • Reduction of costs;

Having your own company staff perform tasks that is not their core duty can result in the miss-management of company time resulting in companies paying above the market rate for that task.

  • Efficient Resources;

An outsourced service provider such as Security in Shredding provide an excellent cost structure and economies of scale resulting in giving the client a competitive advantage.

  • Allows the company to focus on core areas;

The clients trained skilled employees are left to focus on their core areas and duties resulting in a continued performance level from the employees and clear objectives are established and adhered to.

  • Save on infrastructure and specific technologies;

As a result of employing an outsourced service provider, you are reducing the cost of wear and tear on company equipment when choosing to outsource to a professional Data Destruction Service Provider.


  • Access to skilled resources;


A good outsourced service provider like Security in Shredding takes pride in the level of professional work they do. Security in Shredding  have the resources, in-house trained personnel and experience to carry out the task to the highest standard – EN 15713 and hold ISO 9001 certification.


  • Eliminating risk;


If you employed Security in Shredding as your data destruction service provider; they would manage the risk and eliminate the risk of data breaches and assist with the internal efficient management of paper data within your organisation.

As a result of the demand for outsourced Document Shredding, Security in Shredding has developed certified shredding equipment with the highest level of security shredding technologies available in Ireland to date. The shredding technologies are certified to Shred No. 6 of the EN 15713 shredding standard.

Security in Shredding have ample knowledge and expertise when it comes down to the management and secure certified destruction of data; so search no further. .

Give Security in Shredding a call and they will assist you with the management of your paper data as well as the secure, confidential and certified destruction of paper data. We cater for all size companies ranging from 1-10 employees to 10 + employees and Security in Shredding’s destruction services are nationwide so call us today on +35367 24848. The Security in Shredding team is looking forward to your call.

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