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Weather it is unwanted or old paper documents to dated computer hardware, at Security in Shredding we provide confidential shredding at competitive prices with compliance to data protection laws

The importance of document paper shredding Limerick cannot be understated, services are nationwide in Ireland and guarantees a shoe fitted service to all clients. If you are an owner of a business and making good money, you must be aware about the document security and its perceptiveness. Security of documents is of imperative importance even if you don’t require them anymore.

Hackers and informational data thieves are always probing for fast ways to enter the information security systems. Documenting data might be of no use to you, but matters a lot to thieves. By leaving them in a non-secure location or sending them for self-destruction and/or general recycling, you are straight forwardly providing them with an opportunity to access your confidential files.

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Security in shredding can save you from facing penalties and fines let alone data theft itself. For this, you should know which document needs to put in your security procedures. Below is a short list of just a few documents that should be included;

  • Legal documents
  • Financial accounts
  • Employment Documentation
  • Payroll records and media

Payroll details can reveal your earning records, which is what thieves want to know to strip you. And advancement in technology has enabled the cyber world to convert a copy of files stored on CD’s, tapes, disks and other storage devices. Just breaking it is not enough.

Some Eco – friendly industries recycle their documents through their waste recycling provider, which is the clear path for trespassers to get what they need. It is certainly probable to hack the identities and other blue-chip information out from financial records, legal documents, medical records etc. once your paper data leaves your premises in a general waste lorry.

Once your informational data has been stolen, your bank accounts, personal accounts, profiles and business deals come under intense risk. And such thieves are onerous to catch. Professional specialists of paper shredding Ireland service is the only prompting solution to it.

One less thing to be worrying about when it is dealt with by professionals!!..

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An On-Site Paper Shredding Service

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At Security In Shredding on-site paper shredding services is available throughout Limerick and Galway regions. Protecting your sensitive data from data breaches is hugely important for a business or organisations reputation and compliance with EU laws.

Securing the confidentiality of a business document has always been of paramount importance. As the competition grows, it is important to eliminate the risks that may lead to the loss of business and reputation.

In today’s world, a vast amount of work is done online, the hard copies of some documents are still maintained for the purpose of information sharing or as documented records that need to be produced during meetings or during audit trials by regulatory authorities. To protect the information in these documents, the businesses therefore, need to dispose it off safely when they are no longer required. Conventional office paper shredders are not an appropriate option as many of these shredders do not destroy paper beyond reconstruction therefore they are not a viable option.

This is when a professional paper shredding service comes into the limelight that helps the businesses securely dispose of their office documents.

Following are the top 5 good reasons why you should prefer an on-site paper shredding service over traditional office shredder:

  • Destroys Documentation Beyond Reconstruction: The office shredders shred the documents in long strips that can easily be put back together by anyone easily. The on-site professional service guarantees the complete destruction of the document, making it completely impossible for any person to put them together and read.
  • Facilitates Efficient Management of Resources: An office paper shredder occupies a lot of space and takes a lot of time to install and operate. You need to dedicate an employee for this task which normally takes half an hour or even more depending upon the volume of the documents to be shredded. At that time, the employee is not executing anything productive. While half an hour or so may seem less to you at first but the annual figures will finally give you a clearer picture of how much time your employee has spent in this non productive activity.
  • Information Security: To shred the documents, you have to delegate a specific employee for this task which means you are giving all your company’s confidential information in the hands of a third person who may or may not be loyal to the company. Therefore, calling for an on-site paper shredding service is a better option because these people are only focused on providing a secure, professional, high standard data destruction service for the client.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring the services of a professional paper shredder saves you money because you don’t have to bear the maintenance and repair costs of the machine. Moreover, your employees will continue to earn more profits for the company by working on core business projects rather than engaging in paper shredding work.
  • Risk: The Professional Data Destruction Service Provider, is 100% responsible for your data. As a result from hiring this Data Destruction Provider, they are taking on the Risk of ensuring that your confidential documents are destroyed in compliance with relevant standards and beyond reconstruction. By using Security In Shredding, you will be employing a Service Provider who can provide a completely closed loop on-site or off-site secure data destruction service.
  • Additional Services: Some paper shredding companies also provide additional services such as dismantling of IT equipments, electronic hard-drives, electronic equipment, digital scanning and archiving, to give a complete piece of mind to its clients. So, it is a one-stop shop for all your security needs.

With all these benefits, an on-site paper shredding service is certainly the best way to secure the business critical information. Always look for the service providers that offer 100% complaint services and certified services.

Data Protection & Data Protection Service

Data protection service AND DATA DESTRUCTION

In today’s world “data is king” and protecting that data is queen. A secure document shredding service provide businesses and organisations with confidentiality and security needed to ensure data is protected. Data breaches can be extremely damaging to your business reputation. Get more details about Secure Data Destruction

What is Data Protection? 

“Data protection is the safeguarding of the privacy rights of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data. The Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 confer rights on individuals as well as responsibilities on those persons processing personal data.”


How can I protect my identity?

  •  Keep your documents such as your driving licence, passport, birth or marriage certificate in a safe, preferably in a lockable cabinet or safe.
  • Regularly request a copy of your personal credit file from your financial institute to see if it includes any credit applications you do not recognise.
  • Change of address. You can register with An Post for Irish resident customers (or equivalent if you live outside of Ireland) redirection service to help prevent identity fraud when you move.
  • Be careful in shared buildings, if others have access to your post. Contact An Post if you think your post is being stolen, or redirected elsewhere without your approval.
  •  Avoid throwing documents away which include your name, address or other personal information. Bills, receipts, statements or even unwanted post in your name can be misused in the wrong hands. Where possible, documents should be securely shredded beyond reconstruction, to minimise the risk of criminals obtaining information.
  • Report the loss of any important documentation immediately – for example your passport or driving licence. Inform the organisation that issued it, and if stolen contact the Gardaí.
  • Check your bills and statements as soon as they arrive. If any unfamiliar transactions are listed, contact the company concerned immediately.

How can I spot identity theft?

  • Your bills and statements do not arrive as expected, or you stop receiving any post at all.
  • An important document has been lost or stolen, for example your passport or driving licence.
  • Transactions you do not recognise start appearing on your statements
  • Bills, invoices or receipts addressed to you start arriving, for goods or services you have not requested.
  • You receive statements in your name, relating to accounts that you have not opened.
  • A loan or credit application is unexpectedly rejected despite having a good credit history; or you apply for welfare benefits and are told you are already claiming when you are not.
  • You are contacted by solicitors or debt collectors for debts that are not yours.

What should I do if I think I am a victim of identity theft? 

  • Act quickly. This will help in ensuring you are not liable for any financial losses caused by criminals using your identity.
  • Identify which documents or personal information may be in the wrong hands.
  • Check that you are in receipt of all expected post. Contact An Post if you have any suspicions.
  • If you believe documents containing details of your identity have been stolen, contact your local Gardaí station to report the theft.
  • Contact the organisation who originally issued the missing document to alert them to the situation.
  • Contact other companies that you have financial packages with, to alert them to the situation.

Useful contact details:

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

Canal House,Station Road,Portarlington,Co. Laois



An Post

O’Connell Street,Dublin 1,Customer Service Team

Tel: 1850575859.


Department of Foreign Affairs

80 St Stephen’s Green,Dublin 2

Tel: (01) 4780822 LoCall: 1890 426 700


Central Bank of Ireland

PO Box 559, Dame Street,Dublin 2

Tel: +353 1 224 6000


Security in Shredding

Ballyartella, Ballycommon, Nenagh,Co. Tipperary

Tel: 067 24848

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How to incorporate Recycling into Data Management Security

Improve Office Environment Usage

Many organisations are unfamiliar with how to incorporate methods of recycling in the workplace whilst maintaining Data Security. Shredding companies in Ireland can provide you with a recycling service for your business.

Security in Shredding recommend to have the following;

  • All open and unsecured paper recycling bins in the workplace replaced with Security in Shredding’s lockable office friendly consoles. The benefit of using these consoles is that you know your confidential documents are safe from prying hands and eyes. Your documents cannot be retrieved as the consoles have bevelled slots.
  • Each and every desk should have a specific paper waste bin that is used only for office paper waste. At the end of each employee’s working day, the employee takes the waste paper bin to the lockable console and empties the contents into the console. If an Organisation implements and enforces this process, it will greatly reduce the risk of a possible data breach. As many data breached are as a result of human error, the employer is not relying on the employees to distinguish the confidential paper from the non-confidential paper. This Policy is call a Shred-All Policy.
  • A service provider that employees security-vetted staff to conduct service deliveries. The client has assurance that the personnel whom handle the confidential documents have received extensive security awareness training and have a great understanding of Data Protection Legislation.
  • A service provider whom provides its onsite and offsite shredding services via shredding technologies that are certified to Shred No. 6 of the EN 15713 shredding standard. The benefit of having a Data Destruction Service Provider whom is certified to this shredding standard is that you have total peace of mind and you know that the shredding service is off its highest level.
  • The vast majority of organisations are Data Controllers. Therefore these Data Controllers should most certainly use a Data Processor to processes its confidential data when I reaches its end of life. A Data Processor should issue its client a Data Processing Certificate detailing the quantity of material destroyed, the material type, date of destruction, name and location of the client and the shred number and shredding standard the material was shredded to. The certificate is proof of destruction and allows the client to keep track of data destruction for compliance and other data management purposes.
  • Security in Shredding transport all destroyed paper material to licensed and permitted recycling facilities. The paper material is sent to paper mills. Printing ink is removed and the material is turned into pulp and it is then used to manufacture new paper products. An interesting fact; one tonne of recycled paper saves 17 mature trees and reduces carbon emissions.

By implementing these changes you are contributing to making your organisation greener and whilst increasing the level of data security. For more information on a paper / document shredding service please visit our site for more information. 

Clear-out Shredding & File Purging

clear out paper shredding

We all know the saying “A clear space a clear mind” and clutter builds quite easily without you realising. A document clear-out of old documents is available. At Security In Shredding we offer an excellent clear-out shredding service both on site and off site shredding is available.

De cluttering your office space will give many positive benefits for yourself and work colleagues. For a number of reasons listed below:

  1.  Gives back your space

Paper documents take up space. While you might only leave few documents lying around, over time these build up into large piles. This takes away space in the office that could be used for a better purpose. If the documents are in a pile this could mean that a) the documents served their purpose and no longer in use and b) its and not an organised pile. If this is the case then it is time to hire a secure shredding service.

  1. Eliminates dust and mites

Any item left idle for an extended period of time will gather dust. Dust presents its own problems. For some people dust can cause asthma flare ups. There can be other factors that cause asthma flare ups but with a clear space will make it easier to clean the area and prevent dust from gathering.

With dust comes dust mites. These bugs are microscopic to the eye and are everywhere. Not necessarily representative of a dirty office but can cause irritation to people with asthma.

  1. Large quantity removal in one easy process

We receive a massive amount of documents over time. Be it brochures, newsletters, advertisements and or your own documents on top of that. Most likely these will get recycled but the documents that are left around that had a purpose and were kept as reference. After a while we can forget what was left where and newer documents get put on top of the old.

There is a potential here of sensitive data getting mixed in with these documents. Chances are it won’t happen but in case there are confidential documents then hiring a on site secure shredding service will remove all your documents in a large quantity.

At Security In Shredding we regularly preform clear-out shredding of documents and confidential documents. With all this new space available there will be “so much room for activities.

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Responding To Data Breaches

Secure Paper Shredding Hard Drive Shredding WEEE Destruction

Paper Data;

Without a confidential document shredding service in place for shredding documents and media devices. Your company or business may become under scrutiny for not having these defensive measures in place to begin with.

It is common practice for a business to securely deal with paper documents in its handling, who can access it and how it is destroyed. Most businesses and organisations will incorporate a reputable paper shredding service and these processes are all above board.

Digital Data;

This trend is still widely used but not with the increase in use of mobile devices globally. Digital Data has become the preferred use of displaying data. How this information is used and the potential of this information being misused. Issues regarding digital use to be an “IT issue” but this is now no longer the case. Data Breaches and leaks have become more and more common due to lack of cyber protections in place. Lack of knowledge for one about cyber security is one factor that causes these issues.

Data Protection

A Data Protection strategy for digital and paper documents must be implemented throughout a business. There are governing bodies in place and bodies localised to your business and is worth knowing what procedures are in place for data protection. In Ireland the Data Protection Commissioner is a governing body directive from the EU.

“The office of the Data Protection Commissioner is established under the 1988 Data Protection Act.  The Data Protection Amendment Act, 2003, updated the legislation, implementing the provisions of EU Directive 95/46. The Acts set out the general principle that individuals should be in a position to control how data relating to them is used.”

The DPC provides guidelines for data protection and methods. If these measures are in place before a data breach occurs, it can save face for a business reputation and wont be scrutinised for not having these measurements in place to begin with.

The DPC site offers guidelines regarding Data Security both physically and digitally and the guidelines can be viewed here.

An Industrial Paper Shredding Service will provide you with credible Data Protection service please visit our site for more information:

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What is the European Commission’s New Data Protection Framework proposal?

The European Commission announced a proposed reform to The European Union’s Data Protection Framework On the 25th of January 2012. You can read the full press release here. 

EU Data Protection, Secure Paper Shredding, Data Processor Firm

EU Data Protection

Within the announcement The Commission stated that the current framework – known as the 19995 EU Data Protection Directive is outdated. The main reasons for the framework to be outdated are due to rapid technology change and globalisation. These points are important to consider when deciding upon the best option to securely destroy your sensitive paper data through a confidential paper shredding service. Whether the service will be an onsite paper shredding service or an on-demand offsite paper shredding service it is important to ensure that your paper shredding company is a Data processor. You can see the list of registered Irish data processing firms here.

The new Data Protection framework will be a regulation which means all member states will have to abide by the rules. The rules will go into effect two years after they have been adopted by the member countries which is expected to be in 2018-2019.

Security in Shredding Team.

Paper Shredding Dublin

This brief blog article will focus upon the topic of Paper Shredding Dublin and will share some insight into unacceptable high risk practices with some links to helpful guidance websites to help with the decision making when establishing a document shredding protocol and digital data destruction protocol within your Organisation and households in Ireland.

Data Protection and the ethical procedures for the disposal of end of life data is essential for all in today’s ever evolving data world. Hard-Drives, CD’s, Data Cartridges and Paper files are the main methods for experiencing a damaging and painful data breach.

Protecting your Physical Data and in turn your Personal Identity is vital for all today and a data destruction Dublin service is the most suitable and compliant method for Organisations operating in Ireland and us the Irish citizens to Confidential Shredding, Data Protection, Data Protection FInes, Data protection Penalties, Secure Shredding, Data Destrcution, Complianceassert the protection of our information.


High risk practices;


  1. Following the guidance of other Organisations both in the Private Sector and Public Sector;

With the advances in data reconstruction technology, increasing levels of data crime, extreme forces for lower costs in addition to contradicting and mind boggling information, simply looking at an alternative Organisation (Private &/or Public) to mimic their procedures and practices is not an appropriate method to establish your own data procedures and practices for managing sensitive paper documents. As we in Ireland are a member of The European Union we are subject to European Legislation in addition to Irish Data Protection Legislation. This point also raises the level of risk of data protection when looking at other Organisations as there have been many different views upon the legislation and the application of it in our Country.

During the Thanks Giving period in The US an extremely serious Data Breach occurred where paper documents containing personal information were found dumped in a recycling centre. These documents were traced back to a hospital which may now be in line to face serious fines and penalties. The affected parties were contacting and apologies were given on behalf of the hospital.

In November of 2015 in our own home Country of Ireland we have seen a data breach occur in one of our Hospitals which in turn personal patient records were found in a recycling bin on the street outside the Hospital.

I want to highlight these two examples as it is important to note that the protection of personal data is a global issue and it is not to be underestimated. These examples also highlight that Companies in the Dublin Region that wish to establish a Dublin Paper Shredding Service and look for guidance from Organisations either in the Private or Public Sectors may lead to data breaches which in turn may lead to negligence penalty enforcement’s. Independent research from reputable information sources that has the protection of personal sensitive data as their number one concern is the most appropriate method for establishing your data protection procedures.


2. Allowing you Waste Management firm to manage your end of life personal sensitive data;

This point is of serious concern for all Organisations and citizens of Ireland to ensure the protection of their personal sensitive paper data. This article is not to negatively market waste operating firms as many of them do an amazing and admirable job at protecting our environment, producing waste fuel for export to incinerators, collecting household waste, running recycling centers, separating and segregating waste materials and selling waste commodities to the recycling industry for maximum revenues not to mention the hundreds of people that are employed through waste operators, they truly are appreciated.            When it comes to personal sensitive data and the appropriate disposal of that data there are specialist firms within the market that are subject to additional standards, certifications and best practices which may not be the case for many waste operators who do not have confidential shredding as their primary business case. There is also an industry representative body for these professional specialist firms to ensure industry best practices. If you are specialist data destruction firm (Paper Shredding Firm) you are a Data Processor and recognised as a data processor under legislation. When you are a data processor you are subject to additional legislation from both Ireland and Europe and you are accountable for breaches of the legislation.                       If you are a waste operator managing waste services you may not be recognised as a data processor but as a materials processor. With this point, if a data breach occurs the Data Processor liability under data protection legislation may not be valid and there may not be accountability in the case of your data breach.

3. Empowering staff with the responsibility to destroy your end of life data;

When deciding whether or not to give staff the responsibility of destroying their end of life data or hiring in temporary or work experience staff it is important to take into account the following factors

  1. Have you provided adequate training for staff
  2. Have you included their responsibilities in their employment contracts
  3. Have you received an audit trail for your material
  4. Do you have proof of destruction
  5. Do you have proof of recycling
  6. Have you destroyed the data to the appropriate shred size
  7. Have you completed a cost benefit analysis on the activity
  8. Are staff being taken away from other activities
  9. Have you singed confidentiality agreements
  10. Have you conducted background checks upon staff

The risks when destroying data outweigh the benefits of completing the process in-house. When dealing with risk it is impossible to eliminate the risk however it is possible to minimise the risk levels and with this in mind it is important to look for a professional specialist shredding firms to manage your destruction requirements and ensure compliance to save you from possible data breaches.


If you require any further information to better help equip yourself from experiencing a damaging data breach please do not hesitate to contact the Security in Shredding Team for friendly helpful guidance with no obligations. You may also want to visit the following sites;


Minister Alan Kelly endorses Free Confidential Shredding Event to celebrate Data Protection Day 28th January 2015

Data Protection Day 2015

So, it’s 2015 and many of us will have made a New Year’s Resolution to organise our paperwork and get rid of documents, old bills and other correspondence. It’s a task most of us dread let alone the stress and worry of how to securely dispose of this material– However help is at hand at two locations in Waterford and Limerick to mark Data Protection Day on January 28th 2015.

Minister for Environment – Alan Kelly supports Security in Shredding in celebrating Data Protection Day whom are offering A Free…. Yes FREE on-site shredding service for householders and SME’s on January 28th, in conjunction with the Southern Region Waste Management Office, Limerick City and County Council and Waterford City and County Council Authorities. The event will encourage data protection and the best practices in addition to waste segregation and the appropriate, safe and secure methods of disposing paper waste.

Householders & small businesses across the region are encouraged to bring along documents to the designated locations and avoid the financial, mental and emotional loss associated with identity theft on Data Protection Day. By participating in this event you would be beginning 2015 with organized and clutter free filing cabinets, office space, creating a clean and positive working environment as well as the piece of mind that your documents are being handled securely minimising the risk of identity theft and data breaches that are caused by documents being exposed.

} In 2013 the Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland received 1,507 data breach notifications – 25 times the number reported in 2009.


These events are taking place at the Mungret Recycling Centre Limerick and the Kilbarry Civic Amenity Site, Waterford between 11am and 3.30pm on January 28th. All materials will be shredded on-site, eliminating risks, 100% of shredded material is recycled.

Those who avail of the event and wish to put their names into a free draw on the day will be in with a chance of winning a one night stay B&B in the Commons Inn Hotel at the Mungret Recycling Centre draw and a one night stay B&B in the South Court Hotel at the Kilbarry CAS draw. So drop in on the 28th of January and make use of this FREE CONFIDENTIAL SHREDDING EVENT. Two refuse sacks per person.