Should I Use “On Site” Or “Off Site” Shredding Services

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To Shred Here or Over There?

Deciding weather your base of operation should avail for off-site or on-site shredding, there are a few key points to consider. The difference with off-site shredding than on-site is that material is transported in locked bags, usually in locked containers, to our secure shredding facility. On-site shredding or mobile shredding, our truck comes to you, and the paper is shredded right there on the premises.

Which Is More Secure?

Comparing the two methods: Which one is more secure? What is the most environmentally friendly choice? What does each cost? What’s right for my business?

All good questions, which hopefully we will shed some light on for you. Most importantly when choosing one of the two, the decision should and must be yours. The vendor will provide the best information regarding which process to choose. You know the business and which method suits you more.

Data protection is vital for business success and reputation. Data breaches can and will occur if businesses and organisations do not protect their data adequately. Our on-site and off-site shredding services are completely secure.

Our mobile Shredding unit is specially designed to handle and destroy your documents securely and confidentially on-site. Our off-site shredding is also done securely and all data is handled by or trained and screened staff.

Both methods are done securely where on-site will give you the added bonus of physically seeing your documents destroyed, giving you great piece of mind.

Does Your Location Suit?

Depending on your business location will effect weather or not on-site or off-site shredding is the correct method. Things to consider:

  • noise and air pollution from the truck if in built up area
  • Accessibility of the truck to your premises
  • The quantity of material to be shredded.

All our shredding services, we provide a certificate of destruction once the destruction process has being complete. Off-site shredding, is same day shred to ensure your data is protected at all times.

Off-site shredding might be a better option for other customers. When a company has a high volume of information to shred, a mobile shredder may be too time-consuming or too small to complete the job all at once. This is especially true when purging numerous boxes of archived records.

Van collection & same day shredding.

Each box must be emptied into a cart, each cart holds about eight boxes, and it takes two minutes to lift, dump and return the cart to the ground.  All told it’s about five minutes to process a cart.  (In this case, even if you normally have on-site service, having a staff person follow the truck to witness the shredding at our facility is worth considering.)

Shredding Event & recycling

Environmental Bounus

Choosing one of our shredding services will help benefit the environment. There is a greater pressure from EPA & Local Authorities etc, to issue reports to them. It is more than just document shredding, you are also benefiting the environment when choosing Security in shredding.

So Which One Is For You?

If you have a small to medium amount of confidential material on a regular basis, or when you purge, on-site may be the right choice. There may be an issue due to time or space limitations or noise or fumes. Then consider off-site shredding. As you can see, there are a number of factors, and it’s not really “one size fits all.”

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Benefits of Shredding Documents On Site

Security In Shredding on site service

Shredding documents is a highly beneficial process to protect your data within businesses and organisations. A reputable shredding service will shred your documents on-site to better suit your data destruction process.

Shredding paper on-site gives peace of mind. It offers security and reassurance to organisations. An organisation can in fact nominate a representative to view the destruction through a monitor on the side of the truck. Either system ensures that ALL DATA is shredded BEFORE leaving a site.

All material is destroyed beyond recognition.

shredded paper

On Site Shredding Benefits:

We supply the highest standard, most efficient mobile shredding machine on the Irish market.

This system includes the supply of secure wheelie bins and a regular call-out service to our customers. Our operators do not see or touch any documents before they are shredded. The output of the shredding machine is 2.5 tonnes per hour, the equivalent to a 240 litre wheelie bin per minute. As a result, we use the minimum amount of time while providing our customers with the most professional and efficient service possible.

Security Shredding Eliminates Risk:

  • Prevent information leaks and breaches of security
  • Reduces your risk from improperly discarded documents
  • Reduces risk of identity theft
  • Reduces your risk of recovery
  • Reduces your storage costs
  • Saving employee time from document shredding
  • Minimum time used for speedy efficient shredding service
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Become an active business in protecting the environment

“Scheduled”, “On Call” or “Clear Out”

We provide a variety of services to better suit your needs or destruction process. We can shred your documents on a specific date available. Clients can call our trained staff and make an appoint for our truck to come out to your base of operation.

Or a once off large shred of Clear out shredding is also available. Due to the efficiency of our on site mobile shredding units we have the capability to destruct high volumes of material efficiently. This service can also be scheduled by contacting our staff.

Call Us Today

At Security In Shredding we provide more than just a paper shredding service. We shred a number of items and old or unused items. For more information on our shredding services, please get i contact with one of our staff at; 

Offsite Document Shredding in Limerick


Van collection & same day shredding.

Ever since the advent of information technology, Hi-Tech gadgets and devices, the risk of identity theft and hijacking has increased in a formidable manner.

The need for confidential documents shredding has become everyone’s requirement today so as to keep their important confidential documents safe and secure. Procuring and deploying a paper shredding machine at office premises is effective until the documents are not of high confidentiality like bills, internal notes, circulars, employee data and newsletters.

But when it comes to secure and confidential legal written documents & data then you need to hire a professional document shredding service provider company. In this blog, we will talk of offsite document shredding Limerick process of Security in Shredding and how it is benefiting the companies in protecting their official confidential records.

Security in Shredding provides high security document collection vehicles, security screened and trained shredding staff at the client’s location to securely collect all the confidential documents and brings it to the confidential shredding process. The ‘Same Day Shred’ policy provides the clients with satisfaction that their confidential documents are destructed the same day as collection.

Security in Shredding are not a waste operator like many companies in Limerick area, the secure destruction of clients data is the primary business of security in shredding and there is no cardboard/paper and plastics processed at our facility. When clients release their data to a waste operator there is little to no accountability as the material is a waste that has been released for processing (Recycling).

When releasing your paper data to Security in Shredding you are releasing it to a registered data processor to process the data (Destroy) professionally with total accountability. Besides this, the Certificates of Destruction and Recycling provided by the shredding company to the client ensures full guarantee and tractability of their material.

document shredding

The professional staff collects the secure confidential documents from the client and the shredding bags are secured for transportation. The document shredding units have the capacity to destroy approx 100kgs of confidential papers in one minute.

Besides this, security in shredding also provides service for On-site paper document shredding limerick, where the on-site paper document shredding units are fully automated and totally unique. This means that client’s secured confidential material waste is neither seen nor touched by the shredding staff, ensuring full security and confidentiality to the shredding process.

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8 Rules To Ensure Data Protection In Your Business

Data protection service AND DATA DESTRUCTION

8 Important Rules To Help Ensure Data Protection

“You must…

  1. Obtain and process information fairly
  2. Keep it only for one or more specified, explicit and lawful purposes
  3. Use and disclose it only in ways compatible with these purposes
  4. Keep it safe and secure
  5. Keep it accurate, complete and up-to-date
  6. Ensure that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive
  7. Retain it for no longer than is necessary for the purpose or purposes
  8. Give a copy of his/her personal data to an individual, on request”

“According to the results of our National Data Protection Survey – more than half of Irish companies say that they have suffered a data breach in the last 12 months.

The results also show that data breaches, hacking attacks and employee negligence have all risen in the last year in Irish organisations.

  • One in three Irish companies have no corporate data breach policy and almost half are poorly trained for data breaches.
  • Only two in five Irish firms have any internal sanctions for non-compliance with data protection rules.
  • Most Irish companies have no guidelines on transferring data outside the country.

secure data & data protection

The survey has shown that Irish companies’ biggest threat continues to be “negligent employees”, with one in five singling out inept staff as the biggest issue they face in keeping sensitive data secure.

14% claimed hackers are the second biggest threat, while 12% said that staff losing unsecured phones, laptops or USB keys would be the third biggest threat.

Two out of three companies claimed to have implemented data breach policies in some or all aspects of their business even though one third of employees say they are not adequately familiar with them.

confidential shredding, clean desk policy

Data Protection training and awareness programs are the best way to improve the acknowledgement of best practice in the area.

To ensure your organisation doesn’t fall victim to a data breach, ensure your staff are trained on the subject.”

For more information on Data Security and data protection, email on of our staff at:

Onsite Document Shredding Available Near You

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

Confidential document shredding services, document & product destruction are services available through Security In Shredding. Our quality service provides security and confidentiality to document destruction services.

Security In Shredding are specialists in confidential documents & product destruction services. We regularly provide these services to government departments, public and private companies as well as home owners throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Onsite shredding is internationally recognised as the most secure method of destroying sensitive and confidential paperwork. Shredding to a Din level 6 is a security standard which is vital for the security of data destruction.

Available Near You!

Security In Shredding on site shredding trucks are available in the Republic of Ireland. A once off large shred is available or scheduled of on call services are also available to suit your needs.

We offer a range of destruction solutions for all your paperwork, hard drives, videos and all electronic office equipment. Fully licensed and NWCP, your confidential material is safe with Security In Shredding. We are a data processor and once we have your documents, it is our responsibility to destroy the documents.

Maintaining confidentiality is essential in today’s business world. Now more than ever data security and data protection is vital for business success. More than for business success, it is the law to protect your data under the data protection act.

We provide our customers with the most secure method of confidential document destruction available, fully transparent with same day shred for collection services.

harddrive destruction, Media Destruction, Confidential Shredding Service

We Destroy Digital Data Devices

Along with protecting confidential paper documents. Your digital data must be protected also. Ignorance and human error are major risks with digital devices. One method that ensures data destruction is to physically destroy the drive. Our IT & Media Data Destruction Systems provide a 100% guaranteed destruction policy.

Call us today for any enquires you may have regarding our Shredding Services and or IT & media destruction, then email us at:

Looking For On Site Document Shredding In Limerick Or Galway

Security In Shredding on site service

Running and maintaining a business requires content and data. this is displayed through paper and digital data. Ensuring data confidentiality is paramount to business success. Shredding or destroying your documents is one method of data destruction.

Not Just Any Aul Shredder

Shredding documents does improve data security. A simple office shredder shreds paper but this can be reconstructed. Industrial paper shredding specialists are available to handle all your data destruction needs.

Reputable document destruction companies operate within data protection laws and the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC.) A reputable paper destruction will shred all your documents to a level beyond reconstruction. A Din 66399 Standard is used by shredding companies and ensure a high level of quality shredding.

What Is Din 66399

At Security in Shredding we are experts in the Data Destruction Industry and we are happy to explain the new DIN 66399 shredding standard to our clients as their knowledge on it and the benefits from it is limited.

The modern DIN 66399 replaces the DIN 32757 and for the first time divides data destruction into three separate protection classes and seven security levels in total.

Secure data destruction

Call Us & We Will come To You

Any and all paper data can be shredded and destroy your documents confidentially and securely with our specialised trucks. Our On site Shredding is available for scheduled services or on call service. We regularly operate throughout Ireland and in Limerick and Galway regions.

  • We provide lockable bins and our trained staff will handle these bins from your premises to the truck.
  • The secure receptacle is automatically lifted by our mobile shredding technology and is constantly under surveillance and watched through our on-board monitor.
  • Our mobile shredding unit destroys the client’s material on site at their premises.

Our specialised trucks can handle 1 X 240 Litre receptacle per minute. This will require minimal amount of time to shred your documents providing an efficient and excellent service. The service is also environmentally friendly.

What Can We Shred?

Clients will ask us what can be shredded? there are a number of documents and document types that can be easily shredded by us. “Lever arch files,” “older files,” and or “archive files” are often asked if they can be shredded. They can be shredded.

We have a list of recommended documents to shred, view our what to shred list  of recommended documents to destroy.

For more information on our services please visit our site or email us an enquiry at:

Secure Data Destruction – Ireland

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

Ireland’s technologies are increasingly advancing in the area of confidential document shredding. Whenever talking about secure business strategy, Security In Shredding is the professional leader in areas such as Dublin and Galway.

Regular scheduled shredding service –  Reliability Counts;

Security in Shredding provides their onsite and offsite secure shredding services to their clients and as a result the client has peace of mind regarding their securely destroyed data.

Security In Shredding provides purge shredding clear outs with its unique on-site mobile document shredding service. This service can be tailored and customized to the clients requirements or schedule. The trustworthiness and reliability of on-site mobile data destruction provider assists you persistently to meet the security and responsible needs of you or your business.

Enhances the efficiency with imperative security audits;

All Security Mobile Shredding Ltd. strive to go above and beyond industry norms by helping in tailoring the shredding schedule to a variety of aspects involved with your office. An in-depth security audit and mobile document shredding professionals certainly help you in determining the estimation of confidential or regular documents need to be destroyed according to the density and its personnel level.

Scheduled confidential shredding plans to fit all your business needs;

A certified, highly secure mobile data shredding service is an ideal solution to shred the documents regardless of the business size. What do you need to do? Contact Security In Shredding and explain to a representative, your document destruction requirements and they will accommodate your needs to the best of their ability. Business size depicts the schedule of shredding services with daily, weekly or monthly options.

No compromise in secure destruction has been entertained at Security in Shredding.

Security In Shredding has a strategically formulated business model.

The client’s paper data security is of paramount importance to Security In Shredding which in turn designates the success of company and provides security and peace of mind to client.

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Call Experts in Confidential Shredding For Secure Destruction

Security In Shredding on site service

Weather it is unwanted or old paper documents to dated computer hardware, at Security in Shredding we provide confidential shredding at competitive prices with compliance to data protection laws

The importance of document paper shredding Limerick cannot be understated, services are nationwide in Ireland and guarantees a shoe fitted service to all clients. If you are an owner of a business and making good money, you must be aware about the document security and its perceptiveness. Security of documents is of imperative importance even if you don’t require them anymore.

Hackers and informational data thieves are always probing for fast ways to enter the information security systems. Documenting data might be of no use to you, but matters a lot to thieves. By leaving them in a non-secure location or sending them for self-destruction and/or general recycling, you are straight forwardly providing them with an opportunity to access your confidential files.

Data Protection, Paper Shredding, Waste theft

Security in shredding can save you from facing penalties and fines let alone data theft itself. For this, you should know which document needs to put in your security procedures. Below is a short list of just a few documents that should be included;

  • Legal documents
  • Financial accounts
  • Employment Documentation
  • Payroll records and media

Payroll details can reveal your earning records, which is what thieves want to know to strip you. And advancement in technology has enabled the cyber world to convert a copy of files stored on CD’s, tapes, disks and other storage devices. Just breaking it is not enough.

Some Eco – friendly industries recycle their documents through their waste recycling provider, which is the clear path for trespassers to get what they need. It is certainly probable to hack the identities and other blue-chip information out from financial records, legal documents, medical records etc. once your paper data leaves your premises in a general waste lorry.

Once your informational data has been stolen, your bank accounts, personal accounts, profiles and business deals come under intense risk. And such thieves are onerous to catch. Professional specialists of paper shredding Ireland service is the only prompting solution to it.

One less thing to be worrying about when it is dealt with by professionals!!..

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Looking For A Confidential Shredding Service In Galway or Limerick

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

Do you have personal or sensitive data stored on paper or stored alternatively. A confidential shredding specialist, are available for hire to handle and destroy any and all your documents. Shredding your documents ensures that you and your business or organisation is complying with data protection laws.

Shredding Confidential Paper?

At Security in Shredding we destroy an wide range of products and not just paper documents. Our confidential document destruction service is available for On Site Shredding. Our specialised truck can call out to your place of operation and perform the necessary shredding while you or a trusted member can witness the destruction process.

This is not necessary but it gives a piece of mind knowing your document are destroyed confidentially.

Our on site shredding service is available for Scheduled call outs or for a single large scale shredding (purge clear out shredding) of documents. We also provide off site shredding services. This is also done with a scheduled or call out bag collection.

We provide lockable sealed bag to store your unwanted documents and also provide console to store the bags. Maintaining data security is paramount to us and our trained staff will transfer the bags into secure vans and shred the documents at our base of operation.

Once complete you will receive a certificate of destruction.

document shredding

What Can Be Shredded?

Clutter can easily get the better of us and removing this clutter can be daunting. At Security In Shredding our customers often ask what can be shredded, such as:

  • “lever arch files”
  • “Old/ archived files”
  • “Space clearing”

These are but a few but any file containing personal information, record files and client information files whatever the format should be shredded securely. A detailed list of What To Shred can be viewed from our site.

Nationwide Service

Our confidential document shredding service is available throughout Ireland and we regularly operate in Limerick, Galway and the Midlands. Our On Site shredding and collection services operate with security and confidentiality in mind.

Not only for the benefit of your company, maintaining data security and data protection must be incorporated throughout business practice. You are required by law to ensure your data is protected adequately.

For more information or have any enquires about our industrial paper shredding;

Email us at: