Electronic Waste Recycling Information

Electronic Waste Recycling is also known as E-Waste and it is growing in popularity. Many people are looking for ways to recycle their electronics and unwanted equipment in a responsible way. A lot of consumer items today all contain an electrical part such as Mobile phones, computers, televisions, and much more. WEEE is electronic and electrical equipment that is unwanted or broken. WEEE is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Any appliance that is not recycled properly can cause damage to the environment. Nearly all electronic waste can be recycled of but some still find their way to the landfills.

In this blog, I am discussing why Electronic Waste Recycling is important

What is Electronic Waste Recycling

E-Waste is any electrical item that can be recycled or refurbished. Some of which include Televisions, Mobile Phones, Hairdryers, Washing Machines, etc. A lot of e-waste contains toxic substances and are harmful to the environment but some also contain materials that could be useful. Learn more about the benefits of electronic waste recycling.

Why is Electronic Waste Recycling so important? 

Rich source of Raw Materials 

Internationally, only 10-15% of the gold that is found in materials is recovered while the rest is lost and thrown away. The metal deposits contained in electronic waste is known to be 40-50 times richer than the metal that is mined from the earth.

Electronic waste contains Toxic Materials 

Electronic devices contain toxic materials such as cadmium, mercury, lead, and chromium. If these substances are released into the environment they can become harmful. It is important that they are recycled the right way. A lot of the waste also contains toxic chemical flame retardants and some heavy metals.

It saves Landfill Space

If you dispose of your e-waste at a landfill site, millions of materials are wasted that could be recovered and reused. Space at landfills is becoming scarce and it is not appropriate to dispose of e-waste. It should be recycled the right way. E-waste can be seriously harmful to the environment if put into landfills.

It can help create jobs and employment 

Proper E-waste management can generate employment and job creation. There is a demand for workers to carry out this type of work. Recycling management companies dealing with recycling and e-waste will seek workers for this type of job, in turn, generating employment.

It is Energy Efficient 

E-waste recycling contributes to energy efficiency. The energy cost of e recycling is lower than the actual cost of the processing of new materials from mining and soil. E.G. The recycling of aluminum compared to the fresh aluminum from raw materials takes up to 95% less energy. The recycling of glass can save up to 40%, steel saves up to 60%, and plastics up to 70% energy. It can also contribute to the reduced air pollution, dependence on oil, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Disposing of E-Waste properly by recycling will not only reduce the harmful effects to the environment but it is the eco-friendly way.