Why We Should Outsource Paper Shredding Services

Getting your confidential papers shredded by a professional shredding company is always a good way to protect the company’s confidential & sensitive information from being leaked out. It not only reduces the chances of identity theft & hijacking but also has a great environmental impact. The need for confidential documents shredding has become today’s indispensable requirement so as to keep their important confidential documents safe and secure. Deploying a paper shredding machine at office is effective if the documents are not of high confidentiality but when it comes to secured & legal written documents then there you need the help of professional document shredding service provider company. There are many paper shredding companies but the most reliable one is security in shredding. The company provides paper shredding services in Ireland and the cork area as well. The cork security shredding services are both onsite & offsite paper shredding services.

Let’s have a look as to why we should outsource a paper shredding service providing company:

  1. Security: With professional shredders & security screened staff, paper shredding company in Ireland, ensures secured destruction of the documents onsite as well as offsite. In case of offsite document shredding services, the ‘Same Day Shred’ policy provides the clients with satisfaction that their confidential documents are destroyed the same day as collection. Also, the Certificates of Destruction and Recycling provided by the shredding company to the client ensures full guarantee and traceability of their material in order to satisfy and audit situation.

  1. Cost Effective: Hiring a professional document shredding company is much more cost effective than deploying a shredding setup in house at the office. As with a professional shredding expert, the client does not have to get involved in the shredding process and this saves his time which can be utilized in other productive activities in the cork area.

  1. Time Saving: Cutting and ripping documents manually consumes a lot of time and does not assure effective and secure destruction. It can be easily reconstructed also. Whereas, Shredding documents is a quick and easy way to dispose off papers which are no longer required.

So, it is always advisable to have a professional shredding service provider.

Benefits of Document Shredding Specialists in Limerick

Get Benefits of Choosing Right Document Shredding Specialists

To securely discard confidential documents, files and data every business, irrespective of its size, needs to have document shredding specialists who provide confidential document shredding services with great professionalism & efficiency. These documents and files usually contain sensitive information that you don’t want others to see or don’t want to be disclosed. Therefore, it is mandatory to dispose of such confidential documents on a regular basis and this is where shredding companies come in as being essential for an organisation to maintain compliance with legislation. A professional document shredding company reduces the chances of losing data elsewhere, and ensures legal obligations are met.

There are two types of document shredding services that are provided by the shredding specialists in limerick.

On-Site Document Shredding Limerick: Here in this service, the shredding company sends their mobile truck to the client’s location and shreds all the confidential documents in front of the client, without seeing or touching the confidential documents as the shredding process is fully automated. Here, the best thing is, post the shredding services, the shredding company provides its client with full traceability of their confidential paper waste in the form of Certificates of Destruction and Certificates of Recycling. This ultimately provides peace of mind to the client that their documents have been disposed off securely and destroyed beyond reconstruction.

Offsite Document Shredding Limerick: In the offsite document shredding service, the shredding company sends specially trained shredding staff to the client’s location to securely pick up the client’s confidential documents. These are sealed in a bag and opened at the time of the confidential shredding process at the secure facility of the shredding company. The main shredding companies implement ‘same day shred’ policy for all offsite collections which in turn provides the clients with peace of minds that their confidential documents will be destructed the same day as collection. If this point is not advertised it is essential for the client to enquire further as the material may enter storage if the company is a waste processor.

Now let’s see why do companies need shredding services and what are the benefits of hiring a professional shredding service provider company.

  1. Saves time: In-house shredding of documents manually consumes a lot of time and does not assure effective and secure destruction. Whereas, professional Shredding through a service provider is a quick and easy way to dispose of sensitive papers which are no longer required.

  1. Even the law says you should shred: Confidential documents like medical records, personal details, bank statements, profit & loss statements all have to be disposed of correctly as per the Data Protection Acts. These documents and statements should be shredded before it goes in to the wrong hands.

  1. Reduces risk of identity theft: Confidential paper shredding helps in minimizing the risk of falling prey to identity theft as it carefully shreds and destroys all the confidential information efficiently & properly through cross cutting technology.

  1. Your data will remain confidential: Businesses involve a lot of documentation for everything from meeting notes to staff details, future business developments to sales figures. Shredding documents give companies the peace of mind that their business future plans are not going to go into the wrong hands through their waste paper streams.

  1. Save storage space: Every company has stacks of papers and documents which are many years old and no longer needed but they’re not sure how to properly dispose off them. Paper can take up lots of space in an office, sitting on desks or in filing cabinets, so by shredding these, space can be made and utilized for other useful things.

  1. Reduces risk of recovery: Since the documents are shredded into so tiny particles, that data recovery becomes a next to impossible task which actually reduces the risk of recovery.

So always go for a professional document shredding company as it is cost effective and more efficient than most of us in doing their task.

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