Off-Site Paper Shredding

We provide Confidential off-site Paper shredding to our clients with total satisfaction achieved with every service delivery. Our experience and expertise in confidential paper shredding means we can provide our service delivery in an option of ways that maximises suitability to the client.

off site confidential shredding

The service can be provided on:

  1. A “Scheduled Basis” where the client is aware of what date the service delivery will be provided
  3. An “On Call Basis” where the client contacts our fully trained and helpful customer relations staff in order to schedule a date for service delivery
  5. A “Clear Out Basis” where the client stores all confidential material in a secure area within their premises. Once the secure area is at capacity and/or the material is no longer required in storage the client contacts our fully trained and helpful customer relations staff. Our staff will then schedule a date for one of our secure collection vans and fully trained staff to arrive onsite and confidentially provide the service delivery.


Off-Site Shredding Process:

  1. Our fully trained confidential shredding staff will contact the client prior to arriving onsite.
  3. Our professional staff will be clearly and easily identified, wearing All Security Mobile Shredding uniforms with name badges.
  5. Our staff collects the Secure Confidential Shredding Bags and places them into the secure confidential shredding collection vehicle. Once the clients secure confidential shredding bags are locked within the collection van the operator will provide the client with replacement secure confidential shredding bags for the next service delivery.
  7. The confidential shredding material that we collect is processed with our "same day shred policy" shredded on the same day of collection by our unsurpassed secure off-site Paper shredding unit(s) eliminating the risk of our client’s confidential material entering storage prior to being destructed.
  9. Our paper shredding technology can destroy approx 100kgs of confidnetial paper in approximately one minute, this adds to the level of security provided.
  11. The confidnetially shredded material is then unloaded at the designated permitted recycling centre within Ireland.
  13. From the recycling centre confidential shredded paper is baled into 2000 kg bales. These bales are then exported to Europe and Asia to be recycled into various products such as paper products, tissue products, insulation, etc.
  15. Upon arrival at a paper mill the material enters bleach baths in order to remove any ink which in turn adds further security and peace of mind to our clients
  17. The client receives a Certificate of Destruction providing full traceability of the confidential paper material in order to prove recycling compliance

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