What needs to be Securely Shredded?

Document Destruction

No one questions the necessity of secure paper shredding for documents such as a person’s financial, medical or legal details. However, they are not the only papers that require elimination in order to protect sensitive data. If you are having a company come to shred on site or off site, for your own sake and to get the most out of your document destruction service, it is important to know what documents specifically require shredding.


Sometimes they will include part of your account numbers or card numbers and even part of this information being leaked can give those out to do your business harm a leg up.

Job Submissions & CVs

Countless businesses retain applications and CVs of individuals they did not employ at the time they applied, but would consider down the line should the need arise. When this document is eventually no longer needed, it should not be merely thrown in the bin. It requires shredding as it contains personal information.

Old Bank Statements & Credit Card Bills

It is important to treat your company’s financial information as delicately as you would anyone’s personal financial information. When records are no longer required, it is time to shred.

Sensitive Information for Marketing & Research on the Competition 

This is information that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. It could easily be misused should an employee’s loyalties drift from the company.

Old Utility Bills

These bills have your account information on them therefore they can be misused by those wishing to do your company harm.

Old Personnel Files

You are entrusted with very classified personal information about your workers. It makes sense to keep certain accounts of past employees as you may be requested for a reference however only keep the necessities.

Out of Date Service Contracts

Those that scam have discovered numerous methods of impersonating legitimate service providers. Allowing your old contracts to be disposed of incorrectly will give them another advantage.Always make use of your document destruction service.

Should I Use “On Site” Or “Off Site” Shredding Services

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To Shred Here or Over There?

Deciding weather your base of operation should avail for off-site or on-site shredding, there are a few key points to consider. The difference with off-site shredding than on-site is that material is transported in locked bags, usually in locked containers, to our secure shredding facility. On-site shredding or mobile shredding, our truck comes to you, and the paper is shredded right there on the premises.

Which Is More Secure?

Comparing the two methods: Which one is more secure? What is the most environmentally friendly choice? What does each cost? What’s right for my business?

All good questions, which hopefully we will shed some light on for you. Most importantly when choosing one of the two, the decision should and must be yours. The vendor will provide the best information regarding which process to choose. You know the business and which method suits you more.

Data protection is vital for business success and reputation. Data breaches can and will occur if businesses and organisations do not protect their data adequately. Our on-site and off-site shredding services are completely secure.

Our mobile Shredding unit is specially designed to handle and destroy your documents securely and confidentially on-site. Our off-site shredding is also done securely and all data is handled by or trained and screened staff.

Both methods are done securely where on-site will give you the added bonus of physically seeing your documents destroyed, giving you great piece of mind.

Does Your Location Suit?

Depending on your business location will effect weather or not on-site or off-site shredding is the correct method. Things to consider:

  • noise and air pollution from the truck if in built up area
  • Accessibility of the truck to your premises
  • The quantity of material to be shredded.

All our shredding services, we provide a certificate of destruction once the destruction process has being complete. Off-site shredding, is same day shred to ensure your data is protected at all times.

Off-site shredding might be a better option for other customers. When a company has a high volume of information to shred, a mobile shredder may be too time-consuming or too small to complete the job all at once. This is especially true when purging numerous boxes of archived records.

Van collection & same day shredding.

Each box must be emptied into a cart, each cart holds about eight boxes, and it takes two minutes to lift, dump and return the cart to the ground.  All told it’s about five minutes to process a cart.  (In this case, even if you normally have on-site service, having a staff person follow the truck to witness the shredding at our facility is worth considering.)

Shredding Event & recycling

Environmental Bounus

Choosing one of our shredding services will help benefit the environment. There is a greater pressure from EPA & Local Authorities etc, to issue reports to them. It is more than just document shredding, you are also benefiting the environment when choosing Security in shredding.

So Which One Is For You?

If you have a small to medium amount of confidential material on a regular basis, or when you purge, on-site may be the right choice. There may be an issue due to time or space limitations or noise or fumes. Then consider off-site shredding. As you can see, there are a number of factors, and it’s not really “one size fits all.”

For more information regarding any of our services or what can or cannot be shredded, then email us at: info@securityinshredding.com

Offsite Document Shredding in Limerick


Van collection & same day shredding.

Ever since the advent of information technology, Hi-Tech gadgets and devices, the risk of identity theft and hijacking has increased in a formidable manner.

The need for confidential documents shredding has become everyone’s requirement today so as to keep their important confidential documents safe and secure. Procuring and deploying a paper shredding machine at office premises is effective until the documents are not of high confidentiality like bills, internal notes, circulars, employee data and newsletters.

But when it comes to secure and confidential legal written documents & data then you need to hire a professional document shredding service provider company. In this blog, we will talk of offsite document shredding Limerick process of Security in Shredding and how it is benefiting the companies in protecting their official confidential records.

Security in Shredding provides high security document collection vehicles, security screened and trained shredding staff at the client’s location to securely collect all the confidential documents and brings it to the confidential shredding process. The ‘Same Day Shred’ policy provides the clients with satisfaction that their confidential documents are destructed the same day as collection.

Security in Shredding are not a waste operator like many companies in Limerick area, the secure destruction of clients data is the primary business of security in shredding and there is no cardboard/paper and plastics processed at our facility. When clients release their data to a waste operator there is little to no accountability as the material is a waste that has been released for processing (Recycling).

When releasing your paper data to Security in Shredding you are releasing it to a registered data processor to process the data (Destroy) professionally with total accountability. Besides this, the Certificates of Destruction and Recycling provided by the shredding company to the client ensures full guarantee and tractability of their material.

document shredding

The professional staff collects the secure confidential documents from the client and the shredding bags are secured for transportation. The document shredding units have the capacity to destroy approx 100kgs of confidential papers in one minute.

Besides this, security in shredding also provides service for On-site paper document shredding limerick, where the on-site paper document shredding units are fully automated and totally unique. This means that client’s secured confidential material waste is neither seen nor touched by the shredding staff, ensuring full security and confidentiality to the shredding process.

Any questions or queries please email us at: info@securityinshredding.com


Onsite Document Shredding Available Near You

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

Confidential document shredding services, document & product destruction are services available through Security In Shredding. Our quality service provides security and confidentiality to document destruction services.

Security In Shredding are specialists in confidential documents & product destruction services. We regularly provide these services to government departments, public and private companies as well as home owners throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Onsite shredding is internationally recognised as the most secure method of destroying sensitive and confidential paperwork. Shredding to a Din level 6 is a security standard which is vital for the security of data destruction.

Available Near You!

Security In Shredding on site shredding trucks are available in the Republic of Ireland. A once off large shred is available or scheduled of on call services are also available to suit your needs.

We offer a range of destruction solutions for all your paperwork, hard drives, videos and all electronic office equipment. Fully licensed and NWCP, your confidential material is safe with Security In Shredding. We are a data processor and once we have your documents, it is our responsibility to destroy the documents.

Maintaining confidentiality is essential in today’s business world. Now more than ever data security and data protection is vital for business success. More than for business success, it is the law to protect your data under the data protection act.

We provide our customers with the most secure method of confidential document destruction available, fully transparent with same day shred for collection services.

harddrive destruction, Media Destruction, Confidential Shredding Service

We Destroy Digital Data Devices

Along with protecting confidential paper documents. Your digital data must be protected also. Ignorance and human error are major risks with digital devices. One method that ensures data destruction is to physically destroy the drive. Our IT & Media Data Destruction Systems provide a 100% guaranteed destruction policy.

Call us today for any enquires you may have regarding our Shredding Services and or IT & media destruction, then email us at: info@securityinshredding.com

Secure Data Destruction – Ireland

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

Ireland’s technologies are increasingly advancing in the area of confidential document shredding. Whenever talking about secure business strategy, Security In Shredding is the professional leader in areas such as Dublin and Galway.

Regular scheduled shredding service –  Reliability Counts;

Security in Shredding provides their onsite and offsite secure shredding services to their clients and as a result the client has peace of mind regarding their securely destroyed data.

Security In Shredding provides purge shredding clear outs with its unique on-site mobile document shredding service. This service can be tailored and customized to the clients requirements or schedule. The trustworthiness and reliability of on-site mobile data destruction provider assists you persistently to meet the security and responsible needs of you or your business.

Enhances the efficiency with imperative security audits;

All Security Mobile Shredding Ltd. strive to go above and beyond industry norms by helping in tailoring the shredding schedule to a variety of aspects involved with your office. An in-depth security audit and mobile document shredding professionals certainly help you in determining the estimation of confidential or regular documents need to be destroyed according to the density and its personnel level.

Scheduled confidential shredding plans to fit all your business needs;

A certified, highly secure mobile data shredding service is an ideal solution to shred the documents regardless of the business size. What do you need to do? Contact Security In Shredding and explain to a representative, your document destruction requirements and they will accommodate your needs to the best of their ability. Business size depicts the schedule of shredding services with daily, weekly or monthly options.

No compromise in secure destruction has been entertained at Security in Shredding.

Security In Shredding has a strategically formulated business model.

The client’s paper data security is of paramount importance to Security In Shredding which in turn designates the success of company and provides security and peace of mind to client.

Email us at: info@securityinshredding.com

Why Outsource The Shredding Of Documents?


harddrive destruction, Media Destruction, Confidential Shredding Service

Are you an Entrepreneur in Galway or Limerick?, confidential shredding is available for confidential on site shredding.

have you ever wondered how paper shredding can save you from company data breaches while justifying the cost for such a shredding service, your approach of secure data paper shredding towards confidential shredding through a professional accredited service vendor which can only save your company from breaching sensitive data? What does the ‘confidential’ mean in paper destruction?

It signifies security in shredding, destruct the data and documents under secure atmospheres and completed by security screened paper shredding personnel. Buying your own in-house shredding machines can never destroy your private papers and data completely and securely with efficiency and accountability.


The following are some internal costs an individual can eliminate if he/she outsources the shredding from professional paper shredders

  • Payroll cost of the employee for the time spent feeding the office shredding machine
  • Data Protection Training fees for employees in charge of data destruction
  • Manual Handling Training fees for employees in charge of data destruction
  • Acquiring cost of high-level shredding machine is not probable to manage for a middle-class business entrepreneur
  • Recycling fee for material to be recycled and receive certification of compliance
  • Time spent in removing the paper clips and staples to shred in paper shredding machines
  • Regular maintenance cost of office paper shredding machine
  • Extra cleanup time, as paper shredding machine generates dust on shred
  • Extra cost of disposing of the large volume of shredded documents
  • Who decides what is to be destroyed and not destroyed?.

It may be probable to purchase a small and lower PPM (pages per minute) shredding machine which may lead to the loss of an employee’s working day from what you have hired him/her for and evenly that document shredding machine can never provide and transparent clear audit trail.

What about unused data that have been left on electronic media (USB or hard drive, CDs, DVDs, etc.)? Sometimes, an entrepreneur may buy a small destruction machine for document shredding and/or drill a hole through the Hard Drive. The methods above are not appropriate for secure data destruction from electronic devices as the data remains on the device.

An appropriate method for the secure destruction is to avail of a confidential shredding Galway & Limerick which ensures compliance.

Paper Shredding Galway & Limerick is your number one choice for data destruction

You May Not Be Warned Of An Online Security Breach

iCloud security wake-up call, data brach

Data is everywhere and how it is used should be monitored by your data controller and you. Secure document destruction in Ireland is one method of ensuring data security. Data breaches are an ever present issue when it comes to data protection.

Confidential paper shredding is one method our customers use when shredding documents. Another factor is data security and preventing data breaches.

How can they occur?

Data Protection, Paper Shredding, limeirck paper shredding

Physically any document not shredded has the potential of a data breach. This will depend on what data is on the document sensitive or not. Dumpster diving is a risk to your physical data. In the wrong hands sensitive data can cause representational damage to a business or organisation.

Digital data is now more widely used than paper data and protections this data requires a more skilled hand to ensure its protection. Encryption and encrypted devices must be used if storing sensitive data. Data security is strong with most devices today but the methods of obtaining this data get creative.

“Phising” are email scams where the malicious software will mimic a well known and reputable site asking for a user’s details. If the details are obtained, the hacker can use this data for their own intent. There are other methods involved to obtain a person’s data and depending on the site or software’s security measures will determine what hackers can do with this data.

How Will I Know If A Breach Occurs?

The Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has a guide on the steps needed to take if or when a data breach occurs. The DPC guide suggests data controllers inform the individual of the data breach.

What type of data was leaked will determine a data controllers reason to inform an individual of a breach. Fraud, identity theft, public humiliation and or public safety must be informed to the individual if the data lost contains information putting them at risk.

Nonsensitive data if breached does not need to be informed to the DPC. Breaches may occur without your knowledge and it’s up to the data controller to decide whether or not to inform you.

If / When A Breach Occurs

Prevention is always better than cure regarding data breaches. Be aware of where you put your information online. A reputable site will have security measures in place to protect your data. Sites are vulnerable to breaches. It’s the data encryption that ensures that the data obtained cannot be used in a harmful way.

If you suspect your account has been breached then inform the site provider so they can confirm.

Data Security is vital for businesses and organisations to succeed. Inadequate security measures are what cause biggest security breaches. Time is of the essence when a breach occurs. Cancel your card or inform your bank about the breach and the site admins also to prevent further damage.

At Security in Shredding, we offer more than secure document shredding service. Data protection advice and minimising data breaches are very important to us also. For more information please contact one of our team

Email us: info@securityinshredding.com

DPC Breach Guide: https://www.dataprotection.ie/docs/Data-Breach-Handling/901.htm

Limerick Businesses Top 5 mistakes after a data breach

secure document destruction limerick.

All organisations that operate throughout Limerick and Ireland will be aware of the risks of data breaches. The negative sentiment of experiencing a data breach affects relationships with your current clients and how others view your organisation. In certain cases your organisation may be legally responsible to your customers as well. Recovering from a data breach is a long but attainable process.

Our paper shredding service in Limerick value data protection and recommend the following steps you can follow after a data breach occurs:

1.    Enlist Expert Help
Depending on the size or type of breach you experience, your organisation may need to enlist external help. While external assistance is an added cost, you should evaluate your options with professional Incident Response teams to determine if an ongoing relationship is needed after the breach has been resolved.

Hiring a Limerick paper shredding service can help protect your organisation from future attacks.

2.    Elect a Leader
Managing a data breach is never an easy task. There are several parties within an organisation that will be responsible for resolving the breach, including IT staff and executive management. Electing a strong leader will help ensure all team members are updated and held responsible for their duties. Any external parties involved in the resolution should also have one point of contact. A strong leader will drive the response plan and keep the organisation and customers updated on all steps taken to resolve the breach.

3.    Communication Plan
Along with electing a strong leader, establishing a communication plan to external parties like the media can help to mitigate negative coverage. Data breaches are increasing in occurrence and major companies have also being targeted (LinkedIn & Electric Ireland).

Responding to these incidents quickly with a detailed action plan has proven to be an effective tactic for organisations to reassure partners and customers that the data breach is being resolved as efficiently as possible. Your organisation should consider drafting statements and other materials to release quickly in light of a data breach.

4.    Waiting for Perfect Information
It may be tempting to wait for the right information from your Incident Response team before taking action against a data breach. However waiting for the right, or “perfect information” can cause delays in meeting certain requirements and communicating to external parties like the media and consumers.

It’s important for your organisation to take action immediately after a breach. Begin executing the first steps in your data breach recovery plan, should your organization have one. It may also be wise to consult with an external partner to get started immediately.

5.    Plan Post Breach
Having a Post Breach Plan of Action is vital to the recovery process. Your organisation should release details on how consumers can contact your organisation to voice their concerns and monitor their financial security, if applicable.

You may also consider investing into additional security measures such as clear out shredding or improved technology to avoid issues in the future. It’s also important to update your internal procedures on managing a data breach, and meeting regularly with your team to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

Our mobile paper shredding service is available and regularly operate throughout all of Limerick and greater Limerick area. For more information on a confidential document destruction service Email us at info@securityinshredding.com 

The Data Protection Commissioner phone no: +353 57 868 4800


LinkedIn Data Breach In 2012 Resurfacing With Username & Password Leak

Phising Most Common Data Breach

At Security In Shredding, digital data shredding along with paper shredding both require the correct forms of protection. Providing you with current information regarding data protection and data security is beneficial for our day to day operation and your business operation.

Back in 2012 LinkedIn accounts suffered from a data breach involving 6.5 million accounts which were then sold on-line through black market sites. Recent events have increased that number to 167 million accounts had their username and password hacked. The account details obtained are available for purchase on-line for approx €2,000

It is difficult to know what this data will be used for and who will use it. From various reports regarding the issue, password strength from accounts was inadequate.

According to the report LinkedIn have sent emails to the effected users but with the number of accounts hacked it is possible that not all user’s have being informed. Weather your account has or has not being hacked there are a number of steps you can follow to see if your account has being compromised.

What Should I Do Now?

If you have an account since 2012 and have NOT changed the password since then. It is highly recommended that you change the password immediately.

If your account is newer than 2012 then it will do no harm to update the password to a new unique one in case of a breach occurring.

Added Steps For Security

Updating your password is recommended and choosing the correct type of password is also very important. Follow these steps when creating a password is recommended;

Unique Passwords: All accounts, software and devices used should contain a different password. Avoid repetition with passwords. It is completely understandable that remembering all your passwords can become cumbersome. Remember the more you use the application the easier it will become to remember the password.

Alpha Numeric Passwords: Data breaches(Hacks) occur because people will and have used passwords such as “123456” and “password” and according to the report there were 1,135,936 LinkedIn members using the password “123456”

Use letters, numbers and special characters in your passwords. This helps create unique passwords.

Length = Strength: Most sites will have a minimum character length for password creation along with number and or special character required (varies from site to site) It is recommended to to have a password 15 – 20 characters long to ensure security.

Intel provide a password checker to test the strength of your password.

2 Step Verification: Most of the widely used sites offer 2 step verification login features. This is achieved by a user entering their username and password. They are then prompted to enter a verification code to enter to continue with the login. The code is sent to a user’s mobile or email (randomly generated code) account depending on preference. This added layer of security ensures that if a breach occurs then your account cannot be logged into without the verification.

Data breaches are now increasing in occurrence due to more and more people using digital devices. It is important that you are aware of these breaches first of all and that you implement correct procedures to ensure data security. Data breaches in the long can be harmful to a companies reputation.

At Security In Shredding our confidential document destruction and data security team are ready to take your call regarding any data security issue or data protection enquiry you have. Email us: info@securityinshredding.com

Purge Your Data & Call On-Site Paper Shredding Service

confidential shredding, clean desk policy

Are you searching for an on – site document destruction shredding security provider in Cork? It has become convenient, efficient and cost effective to hire a document shredder in Cork or nationally throughout the region of Ireland as Security in Shredding is providing its renowned mobile shredding service at your premises. It is a responsive service operated by technical professionals.

Destruction of personal data documents and digital data stored in devices such as hard-drives in front of the client at their location is a truly secure service for every organisation. Paper shredding Cork is one of the service providers with automated and technological advancing shredding machines that are operated by experts.

If you are working in an organization and have sensitive papers and confidential data which is no longer required it increases the risk and has proved to be essential to know what actually may happen to them. Shredding them yourself is also an awkward issue due to many reasons. Some major risks with in-house document shredding are;

  • High dependency on workers for all confidential paper and data destruction
  • Time consuming shredding task for employees which can cause conflict of interests.
  • Essential training is required for employees to maneuver paper shredding systems and establish what data to destroy
  • Lack of knowledge concerning paper shredding and data destruction
  • No accountability, in the case of confidential data breaching
  • No peace of mind regarding appropriate data destruction
  • The given organization is open to negligence in the case of a data breach

The responsive on – site document destruction service of Cork security shredding is serving their clients for the past 10 years and proven to be a leading mobile shredding service in the entire Ireland. The Shredding Company is committed to providing their clients with a prominent service of confidential paper data destruction.

An integrated business waste management usually includes data destruction services of Security in Shredding which includes confidential data destruction like hard disk, CD or DVD, USB drive, casino chips destruction, computer backup data shredding, plastic cards such as ATM cards destruction, and all types of tapes such as reel to reel recording tapes and cassettes shredding.

A professional mobile shredding service is now available in your region on your single call whether you require paper shredding Dublin or confidential shredding Cork. Responsive and expert staff are here to ensure clients receive the highest standard and confidential paper shredding services.

The fully automated shredding technology that Cork security shredding holds provides pioneering paper shredding services in Ireland to all the clients in the region