You May Not Be Warned Of An Online Security Breach

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Data is everywhere and how it is used should be monitored by your data controller and you. Secure document destruction in Ireland is one method of ensuring data security. Data breaches are an ever present issue when it comes to data protection.

Confidential paper shredding is one method our customers use when shredding documents. Another factor is data security and preventing data breaches.

How can they occur?

Data Protection, Paper Shredding, limeirck paper shredding

Physically any document not shredded has the potential of a data breach. This will depend on what data is on the document sensitive or not. Dumpster diving is a risk to your physical data. In the wrong hands sensitive data can cause representational damage to a business or organisation.

Digital data is now more widely used than paper data and protections this data requires a more skilled hand to ensure its protection. Encryption and encrypted devices must be used if storing sensitive data. Data security is strong with most devices today but the methods of obtaining this data get creative.

“Phising” are email scams where the malicious software will mimic a well known and reputable site asking for a user’s details. If the details are obtained, the hacker can use this data for their own intent. There are other methods involved to obtain a person’s data and depending on the site or software’s security measures will determine what hackers can do with this data.

How Will I Know If A Breach Occurs?

The Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has a guide on the steps needed to take if or when a data breach occurs. The DPC guide suggests data controllers inform the individual of the data breach.

What type of data was leaked will determine a data controllers reason to inform an individual of a breach. Fraud, identity theft, public humiliation and or public safety must be informed to the individual if the data lost contains information putting them at risk.

Nonsensitive data if breached does not need to be informed to the DPC. Breaches may occur without your knowledge and it’s up to the data controller to decide whether or not to inform you.

If / When A Breach Occurs

Prevention is always better than cure regarding data breaches. Be aware of where you put your information online. A reputable site will have security measures in place to protect your data. Sites are vulnerable to breaches. It’s the data encryption that ensures that the data obtained cannot be used in a harmful way.

If you suspect your account has been breached then inform the site provider so they can confirm.

Data Security is vital for businesses and organisations to succeed. Inadequate security measures are what cause biggest security breaches. Time is of the essence when a breach occurs. Cancel your card or inform your bank about the breach and the site admins also to prevent further damage.

At Security in Shredding, we offer more than secure document shredding service. Data protection advice and minimising data breaches are very important to us also. For more information please contact one of our team

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DPC Breach Guide:

Data Protection & Data Protection Service

Data protection service AND DATA DESTRUCTION

In today’s world “data is king” and protecting that data is queen. A secure document shredding service provide businesses and organisations with confidentiality and security needed to ensure data is protected. Data breaches can be extremely damaging to your business reputation. Get more details about Secure Data Destruction

What is Data Protection? 

“Data protection is the safeguarding of the privacy rights of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data. The Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 confer rights on individuals as well as responsibilities on those persons processing personal data.”


How can I protect my identity?

  •  Keep your documents such as your driving licence, passport, birth or marriage certificate in a safe, preferably in a lockable cabinet or safe.
  • Regularly request a copy of your personal credit file from your financial institute to see if it includes any credit applications you do not recognise.
  • Change of address. You can register with An Post for Irish resident customers (or equivalent if you live outside of Ireland) redirection service to help prevent identity fraud when you move.
  • Be careful in shared buildings, if others have access to your post. Contact An Post if you think your post is being stolen, or redirected elsewhere without your approval.
  •  Avoid throwing documents away which include your name, address or other personal information. Bills, receipts, statements or even unwanted post in your name can be misused in the wrong hands. Where possible, documents should be securely shredded beyond reconstruction, to minimise the risk of criminals obtaining information.
  • Report the loss of any important documentation immediately – for example your passport or driving licence. Inform the organisation that issued it, and if stolen contact the Gardaí.
  • Check your bills and statements as soon as they arrive. If any unfamiliar transactions are listed, contact the company concerned immediately.

How can I spot identity theft?

  • Your bills and statements do not arrive as expected, or you stop receiving any post at all.
  • An important document has been lost or stolen, for example your passport or driving licence.
  • Transactions you do not recognise start appearing on your statements
  • Bills, invoices or receipts addressed to you start arriving, for goods or services you have not requested.
  • You receive statements in your name, relating to accounts that you have not opened.
  • A loan or credit application is unexpectedly rejected despite having a good credit history; or you apply for welfare benefits and are told you are already claiming when you are not.
  • You are contacted by solicitors or debt collectors for debts that are not yours.

What should I do if I think I am a victim of identity theft? 

  • Act quickly. This will help in ensuring you are not liable for any financial losses caused by criminals using your identity.
  • Identify which documents or personal information may be in the wrong hands.
  • Check that you are in receipt of all expected post. Contact An Post if you have any suspicions.
  • If you believe documents containing details of your identity have been stolen, contact your local Gardaí station to report the theft.
  • Contact the organisation who originally issued the missing document to alert them to the situation.
  • Contact other companies that you have financial packages with, to alert them to the situation.

Useful contact details:

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

Canal House,Station Road,Portarlington,Co. Laois



An Post

O’Connell Street,Dublin 1,Customer Service Team

Tel: 1850575859.


Department of Foreign Affairs

80 St Stephen’s Green,Dublin 2

Tel: (01) 4780822 LoCall: 1890 426 700


Central Bank of Ireland

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Tel: +353 1 224 6000


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Paper Shredding Benefits; Environmental & More

Improve Office Environment Usage

There are many Benefits of Shredding and one reason is the environmental benefit. There are more reasons but in our lives, we use paper extensively in one way or another to record data. Even with the increased use of digital devices paper is still widely used throughout business.

Documents and papers used in companies lose their relevance with time and they are no longer required and one option for getting rid of them is to insert them into general recycling streams. But this is not an effective solution and creates data breach hazards as more and more paper ends up in untrained and unaccountable hands.

The other disadvantage of such an arrangement is that paper and documents used in a company contains highly sensitive information about the clients, customers and the company itself. If manipulative individuals gain access to them from a recycling stream, this can result in company’s secrets getting leaked to its competitors putting its survival at stake. Similarly the confidential customer information may get compromised resulting in identity theft and other damaging outcomes for the customers.

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To avoid such scenarios, documents need to be destructed in a safe and secure manner. A company can achieve this by hiring services of a Paper shredding Ireland Service which will not only destruct documents securely, but will also recycle them. So the company can use them again in the form of sanitary rolls and cardboard packaging.

Confidential Shredding Service; On site & Off Site

A paper shredding service has security screened and trained men, equipment and transport facilities required for the secure destruction of paper. Such a service provides both on site as well as off site destruction facilities. For destroying papers on site, the service would bring its men and equipment to the company’s premises and destroying them there. Its personnel would maintain confidentiality and security of data and information contained in papers strictly as deeds of confidentiality are signed in order to carry out their operations. They have got the latest equipment which can shred vast amount of documents fast, efficiently and beyond reconstruction.

Security In Shredding on site service

Off site data destruction involves moving the documents away from the premises to some other place and destroying them there and recycling it. The paper shredding service would also provide an auditing facility, so the company can remain assured about confidentiality being implemented during the destruction process.

If you as a company owner or representative want your data to be destructed safely, properly and efficiently for protecting your important information contained in the documents, you should hire a reputed and reliable document destruction service.

By getting your paper destructed and recycled from the service you will not only be able to save your costs, but can also protect your company’s reputation as your sensitive data would not be falling into wrong hands.

Please visit our site for more information and contact us if you have any enquiries regarding our confidential shredding service.

Why Company’s Need To Address Improper Document & Data Disposal

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Secure document shredding specialists deal with physical and digital data on a regular bases. How we handle this data is important to ensure confidentially. Confidential shredding and data protection go hand in hand to prevent data breaches occurring.

It is widely known that employees and hackers are biggest cause of data breaches. There have being high profile hacking cases involving employees inappropriately clicking on links that  permits the hackers access to the organisations network and software system.

In order to have an appropriate confidential document and data disposal system in place, you should firstly contact a service provider whom has ample experience in the industry with a 100% clean track record (i.e. an occurrence of zero data breaches). Such a Data Service Provider will be able to answer all your queries and concerns regarding how to implement a secure and efficient document management system – all the way to end of life documents as well as in-house training of staff and policies and procedures. “At the end of the day, you are relying on employees to manage confidential documents in a secure and confidential manner.”


In order for one to have piece of mind, a training programme should be established for the induction and on-going training (in-house) for the organisations employees. When the employees understand the importance of efficient and accurate Data Management and Data Protection Legislation; it minimises the risk of a data breach.

When the data reaches its end of life, it needs to be securely disposed of. This is where a certified professional Data Processor like Security in Shredding provides (at the clients choice) onsite and/or offsite data destruction. A company such as Security in Shredding are specialists in the entire area of Data Management. They have an unblemished record and provide a professional, certified and recognised data destruction services.

In order for an organisation to maximise compliance in the workplace, proper appropriate disposal of information has to be made easily accessible for the employee.

Security in Shredding do not recommend placing a recycling bin in close proximity to a printer of copying machine for example as employees can easily discard the unwanted copies or data into the recycling bin. However, Security in Shredding can implement secure lockable consoles throughout the building in specific locations as requested by the organisation and also in close proximity to the copying or printer machines.

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Data Breach Incidents in Educational Institutions


Shredding companies in Ireland are employed by educational institutions such as colleges and universities. These institutions are considered easy targets because of their open structure and long information retention periods.

Data Breaches have occurred in educational institutions ranging from lost laptops with sensitive information to targeted cyber-attacks and student identification cards. There are lots of other confidential data that is useful to attackers beyond payment data and student records; such as employee records, patient health information and scientific research data. Paper shredding or document shredding will reduce the risk of data breaches

Negative public exposure regarding a breach will have a negative impact on the reputation of the educational institution as well as the enormous knock on effect it would have regarding peoples data. In order to minimise the risk of any size of a data breach a Risk Reduction Strategy must be established.

Security in Shredding recommend a number of methods to include in a Risk Reduction Strategy;

  1. Data Security” has to become “second nature” within the colleges and universities from the top down. A Data Security Informational Event should be organised by the educational institutions to inform in a fun way, the students and employees the importance of data protection and data security. You could look upon this as a form of training – Knowledge is key.
  1. Make students and employees aware of the Data Security Policies and Procedures. Use means such as bulletin board, posters, newsletters etc.
  1. Regular risk assessments should be conduct on an on-going basis to identify where the gaps in information security exist and to establish and provide the solutions.
  1. Physical Security of all sensitive data is very important. Secure restricted authorised access for key personnel is an important measure to take to minimise the number of unauthorised access events.
  1. Maintain a “Clean Desk Policy” and place all sensitive paper records that is no-longer required in the lockable secure console that is provided by the contracted Data Destruction Service Provider such as Security in Shredding.
  1. Implement and utilise IT security tools such as firewalls, encryption, anti-virus software etc. It is important to protect both digital data and hard paper data.
  1. Establish and use a Document Management Process for the tracking of documents, generation, storage and destruction of documents.
  1. Use the professional secure recognised services of a registered data processor whom is an established Full Data Management Service Provider, such as Security in Shredding whom provides a complete secure chain of custody for your data needs.

If you would like to find out more about on site paper shredding and or off site paper shredding, contact Security in Shredding’s Data Consultant Team on 067 24848. They are glad to help.

4 Reasons Why A Paper Shredding Service Is Needed

Security In Shredding on site service

Paper shredding or document shredding is vital for protecting confidential and sensitive information / data. Most of us create and keep files with sensitive data; examples of which are bills, financial statements, marketing plans, employee files, and even delivery packages. Industrial shredding services are used by Government offices, non-commercial organizations, small and large businesses, and private citizens. These document shredding specialists will shred the documents securely beyond recognition.

1. Compliance With The Law

We all have the right to protection of personal information. The Data Protection Commissioner was put in place to enforce the obligations of businesses to protect data. Failure to comply, as there are laws that penalize improper disposal of documents with sensitive and confidential content. Businesses and Organizations that hold personal data but neglect to protect it face financial and legal consequences. Employers for example use paper shredding services to get rid of employee files which are no longer in use.

2. Positive Recycling Habit

Reducing the amount of paper used in an office is a good reduction method, while reduction also ensures that there is less of a chance data breaches from misplaced documents. The paper and documents shredded by a mobile paper shredding service will be put into a compost heap and reused at a later stage. This creates a good recycling method for your business and benefit the environment overall.

Data Protection, Paper Shredding, limeirck paper shredding

3. Preventing Identity Theft

Without shredding or destroying documents before disposing them, Identity theft is a possibility. All it takes is someone to simply look into a bin and grab what they can. With data now widely available is now more of an issue. Any data is far better shredded before disposal, all it takes is one piece of information in the wrong hands for a data breach to occur. These breaches are damaging for a business or organisations reputation.

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4. Eliminating Clutter & Hazards

Papers occupies space and cause clutter and increase the risks of fire. Once a document has served its purpose, offices need to constantly get rid of these papers as part of an organization-wide records management system. A paper shredding policy within an organisation for when to retain and destroy documents will help an employee to take care of the proper disposal and destruction of paper documents. However shredding services are available throughout Ireland and hiring a industrial paper shredding company is more cost effective.

Document shredding is important part of business practice. Mobile paper shredding services are available. Along with an awareness to data breaches and compliance with the law will ensure data security.

Security In Shredding provide high quality secure shredding services. They provide a Confidential Waste Disposal service both on site and off shredding available. If you are in the Limerick area then please visit our Limerick page for more details.

Minutes To Happen & Weeks To Realise; Data Breaches

Phising Most Common Data Breach

At Security In Shredding we ensure that all data processed by us is confidentially and securely destroyed. Data destruction is vital part of business practice. Data security is paramount to us and the success of a business. Preventative methods to improve your data security comes in many forms. IT security is an area that can overlooked due to newer technologies and people not aware of IT pitfalls.

A report from Siliconrepiblic writes about a common data breach method and is important that people are aware of such an attack. Knowing these potential risks is important is today’s high tech world. The article writes:

“Phising” What Is It ?

A Google search will give you the following definition:

“Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.”

Phishing is still the No 1 cause of data breaches and hackers are getting faster at breaking in, but firms are struggling and usually only find out weeks and even months later they have been breached, according to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

According to the report, in 93% of cases it took attackers minutes or less to compromise systems.Meanwhile, it took companies weeks or more to discover that an incident had even occurred.Worse, it was typically customers or law enforcement that sounded the alarm and not the organisation’s security measures.

‘A test we ran last year found that 23% of people that opened a message went on to open the attachment. In our latest report that has increased to 30%’

According to the report, most reasons for breaches are money-related and cyber-attackers are indiscriminate and motivated by greed rather than revenge or some crusade.

Gone Phishing, Gone Data

Laurance Dine, managing principal in charge of investigative response with Verizon, told that phishing is still the chief method hackers use to attack organisations.

The report found that, in 2016, some 63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak, default or stolen passwords. Passwords such as “123456” and or “password” are used more often than you think 39% of breaches originate from victims’ own work areas and 34% from employees’ work vehicles.

Some 70% of data breaches involving insider misuse took months or years to discover.The report also revealed that new technologies like mobile and the internet of things are providing hackers with more ways of breaching an organisation’s systems.The industries most affected by data breaches are the public sector, healthcare and information.

Dine told that the data information was gathered from more than 67 partners worldwide and involved the analysis of 2,260 confirmed data breaches.

“There is still a serious information deficit when it comes to attacks. Attackers are getting into environments in minutes or days and it could be months and years down the line before anyone is aware of it and they usually hear it from law enforcement.

“Phishing is still the principal method of attack. A test we ran last year found that 23% of people that opened a message went on to open the attachment. In our latest report that has increased to 30%.”

“But if you are after the low-hanging fruit, the No 1 motivation for data breaches is still financial. Any data worth any value is a target.”

Read Siliconrepublic full article here:

At Security In Shredding we strive to ensure that all documents and its data is processed securely destroyed on site or off site. Confidential shredding services are available throughout Ireland and we regularly operate in the Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork areas. Please visit:


Top 5 Workplace Security Tips

secure data, workplace security

Workplace Security does not just mean a simple office shredder. Data Protection comes in many forms and is worth knowing these methods.

Data Protection is an important part of business practice. Paper shredders are often used to shred confidential documents. Your standard office shredder does not provide adequate security when shredding. An Industrial paper shredding service will provide a secure document destruction method for your business to use.

Along with paper shredding, there are many other forms of security you and your business can incorporate into everyday practice. We live in an age where data breaches are becoming more and more common which makes protecting this data ever more important. Digital data is now an area of protection and is often overlooked. These over sights is what cyber criminals will prey on and thus a Data Breach will occur causing severe damage to your business reputation.


Tip 1: Outsource your secure and confidential document destruction requirements to a certified professional Data Processor whom is reputable and reliable.

Tip 2: Enquire with your current data destruction provider about their e-media services. Hard drives and other types of media should either be shredded or crushed to ensure all the electronic data is securely destroyed and beyond reconstruction. If your service provider does not provide same, contact a member of our team whom are more than happy to help with your enquiry.

Tip 3: Choose a Service Provider that uses secure certified document destruction technologies, lockable consoles and/or locked 240 Litre wheelie bins, issue Data Processing Certificates and operate with a secure chain of custody.

Tip 4: Appoint a Data Compliance Officer in your Organisation whom is responsible for ensuring compliance regarding the correct management of both paper data and digital data within an organisation.

Tip 5: Conduct regular staff refresher training days regarding the importance of information security and the processes associated with same. Have training material prepared and on hand for induction training when new employees begin.


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The Disadvantages of Office Shredders

Paper Shredding

Data Breaches and Data Security go hand in hand and a incorporating a confidential shredding service will benefit you and your business significantly.

As a result of people becoming increasingly aware and vigilant of their confidential data and conscious of what readable files are disposed off in their bins, small office shredders are consequently on the rise. Many offices have an office shredder tucked in the corner or next to the printer; but in reality these small devices are putting your employees at risk, draining your time, compromising your security and also shredding your money so to speak.

Whereas if you outsource the destruction of your documents to a certified data destruction professional you are eliminating the length of time an employee has to spend feeding the small office shredder, eliminating a data breach, managing your end of life documents efficiently and appropriately reducing the amount of down time an employee spends in the working day.

Is an office shredder safe?

An office shredder is no shortage of blades, cutting knives and teeth moving at a few thousand RPM and it is usually placed in an easy to access area for people to use it. An office shredder cannot tell the difference between a paper and other items, such as:

  • Stray clothing e.g. ties, blouses/ shirts
  • Jewellery
  • Long sleeves
  • Fingers
  • Hair

People don’t realise that if a piece of paper gets stuck in a shredder; most people go to the power point to turn it off. What if it is battery powered? Would you know the shredder was completely powered off?

It’s easy to see how with no training, such a simple device can be a danger to a first-time user.

Time Consuming

The typical office shredder will boast a shredding power of between 3-5 sheets at a time, sounds acceptable but if one is shredding a 30, 50 or 100 page document will soon become a wearisome and time consuming task. Office shredder Manuals will have illustrated  that staples, paper clips or other tough bindings must be removed prior to shredding. Taking these out one by one and checking through pages and pages of paper for stray staples or clips is more time consuming than one might think.


Why shred the documents you might ask?; The primary reason for shredding your documents should be to maintain confidentiality and security and ensure zero data breaches occur. Many standard budget shredders will cut paper into roughly 40-50 strips, which may seem like a lot, but it wouldn’t take a smart and determined criminal too long to re-assemble 50 strips of an A4 piece of paper and restore it to a legible condition.

Therefore by employing a registered Data Processor whom is a certified shredding service professional to complete all your data destruction requirements; will not only free up employee time but eliminate risk of a data breach and maintain the high level confidentiality that you require.


It’s difficult to put a cost figure on the security of your information, which is why a professional, efficient and secure shredding service is always advised. The actual cost of an office shredder may initially appear as a cheap investment in comparison to the cost of the services of a certified, registered shredding service provider but from employing a Data destruction service provider you will have little or no employee down-time, guaranteed destruction of documents and 100% total piece of mind.

The shredding service provider removes the shredded paper material from the clients location and transports the shredded material to the licensed waste recycling facility and off-loads the material as part of the cost.

If you’re thinking of making the change from an office shredder to a registered, certified, professional data destruction service provider, you can contact us for our professional advice and affordable prices.

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10 Steps To Prevent Data Breach regarding Cyber Security

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Paper Shredding Services are an important part of business practice. A reputable onsite shredding service can be incorporated for business Data Protection.

Cyber Security comes in many forms and one method which is targeted regularly are credit cards. Criminals will try anything into tricking people to obtain credit card numbers. There are a number of preventative methods you can use to protect your details. Below is a list of steps to look out for to improve your data security:

  1. Don’t be tricked into giving away confidential information;  make sure you do not respond to emails or phone calls requesting confidential information. Report any suspicious activity to IT and/or your manager.
  2. Don’t use an unprotected computer; ensure to use a computer that has latest approved security software prior to viewing and company information (particularly if you are viewing the material from an internet café or shared computer)
  3. Don’t leave sensitive information on your desk; Keep them safe by locking them in a drawer or have them destroyed – shredded securely using a registered Data Processor.
  4. Lock your computer and mobile phone when not in use; Keeps your data and contacts safe from prying eyes.
  5. Stay Alert and report suspicious activity; In case something goes wrong and the sooner you report the issue the faster it can be dealt with.
  6. Password-protect sensitive files and devices; Protecting your devices with strong passwords means you make it incredibly difficult to break in and steal data.
  7. Always use hard-to-guess passwords; Make sure to use complex passwords not just 12345 or abcdef but “G$4s1KoOl” for example. (It is used more often than you think.)
  8. Be cautious of suspicious emails and links; don’t let curiosity get the best of you. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  9. Don’t plug in personal devices without the OK from IT; Personal devices can be compromised with code waiting to launch as soon as you plug them into the computer.
  10. Don’t install unauthorised programs on your work computer; If you like an application and think it would be useful, contact IT to look into it for you before installing.

By following the Do’s and Don’ts mentioned above you will greatly reduce the risk of a cyber attack.

Security in shredding offers this type of security and more. please visit our website for more information: