Looking For A Confidential Shredding Service In Galway or Limerick

Security in Shredding Confidential Paper Shredding

Do you have personal or sensitive data stored on paper or stored alternatively. A confidential shredding specialist, are available for hire to handle and destroy any and all your documents. Shredding your documents ensures that you and your business or organisation is complying with data protection laws.

Shredding Confidential Paper?

At Security in Shredding we destroy an wide range of products and not just paper documents. Our confidential document destruction service is available for On Site Shredding. Our specialised truck can call out to your place of operation and perform the necessary shredding while you or a trusted member can witness the destruction process.

This is not necessary but it gives a piece of mind knowing your document are destroyed confidentially.

Our on site shredding service is available for Scheduled call outs or for a single large scale shredding (purge clear out shredding) of documents. We also provide off site shredding services. This is also done with a scheduled or call out bag collection.

We provide lockable sealed bag to store your unwanted documents and also provide console to store the bags. Maintaining data security is paramount to us and our trained staff will transfer the bags into secure vans and shred the documents at our base of operation.

Once complete you will receive a certificate of destruction.

document shredding

What Can Be Shredded?

Clutter can easily get the better of us and removing this clutter can be daunting. At Security In Shredding our customers often ask what can be shredded, such as:

  • “lever arch files”
  • “Old/ archived files”
  • “Space clearing”

These are but a few but any file containing personal information, record files and client information files whatever the format should be shredded securely. A detailed list of What To Shred can be viewed from our site.

Nationwide Service

Our confidential document shredding service is available throughout Ireland and we regularly operate in Limerick, Galway and the Midlands. Our On Site shredding and collection services operate with security and confidentiality in mind.

Not only for the benefit of your company, maintaining data security and data protection must be incorporated throughout business practice. You are required by law to ensure your data is protected adequately.

For more information or have any enquires about our industrial paper shredding;

Email us at: info@securityinshredding.com