What To Shred

What to Shred

At Security in Shredding we provide a vast range of shredding services in order to cater and satisfy all of our client’s confidential data destruction needs. Below is a list of Confidential Paper Documents that all organisations are required to confidentially shred.


Personal InformationRecords & File InformationFiles & Client Information
Telephone Information Organisation Research Receipt Information
Driver License Details Organisation Charts Invoice Details
Passport Details Organisation Strategies Pricing Details
Education Details Personnel Files Service Delivery Details
Credit Card Details Payroll Information Inventory Details
Bank Account Details Marketing Information Quotation Information
Contact Addresses Audit Details Proposal Information
Personal Security Numbers Bank Statement Information Business Plan
Insurance Details Tax Information Client Correspondents
Employment Details Contract information Photographs
Training Information Medical Information X-Ray Details
Client Information Communication Information Presentation Details
Internal Meeting Details Fax Machine Ribbons Research & Development
Disciplinary Details Electronic Storage Media Computer Records
Internal Feedback Details Contract Mgt Information Outdated Credit Cards
Performance Appraisals Strategic Reports New Product/Service Info
Treatment Programs Budgets Executive Correspondence
Supplier Information Legal Contracts Obsolete Brochures & Files



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We will then answer any queries that you may have in relation to this confidential destruction system. If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us at any of the provided contact details or using the enquiry form.