4 Steps to Avoid Mistakes in Physical Data Management

Recently we have been discussing in detail the risks associated with digital devices and cyber security however physical documentation needs to be secure too and there are some measures you can put in place to ensure this is paramount.


1.      Index your files

The majority of the files that your business will gather over time may never even be used or accessed after a certain length of time. Having an indexing system in place will allow you to keep track of each and every document, when they are received and what purpose they serve for the company. It will be convenient for finding and accessing documents efficiently.

2.      Retention & Disposal Schedules

Included with your indexing system you can schedule each documents lifespan. The recommended maximum time to keep most documentation is seven years however this will depend on the individual document. Therefore, when you index each file add an end date. It will allow you to quickly find anything you need. It will also assist you in removing the clutter of documents you no longer need and keep you compliant with the ‘EU General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR)

3.      Storage

Use document storage boxes which are secure and locked. Taking all of these precautions and then having a filing cabinet which is open and accessible to anyone and everyone will just undermine any security measures you have put in place.

4.      Shredding

Last but not least is your method of destruction once your documents have reached their use by date. You will need to decide what kind of service best suits you; onsite shredding or offsite shredding. Having your secure paper shredding service scheduled regularly can be convenient. Just contact us and we can discuss what option would suit you best.

Shredded Paper

Getting Ready for 2020

2020 is fast approaching. Rather than leaving things to the last minute, now is the time to begin your end of year clear-out. What needs to be shredded and what needs to be kept in storage? As a general rule, older archives past the 7-year date mark should be destroyed. This whole process can be overwhelming and time consuming however in order to keep the procedure as time efficient and simple as possible there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Office Documents in Boxes
  • What is the type of data?
  • Why do you have it? Do you really need it? Is it easy to get that information again if you need it down the line?
  • Where is it kept? Is it kept in filing cabinets? Or is it digitally saved?
  • When was it acquired? Has it been over 7 years ago? Is it time to remove it from your records?
  • Who has access to it?
Organised documents

Answering these questions should provide you with the necessary solutions you need in order to keep compliant with the GDPR. When asking yourself these questions it is important to consider all forms of data; confidential paper, hard-drives and media devices, or branded products such as business cards or uniforms etc. Once all this is organised it is time to contact your trusted shredding company who can provide you with options for the certified destruction of your data.

The sooner you begin; the sooner you are ready for the new year.

Cyber Security – What can you do?

As important as ensuring your physical data is kept secure through a paper shredding service, digital data security needs to be managed. Everything in today’s world is online from business to leisure. Most of our days are spent connected to some network or another, in front of one screen or another. Data is our most valuable resource. For a business data is customer information which needs to be protected. Why would anyone choose to frequent a business or establishment that has zero ability to keep their information safe and secure? There are a number of things that can be done in order to ensure that this is achieved. Some may seem obvious and simple but may be the difference between success and failure.

1.      Firewall & Virus Protection

Always have a strong firewall and virus protection on your computers and devices that connect to the internet. A hacker is a person who uses computing devices to gain unauthorised access to data. If a hacker breaks through any defences you have, they not only will have access to what you do or say online but also to every file on your PC and every keystroke you make.

2.      Strong Passwords

Passwords should not be obvious and the best passwords are random letters and symbols. They shouldn’t be written down anywhere. It is also recommended to use a different password for every account or device you use. However, remembering all these random letters and symbols can be impossible for most people, password managers are useful in this situation. They pose their own risks too however.

3.      Avoid Public Wi-Fi

If at all possible do not use public Wi-Fi. It is not secure enough. When out and about its best to have Wi-Fi switched off on your phone, some phones scan for Wi-Fi networks even when it seems to be switched off so make sure your settings are all correct. However, bringing your laptop to Starbucks and conducting business can be comfortable and convenient on the go. If you really must use public Wi-Fi try to find a good VPN. A VPN will allow you to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if you are directly connected to your private network.

4.      Share less on Social Media

Sharing personal information on social media is a sometimes overlooked method of staying secure. While you may not post things such as your home address or personal email address, depending on your settings you may be revealing all of this information without even realising. Check your settings on whatever platform you use and make sure all your privacy settings are up to the standard you require.

5.      Hard-Drive and Media Destruction

Even when you have deleted a file or an app on your phone or PC that information still exists. Hard drives are recoverable even when they have been completely wiped. When you are destroying data devices formatting them just won’t cut it. Old and unused data devices should be destroyed through a hard-drive shredding service. Security in Shredding provide a nationwide Hard-Drive shredding service. This will cover the destruction of most media devices; phones, hard-drives, USB sticks, CD’s, floppy discs etc. Just throwing these out as they are will make you vulnerable.

Why I need to Shred – Shredding Company or In-House?

Why do I need to Shred Data?

On the 25th May 2018 a new law came into play, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affecting businesses of all shapes and sizes.

All business, Irish Business or International generate and process data through their operations. This data has to be created, managed and destroyed (i.e. Through a Paper Shredding Service, In-house Shredding and/or Hard-Drive Shredding Service).

The GDPR splits data mainly into two categories;

Personal Data (i.e. information which can directly connect to or identify a living person such as; name, phone number, medical history etc.)

Special Category Personal Data (i.e. personal data in relation to; ethnicity, political/philosophical opinions/beliefs, religion, mental health, criminal records etc.)

Each of the above categories have specific requirements when processing such information. This means it is important to know what category you are processing.

Enforcement Authority

Each EU state has an independent public authority accountable for enforcing the implementation of this regulation. This is the Data Protection Commission in Ireland.

The GDPR harmonized the rules to how data is to be managed in order to protect individuals. The management includes, the gathering/creation of the data through to the final destruction/disposal of the data through a paper shredding service or IT Asset Disposal Service.

Paper Shredding, Data Management, GDPR, Onsite Shredding Service, Shredding Service

There are serious implications that can occur if a business does not follow the GDPR requirements. It may be a warning or  a large penalty of at least 4% of your annual global turnover or €20 million – whichever is higher. Compliance is essential.

Shredding Service Industry Associations

There are many associations across the world for Shredding Companies to become a member. This provides peace of mind for individuals as the Association can apply guidelines for their members to be compliant with International Legislation.

Length of Time Storing Data Prior to Secure Shredding / Data Erasure

Information must be kept for as little time as possible. It is important to take into account why your company needs to store this data; is there a legal obligation? A system should be put in place with time limits/reviews and updates to out of date information/data.

To summarise, you need to shred/destroy out of date records/files/documents because it is the law. In order to be fully compliant it is invaluable to use a quality certified destruction service that will not only ensure all data is eradicated but will also provide compliance certification for your records. This will be invaluable when proving that your company/business is fulfilling their obligation to the GDPR.

The law is reason enough to shred on its own but how do businesses know what service best suits them? In our upcoming blog posts I will be discussing different types of shredding, what makes the shredding company you choose legally compliant and if onsite or offsite shredding would work best for you?

For Further info – please contact the team at Security in Shredding info@securityinshredding.com

Benefits of Hard Drive Destruction  

Small and large businesses, medical offices, government agencies, and many other organisations have one thing in common, they all use computers on an everyday basis sharing, creating, storing, and emailing sensitive information. As technology expands, electronic data keeping is drastically increasing. There is so much information being passed around online and saved on hard drives, you need to be confident that your data is safe and there is no chance for exposure. If you have been in business for a long time, the key to success is keeping up with the technology. If equipment comes into damage then you may need to replace it, therefore you are going to have hard drives lying around which is never a good thing. Secure hard drive disposal should be your priority. While it may seem more cost-effective to get rid of the hard drive yourself by throwing it away, you can then at risk of confidential data been retrieved and used, therefore it is crucial it is destructed of the right way. Throwing it does not provide protection to your employees, your clients, and your company. The most secure method of hard drive destruction is hiring a professional company who specialises in the right destruction of electronic data storage media.
Read on to find out the many benefits of Hard Drive Destruction:

Peace of Mind 

The appropriate destruction of your sensitive information can give you peace of mind that it is disposed of the right way. You will not have to worry about been high risk for costly data breaches. For the ultimate peace of mind Hire the best, reliable, trusted, and quality company to destroy your hard drives efficiently. There is no way a breach can occur so protect your business at all times.

Follows the compliance legislation

It is imperative that you dispose of sensitive data the right way due to the privacy legislation like FACTA and HIPAA. Hard drive destruction is under these legislations. By following these legislations your company will remain in compliance with privacy laws.

It frees up office space 

Keeping and storing old hard drives in your office can take up a lot of valuable space. Free up office space quickly and save a lot of time by hiring a professional hard drive destruction company to do the job for you quickly and safely.

All data is fully removed 

Data is easily retrievable from erased hard drives, somewhat damaged hard drives, and even thrown away ones. Physical destruction of a hard drive is the only way to securely destroy and make data never to be recovered. It is highly vital that this procedure is completed correctly by a professional company.

Why choose Security in Shredding for your Hard Drive Destruction? 

  • We can dispose and destroy your old hard drive in a professional and compliant manner.
  • Our hard drive destruction methods will ensure complete peace of mind that your data and privacy information is completely destroyed and not retrievable.
  • We record all items that are destructed and all clients will receive a detailed report for full traceability of their hard drive.
  • We can take the pressure off your shoulders and do the job hassle free for you.
  •  Our destruction services are carried out by trained and fully qualified specialists that you can rely on.
  • Our professionalism and expertise are second to none.
  • All our services are in compliance with the hazardous and the WEEE directive waste regulations.
  • Security and safety of your belongings is our number one priority.

Electronic Waste Recycling Information

Electronic Waste Recycling is also known as E-Waste and it is growing in popularity. Many people are looking for ways to recycle their electronics and unwanted equipment in a responsible way. A lot of consumer items today all contain an electrical part such as Mobile phones, computers, televisions, and much more. WEEE is electronic and electrical equipment that is unwanted or broken. WEEE is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Any appliance that is not recycled properly can cause damage to the environment. Nearly all electronic waste can be recycled of but some still find their way to the landfills.

In this blog, I am discussing why Electronic Waste Recycling is important

What is Electronic Waste Recycling

E-Waste is any electrical item that can be recycled or refurbished. Some of which include Televisions, Mobile Phones, Hairdryers, Washing Machines, etc. A lot of e-waste contains toxic substances and are harmful to the environment but some also contain materials that could be useful. Learn more about the benefits of electronic waste recycling.

Why is Electronic Waste Recycling so important? 

Rich source of Raw Materials 

Internationally, only 10-15% of the gold that is found in materials is recovered while the rest is lost and thrown away. The metal deposits contained in electronic waste is known to be 40-50 times richer than the metal that is mined from the earth.

Electronic waste contains Toxic Materials 

Electronic devices contain toxic materials such as cadmium, mercury, lead, and chromium. If these substances are released into the environment they can become harmful. It is important that they are recycled the right way. A lot of the waste also contains toxic chemical flame retardants and some heavy metals.

It saves Landfill Space

If you dispose of your e-waste at a landfill site, millions of materials are wasted that could be recovered and reused. Space at landfills is becoming scarce and it is not appropriate to dispose of e-waste. It should be recycled the right way. E-waste can be seriously harmful to the environment if put into landfills.

It can help create jobs and employment 

Proper E-waste management can generate employment and job creation. There is a demand for workers to carry out this type of work. Recycling management companies dealing with recycling and e-waste will seek workers for this type of job, in turn, generating employment.

It is Energy Efficient 

E-waste recycling contributes to energy efficiency. The energy cost of e recycling is lower than the actual cost of the processing of new materials from mining and soil. E.G. The recycling of aluminum compared to the fresh aluminum from raw materials takes up to 95% less energy. The recycling of glass can save up to 40%, steel saves up to 60%, and plastics up to 70% energy. It can also contribute to the reduced air pollution, dependence on oil, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Disposing of E-Waste properly by recycling will not only reduce the harmful effects to the environment but it is the eco-friendly way.

 Recycle IT Information

Recycle IT is a secure and simple process that takes away the problems that you may face with old IT equipment. When it comes to the disposal and recycling of IT is has never been easier to do so. All IT equipment and electrical products include Desktops computers, Laptops, Hard Drives, mobile phones, scanners, fax machines, shredders, and so much more. All these items can be recycled no matter what make or how old they are. It is important that all IT equipment doesn’t end up in the landfill. By recycling properly, it prevents your information from falling into the wrong hands and will ensure that you are operating the right way in the eyes of the law. A lot of IT devices such as monitors, mobile phones, computers, etc contain materials and these can be harmful to the environment if not recycled properly. If you dispose of hard drives or computers incorrectly it will leave an organisation open to data breaches. It is important to use a reputable recycling firm that are specialists in IT recycling.

Why choose Security in Shredding for their Recycle IT Services? 

• Excellent Service 

They can ensure that all our client’s requirements are met by providing an efficient and professional service every time.

• They Provide WEEE Recycling Services 

Any WEEE materials are recycled through WEELABEX approved vendors in line with legislation. Through these approved vendors all remaining IT equipment is broken down to their base and sent for recycling.

• Their staff are experts 

All their staff are friendly, trained, and security screening with a 10-year history. They can offer you any advice and answer any questions that you may have for them.

• They save you money and Time 

They provide IT Recycling services across the nation. They will always do their best to offer the best deals where possible. Recycling with a professional company will save you a lot of time and hassle.

They offer a Hassle-Free Service 

You can contact the company without any hassle and arrange a collection appointment for your Recycling to be disposed of. They will ensure a hassle-free service every time.

You are guaranteed peace of mind 

Security in Shredding offers innovative and modern solutions in IT Recycling to the public and private sector organisations. The company provides reliable, flexible, and value for money to all customers in an ethical and sustainable manner. With Security in Shredding you never have to worry about your old IT Equipment as it is in the safest hands. Their main goal is in the best interests of the customers so that they know they will always benefit from their knowledge and experience.

We Recycle our waste  

They have a motto where there is limited use of landfill sites. They continuously strive for 100% of any IT equipment to be recycled properly and the right way. It is so important to them that all customers data and information is destroyed the right way to ensure any data isn’t known to anybody else. Security in Shredding is the number one company in Ireland for Recycle IT

The Benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling

The disposal of Electronic Waste has become a serious problem for our health issues and the environment. This is due to more and more electronic items been thrown out after usage into the dustbin and not been recycled properly. This can lead to toxins pollution, as the electronic items break down and release heavy metals, flame retardants, and other chemicals into the soil and water. Electronic waste recycling is a practical solution to abolish the damaging effects of electronic disposal.A lot of electronics are made up of various materials such as metals, which are recyclable. Just by dismantling all your old electronic items such as phones, computers, televisions, etc, and recycle the various materials in them this will promote the conservation of undamaged natural resources.
In general, E-waste faces incineration or finds a place in landfills and both these increase serious health problems and environmental issues. Just by reusing and recycling the components of an electronic item it is a practical resolution to help solve the problems with E-waste. A study has shown recycling electronic waste can produce 10-15% of gold from circuit boards, peripherals, and old computers. The metals that are retrieved in e-waste are 40-50% more valuable than the metals mined. The best way and the only solution to help our health and the eco-system is by recycling.

The following are some of the benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling: 

·        Recycling conserves the Natural Resources 


Recycling can recover valuable materials from older electronics that can be removed and used again to help in the production of newer items. The materials include plastics, gold, aluminium, and iron. Several metals can be used again and recycled from glass and plastics found in computer monitors and TV’s, and computer circuit boards. Because of recycling, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, save natural resources by extracting the materials from the earth, and reduce pollution.


  • E-Waste Recycling helps protect the environment and our health

Electronics contain a lot of hazardous materials like lead, mercury, chemical flame retardants, chromium, and beryllium which are harmful to the environment, our water, soil, and our health if they are not recycled properly. By doing this it provides proper handling and management of these toxic chemical substances. A study has shown that it is a contribution to removing 8 major categories of water pollutants and 10 main categories of air pollutants. Always recycle do not dump in landfills.


  • E-waste recycling contributes to Energy Efficiency 

A big advantage of E-waste management is the reduction of energy requirements. The energy cost of E recycling is a lot lower than the cost involved in the processing of new materials from soil and mining. An example of this is, if you recycle aluminium it will take 95% less energy than the production of fresh aluminium from raw materials. The recycling of plastics can save up to 70% energy, glass can save up to 40%, and steel can save up to 60% energy. It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and dependence of oil.


  • Helps create employment jobs locally 

Recycling can play an important part in employment creation. It can create new jobs for professional recyclers and create a second market for recycled materials. There is a demand for workers to carry out this type of work. Any firms who are dealing with the electronics will set up and the existing ones will look for employees, therefore, creating jobs.


  • It helps support the community 

By contributing or donating the electronics that you do not need anymore, this will play a very important role in providing new refurbished products such as mobile phones and televisions which is a great help for not for profit organisations, low-income families, and schools. It also helps people gain access to technology that may not be able to afford.


  • It can help save landfills 

By E recycling it will save unnecessary dumps and landfills. Recycling old electronics will save some space for more domestic waste and provide other environmental benefits. By reducing space that is needed for landfill purposes, you can ensure that these areas are used for housing or agriculture purposes.
Electronic waste can be a serious threat if it not handled properly. Consider all the benefits it has and how important it is to recycle properly. Recycling and reusing is the appropriate solution and all organisations and individuals should support this. By recycling, we save a lot of valuable natural resources and a lot of energy.

Benefits of Paper Shredding for your Business in Limerick

There are so many factors to consider when running a business whether small or large, it doesn’t matter the type of business you have, ensuring that the data you collect and the information that you use is secure and safe. Running a business on a day to day basis disposing of confidential documents quickly and securely is essential for modern businesses. Every business has undoubtedly many documents and papers with private information that needs to be kept private and not land into the wrong hands. Paper shredding is important and is an essential service for protecting your business from fraud, theft, and data loss. It also protects the privacy of your employees and clients. While we know that paper shredding can be done by ourselves it really is not the best of options. Here I am going to outline the many benefits paper shredding can bring to your business in Limerick:

  • It is Convenient

Paper shredding services are the most convenient way of shredding all your paper waste and documents. Buying yourself your own paper shredder is costly because you must invest in specialised equipment. It is also time-consuming as you will have to set aside time for all work. With the paper shredding services, you won’t have to do this, simply let the shredding company deal with all your belongings and not pay a small fortune.

  • It is kinder to the environment

It is important for every business to be more environmentally friendly. Recycle as much as you can and reduce the size of your carbon footprint. If you burn your waste this is not being friendly to your environment. Shredding your paper is friendlier to your environment. Once it has all been shredded, it can then be brought to your closet Limerick recycling centre where it will then be recycled once again.

  • Increases the productivity

Paper shredding can take time if you are doing it yourself, time that could be spent in others way for generating revenue for your company. Rather than paying your employees to take their much-needed time in shredding paper through a paper shredding machine that cost you money, consider hiring an outside shredding company to do the job for you. By doing this, your document and all private information will be disposed of properly and your employees can continue to work toward your company goals.

  • Paper shredding services are an investment and are Affordable

A lot of people assume that paper shredding services with shredding companies is not worth the investment and are costly, this is not the case. It is designed to protect and increase your security and make theft much less likely to happen. A lot of rates are highly competitive and very reasonable. This means you can save money in the long run by taking the advantage of having the mobile shredding service available to you whenever you need it.

  • Provides Security for Your Employees

As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure the security as well as the safety of your employees. Employing a person in your company you are collecting a large number of details about them, so this means you will have a lot of data to dispose of if this is needed. Mobile paper shredding companies will dispose of account data, employment data, and any other form of information you may hold on your employees. If your employee data got stolen by any chance, this could affect your business and reputation.

  • Provides Security for your Business

Your business also needs protecting. If any information on your business got stolen, this means your company reputation will become affected. Many people will not want to work for you and look elsewhere. All mobile paper shredding will securely destroy all documentation belonging to you, so no harm will come to your business and the privacy of your company is always protected. There is even more emphasis on this type of service due to new GDPR regulations  brought in this year.

  • Recycling is increased

Paper shredding services are well-diverse in shredding and recycling of confidential information and can do both without any risk to your company. If you recycle the paper it keeps it from going to the landfill sites. Recycling paper after destruction is one way of protecting the eco-system. The more paper is shredded and recycled, the fewer trees will need to be cut down. Paper can be recycled between 5 and 7 times and the more we recycle the better it is for the trees.

By outsourcing your paper shredding services, you can rest assured that your business information is being disposed of properly, your recycling won’t put your business at risk and that your business is up to production standards. If you are not using a shredding company, then start now! It can save you money in the long term.

Confidential Shredding Services Benefit Irish Business

How Confidential Shredding Services Benefit Irish Business

Confidential shredding is a must for protecting the security of confidential data no longer required within a business. It also reduces liability and increases productivity for Irish Business. When outsourcing your confidential data shredding requirements, you are also protecting your business reputation, saving money and achieving peace of mind in the long run.
Are you a Limerick Company, Galway Company or any business across Ireland for that matter and wondering if you should pay for a certified shredding company to manage your end of life data? Thinking, is there really any benefit to using a shredding company to dispose of your confidential data. I have construscted a short list below providing some benefits for a confidential shredding services for Irish business, let have look:

Safeguarding your reputation

Your business reputation and customer loyalty are your most valuable asset. If your confidential data is not destroyed of in safe and secure manner, it could fall into the wrong hands—compromising the trust built up over time with clients and employees. A data breach is headline news and the fines have the potential to cripple a business.
Securing the services of a professional and reputable shredding company with security screened staff, proven procedures and an auditable paper trail guarantees secured destruction of confidential documents onsite as well as offsite. Offsite document shredding carries the ‘Same Day Shred’ policy this gives the client the satisfaction that their confidential data is destroyed the same day. Certificates of Destruction provided by the shredding company ensures full compliance and traceability of their data in order to satisfy the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cost Saving

Does your company currently shred in house? Have you ever audited the cost to your business from this practice in addition to the risks associated with such a practice? Could your staff’s time be better spent?
If you shred your confidential documents in-house, you are at the end of the day, paying your employees to feed documents into a shredder instead of generating revenue for your business. In addition to the overhead cost, you are entrusting all staff to securely destroy confidential paper data in line with Legislation and also lack an auditable paper trail. Hiring a confidential shredding company enables your staff to be more productive with their time and provides your organization with higher levels of security and compliance. Locked consoles take the place of your electricity-hogging shredding machines preventing unauthorized access to your confidential information. The destruction process is handled for you, enabling enhanced productivity for your staff.

Ensuring recycling

Recycling your paper contributes to a healthier environment. But if document destruction is undertaken in house with an office shredder, the shred size may be too big to enter general recycling and/or material may enter recycling without being shredded at all due to distraction and mistakes from by staff. IN this situation a data breach may occur and if this occurs your business may be forced to shut down due to the knock-on effects of the negative publicity. Without conceding on confidentiality professional paper shredding services combines recycling into the process in line with The European Waste Hierarchy. An outsourced shredding company ensures your confidential shredding is protected at all times.
After you research further into each of the benefits of professional document destruction, you’ll want it for your business. Whether you are a Limerick Business, Galway Business, Dublin Business, Cork Business and/or an International Business, securely dispose of waste paper data and you will be protecting your business future.
If you wish to receive any further information on Confidential data destruction or secure digital data destruction, please contact the Team at Security in Shredding!!