The Benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling

The disposal of Electronic Waste has become a serious problem for our health issues and the environment. This is due to more and more electronic items been thrown out after usage into the dustbin and not been recycled properly. This can lead to toxins pollution, as the electronic items break down and release heavy metals, flame retardants, and other chemicals into the soil and water. Electronic waste recycling is a practical solution to abolish the damaging effects of electronic disposal.A lot of electronics are made up of various materials such as metals, which are recyclable. Just by dismantling all your old electronic items such as phones, computers, televisions, etc, and recycle the various materials in them this will promote the conservation of undamaged natural resources.
In general, E-waste faces incineration or finds a place in landfills and both these increase serious health problems and environmental issues. Just by reusing and recycling the components of an electronic item it is a practical resolution to help solve the problems with E-waste. A study has shown recycling electronic waste can produce 10-15% of gold from circuit boards, peripherals, and old computers. The metals that are retrieved in e-waste are 40-50% more valuable than the metals mined. The best way and the only solution to help our health and the eco-system is by recycling.

The following are some of the benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling: 

·        Recycling conserves the Natural Resources 


Recycling can recover valuable materials from older electronics that can be removed and used again to help in the production of newer items. The materials include plastics, gold, aluminium, and iron. Several metals can be used again and recycled from glass and plastics found in computer monitors and TV’s, and computer circuit boards. Because of recycling, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, save natural resources by extracting the materials from the earth, and reduce pollution.


  • E-Waste Recycling helps protect the environment and our health

Electronics contain a lot of hazardous materials like lead, mercury, chemical flame retardants, chromium, and beryllium which are harmful to the environment, our water, soil, and our health if they are not recycled properly. By doing this it provides proper handling and management of these toxic chemical substances. A study has shown that it is a contribution to removing 8 major categories of water pollutants and 10 main categories of air pollutants. Always recycle do not dump in landfills.


  • E-waste recycling contributes to Energy Efficiency 

A big advantage of E-waste management is the reduction of energy requirements. The energy cost of E recycling is a lot lower than the cost involved in the processing of new materials from soil and mining. An example of this is, if you recycle aluminium it will take 95% less energy than the production of fresh aluminium from raw materials. The recycling of plastics can save up to 70% energy, glass can save up to 40%, and steel can save up to 60% energy. It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and dependence of oil.


  • Helps create employment jobs locally 

Recycling can play an important part in employment creation. It can create new jobs for professional recyclers and create a second market for recycled materials. There is a demand for workers to carry out this type of work. Any firms who are dealing with the electronics will set up and the existing ones will look for employees, therefore, creating jobs.


  • It helps support the community 

By contributing or donating the electronics that you do not need anymore, this will play a very important role in providing new refurbished products such as mobile phones and televisions which is a great help for not for profit organisations, low-income families, and schools. It also helps people gain access to technology that may not be able to afford.


  • It can help save landfills 

By E recycling it will save unnecessary dumps and landfills. Recycling old electronics will save some space for more domestic waste and provide other environmental benefits. By reducing space that is needed for landfill purposes, you can ensure that these areas are used for housing or agriculture purposes.
Electronic waste can be a serious threat if it not handled properly. Consider all the benefits it has and how important it is to recycle properly. Recycling and reusing is the appropriate solution and all organisations and individuals should support this. By recycling, we save a lot of valuable natural resources and a lot of energy.
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