Confidential Shredding Services Benefit Irish Business

How Confidential Shredding Services Benefit Irish Business

Confidential shredding is a must for protecting the security of confidential data no longer required within a business. It also reduces liability and increases productivity for Irish Business. When outsourcing your confidential data shredding requirements, you are also protecting your business reputation, saving money and achieving peace of mind in the long run.
Are you a Limerick Company, Galway Company or any business across Ireland for that matter and wondering if you should pay for a certified shredding company to manage your end of life data? Thinking, is there really any benefit to using a shredding company to dispose of your confidential data. I have construscted a short list below providing some benefits for a confidential shredding services for Irish business, let have look:

Safeguarding your reputation

Your business reputation and customer loyalty are your most valuable asset. If your confidential data is not destroyed of in safe and secure manner, it could fall into the wrong hands—compromising the trust built up over time with clients and employees. A data breach is headline news and the fines have the potential to cripple a business.
Securing the services of a professional and reputable shredding company with security screened staff, proven procedures and an auditable paper trail guarantees secured destruction of confidential documents onsite as well as offsite. Offsite document shredding carries the ‘Same Day Shred’ policy this gives the client the satisfaction that their confidential data is destroyed the same day. Certificates of Destruction provided by the shredding company ensures full compliance and traceability of their data in order to satisfy the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cost Saving

Does your company currently shred in house? Have you ever audited the cost to your business from this practice in addition to the risks associated with such a practice? Could your staff’s time be better spent?
If you shred your confidential documents in-house, you are at the end of the day, paying your employees to feed documents into a shredder instead of generating revenue for your business. In addition to the overhead cost, you are entrusting all staff to securely destroy confidential paper data in line with Legislation and also lack an auditable paper trail. Hiring a confidential shredding company enables your staff to be more productive with their time and provides your organization with higher levels of security and compliance. Locked consoles take the place of your electricity-hogging shredding machines preventing unauthorized access to your confidential information. The destruction process is handled for you, enabling enhanced productivity for your staff.

Ensuring recycling

Recycling your paper contributes to a healthier environment. But if document destruction is undertaken in house with an office shredder, the shred size may be too big to enter general recycling and/or material may enter recycling without being shredded at all due to distraction and mistakes from by staff. IN this situation a data breach may occur and if this occurs your business may be forced to shut down due to the knock-on effects of the negative publicity. Without conceding on confidentiality professional paper shredding services combines recycling into the process in line with The European Waste Hierarchy. An outsourced shredding company ensures your confidential shredding is protected at all times.
After you research further into each of the benefits of professional document destruction, you’ll want it for your business. Whether you are a Limerick Business, Galway Business, Dublin Business, Cork Business and/or an International Business, securely dispose of waste paper data and you will be protecting your business future.
If you wish to receive any further information on Confidential data destruction or secure digital data destruction, please contact the Team at Security in Shredding!!