Document Paper Shredding

With our core values of honesty and integrity we ensure not to stop at confidential paper shredding services as we strive to educate our clients. The education and awareness we provide is not limited to confidential paper shredding and the importance of implementing a confidential paper shredding service . We work as a resource for our clients in relation to document destruction (Document paper shredding, Product Shredding and Media Shredding), staff awareness and risk identification as they are of significant importance to any organisation.

document paper shredding

If an organisation places Confidential Documents within the waste bin or waste recycling bin it is problematic to know exactly what happens to it. Due to the recycling process that your waste material goes through the material collected passes through several stages in order to maximise recycling figures prior to entering Landfill, Incineration and Exportation.

Each one of the stages that the material goes through has a significant risk attached to it that someone will find the personal information that can be used to cause harm to an organisation, information that should have been destroyed through a confidential paper shredding service. Waste Recycling Companies have no fiduciary responsibility to clients in order to insure the secure confidentiality of the paper in their possession and control. In addition to the above, there are no laws in order to obstruct the general public from going through traditional paper recycling (waste bins) bins. 

The only way to truly safeguard confidential paper documents containing personal information is to Shred it. There are many different makes and models of office shredding machines available for an organisation to purchase however they simply do not eliminate these risks.

Risks involved with Office Paper Shredders

  • Shredding standard of the confidential paper is capable of being reconstructed
  • High dependency on employees to destruct all confidential paper data
  • Training is required for employees to operate paper shredding systems
  • No traceability is provided in the case of an data audit
  • Time consuming taking employees away from organisations job duties to conduct paper shredding
  • No peace of mind that paper material is destructed appropriately
  • No accountability in the case of a confidnetial paper data breach
  • Restriction of confidential materials for destruction (Eg. Paper shredding, Cd Destruction, Hard-Drive Destruction)
  • Costly through employee wages and time loss while shredding paper.
  • Lack of experience & Knowledge in relation to Document Destruction and paper shredding

As we understand that businesses struggle to get the time to provide training in relation to paper shredding and data protection to employees, we provide our knowledge and expertise in line with our paper shredding services in addition to our product shredding, digital data destruction and materials shredding services in Ireland. We look to go further than client satisfaction as we strive to create loyalty and build a relationship with our clients through our high quality paper shredding and data destruction systems.

Paper shredding services from Security in Shredding is the right option in creating a secure data management system within your organisation protecting from data breaches. Whether it is a mobile onsite paper shredding service or an offsite paper shredding service Security in Shredding have the experience and expertise to protect your data throughout the paper shredding system.

If you require further information on our paper shredding services please do not hesitate to contact us.