History to Date (Market Leaders)


All Security Mobile Shredding Limited t/a Security in Shredding was established in 2004 and we have consistently increased our market share in the paper shredding services industry within Ireland. In 2004 there was an opportunity to increase the level of quality and security available to clients within the Irish paper shredding service industry through on site mobile paper shredding.

In 2004 we introduced the first fully automated confidential paper shredding technology into Ireland. With the introduction of this technology to our paper shredding services we achieved an increased level of security during the paper shredding service provisions. We eliminated the requirement for staff to handle the sensitive data during the paper shredding service. In addition to the non-handling improvements, our pressure set feeding system increased the efficiency during the paper shredding service by 75% which enabled us to outperform all competitors within the paper shredding service market both on security and efficiency.

2004 to Date;

Unlike many competitors within the Irish paper shredding service industry, we at Security in Shredding are not material processors (Waste Operators) as we believe it creates a conflict of interest within the paper shredding services industry. We are Data Processors registered with The Data Protection Commissioner.

All sensitive materials that we destroy are recycled in line with The European Waste Hierarchy through waste operators located throughout Ireland. Waste operator’s business models are designed in order to maximise revenue from materials that they have collected, separated, stored and graded prior to selling the material to the international recycling market.

As the recycling value of materials such as paper fluctuate on the world market materials processors may store material prior to shipping in order to maximise the monetary value. In line with our European certifications we do not store any material prior to destruction and once the material is destroyed it enters the recycling process immediately. All staff within our paper shredding services are security screened and have completed background checks with An Gardaí Siochanna.

Data security and compliance with The Data Protection Acts for our clients is our main objective. The fines and penalties associated with a data breach can force a business to close down due to the financial costs and reputational damages. This is why we at Security in Shredding are specialists in the secure destruction of sensitive materials. If a client has any form of material that is sensitive in nature, we can provide a solution to ensure both your compliance with legislation and protects your company information.   


In 2009 we received an award from The Enterprise Board honouring our success in providing confidential data destruction services.

Areas that we were judged upon included “business plans, business model, marketing strategyfinance, the use of technology and innovation in the business in addition to the entrepreneurial skills of the business owners. It was a great honour to receive the award for our work.

2010 to Date;

In 2010 we at Security in Shredding designed and manufactured the first paper shredding technology that achieved a shred size eight times smaller than the 15.9 mm shred offered on the market. This technology was the first of its kind on a global scale and was first introduced from Ireland. This revolutionary paper shredding technology achieved a shred size certified to shred No. 6 of EN 15713 where the Irish paper shredding service industry was only capable of providing Shred No.3 of EN 15713 (Please see the paper shred size table below listing the shred sizes).

2014 to Date;

In 2014 we at Security in Shredding were the first Irish paper shredding service provider to register our service with The Data Protection Commissioner in turn further differentiating ourselves from waste operators and our competitors within the paper shredding service market.


In 2014 The Irish Security Industry Association who represent the full spectrum of companies in the private security industry shortlisted our team at Security in Shredding to receive the prestigious award for “Innovation within the Security Industry” for the great success of our EN 15713 Shred No. 6 mobile paper shredding technology. It was a great time of pride for our Company and a true acknowledgment for all we have achieved to date within the paper shredding industry in Ireland.

Continuing as the paper shredding service market leader today, we at Security in Shredding are delighted to work with data controllers through the Country, contact us today.


Introduced the fully auditable and secured at every stage Document Scanning Service. In compliance with ISO27001, security is at the core of our services. Our expert team use the latest technology for accuracy and clarity, ensuring clients are happy with their scanned image files.


Designed and manufactured the only Truck Mounted mobile Hard-Drive Shredder in Ireland. Each Hard-Drive / Data Carrier Serial Number is scanned prior to destruction, each serial number is listed on the compliance certification and the full process is recorded on CCTV for total security.


Developed and launched our new service for remote workers and the domestic market. Making secure data destruction accessible for everyone, simple click through process to, confirm the number of bags required, fill our contact details and receive your bags to be filled. A GPS tracked security screened employee arrives to remove your bags at an agreed date. Certificates of Destruction are issued post service delivery through email.