Simple 6 Step
Paper Shredding Service
GDPR Compliant


  • Developed for Remote Workers, Home Businesses and Domestic Household Clients
  • Secure Chain of Custody from order receipt through to destruction  
  • Ensure GDPR compliance with your auditable paper trail  
  • Clear out documents from your home office, garage store and attic  

  • Select your service, ensure compliance in minutes

Your Paper Management Partner at your Fingertips

Step 1:

Select the number of bags with our

Step 2:

Insert your location, business/personal details and payment details.

Step 3:

Agree to T/C’s for GDPR compliance

Step 4:

Receive your bags in the post for filling

Step 5:

Request a collection date for your bags (Data Destroyed upon same day)

Step 6:

Receive your Destruction Certification through email to keep on file

Step 1:

Select the number of bags with our size estimator

  • Accurately order the correct number of bags 
  • Select the correct budget for your shredding requirement 
  • Maximise efficiency – no wastage  

Step 2:

Fill in your personal details

  • Bags delivered directly to your door  
  • Full details included on compliance certification (Certificate of Destruction)  
  • Payment details for processing  
  • Compliance Certification & Receipt sent electronically to your email address  
  • Fully auditable paper trail 

Step 3:

Agree to T’s & C’s for GDPR Compliance 

  • Paper Destroyed in compliance with ISO EN 15713 (Certified) 
  • Fully auditable paper trail for GDPR compliance  
  • Downloadable document to keep on file  
  • Ensuring all data is processed in compliance with GDPR  
  • Fully equipped scanning team can work on-site with no need for your files to leave the premises.

Step 4:

Receive your bags in the post for filling 

  • 1-2 business day lead time  
  • Delivered to your door if at home  
  • Bags delivered by An Post  

Step 5:

Arrange a date for your data to be collected & destroyed

  • Service provided by Security Screened staff of Security in Shredding  
  • Data Destroyed upon the same day of collection  
  • Communicate directly with Security in Shredding scheduling staff  
  • Confirm a data and time for your service  
  • Reliable, punctual and professional.  

Step 6:

Receive your Destruction Certification through email to keep on file

  • Prove GDPR compliant destruction for you, your family and/or your business
  • Fully auditable certification
  • Received through email to easily keep on file with your agreement 

What our Clients Say

Security Points

  • Service externally audited ISO EN 15713 for security
  • Auditable paper trail for GDPR compliance  
  • Vehicles are GPS tracked with constant communication to head office.  
  • Data Inserted in locked containers at client location  
  • Containers remain locked at all times 
  • Containers are mechanically lifted and emptied into the shredding process 
  • Data Destroyed upon the same day of collection  
  • Shredding process complete at our ISO EN 15713 Audited Facility  
  • 100% unblemished track record  
  • All shredded material is recycled  


Your service is provided under our Data Processing Agreement Terms & Conditions, which outlines the European Security Stand to which your data is collected, transported and destroyed.  

The secure destruction of information for both business and households, in compliance with the GDPR is our core service. 

All processes, systems, technology and staff are externally audited and certified annually in line with ISO EN 15713. 

All services we provide have been developed with the security of our clients data as the number one objective. 

We kindly ask to NOT enclose bull dog clips and lever arch files within the bags as these damage and blunt the shredder blades.

As a business, we cannot experience a breach in security protocol that would damage our company image, 100% unblemished track record and be in breach of our Data Processing Agreement Terms and Conditions .  

ISO EN 15713 is a European Standard that gives businesses a framework to manage and control the destruction of any confidential material destruction they hold, ensuring that it is disposed of securely and safely.

Being externally audited and certified annually ensures that the destruction of data is complete in line with European Security Standards. 

On a prearranged date, one of our security screened shredding staff members will arrive at your location. He/She will insert your bags in a locked container. The container is inserted in our GPS tracked collection vehicle and the slam lock is secured for transit. 

He/She then returns to our facility in the GPS tracked collection vehicle, unbolts the door and removes the locked container. 

The container is mechanically lifted and emptied into the shredding process to be destroyed immediately.

The client then receives their compliance certification through email.  

In line with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) all data being processed is required to be complete under an agreement (Data Processing Agreement). The Terms & Conditions once agreed ensure that we will process your data in line with industry security standards and GDPR requirements.  

How much does a bag hold?

Your bags are 80 cm in length and 50 cm in width and are health & safety compliant. Each single bag can hold approx. a stack of A4 documents two foot in height (61 cm) weighing approx. 15 – 35 kilos.

All grades of paperHardback diaries
Staples and paper clipsCheque book stubs
Employment DocumentsEnvelopes
Metal spines and spiral padsCatalogues and brochures
Business AccountsBooks
Manila foldersMagazines
Personal PostBank Statements

We kindly ask to NOT enclose bull dog clips and lever arch files within the bags as these damage and blunt the shredder blades.

  • Batteries
  • Phones
  • Food Waste
  • Plastic
  • Polystyrene 
  • Metal Objects (Paper clips and staples are acceptable)
  • WEEE Items 
  • Aerosols 
  • Hazardous Waste

Your service pricing is based upon the number of bags you require. This can be found on the “Size Estimator” page. The pricing listed includes all fees associated with your service i.e. Bag Postage to your location, secure collection of your full bags, destruction of material and compliance certification which is sent to your email.

All material is shredded to a cross cut particle shred size which is classified as “Security “Shredding” under ISO EN 15713 Standard and National Standards, “Beyond Reconstruction”.

We do not use a third party to post your bags but post out ourselves from our Head Office. We send out via An Post. Orders received up until 3 p.m. are posted on the same day and orders after 3 p.m. are posted the following working day. Online orders received on the weekend are posted on the following Monday.

Your Compliance Certification is sent to your email once the data is destroyed. All material is destroyed upon the same day of collection; therefore, your compliance certification will be issued the following day of collection.

The Terms and Condition of your service relate to the General Data Protection Regulation. As we will be processing your data (Destroying it), it is required that you have a Data Processing Agreement in place. When accepting the T’s & C’s you confirm acceptance of your Data Processing Agreement

We specialise in the secure destruction of data and sensitive materials. All processes and procedures are externally audited and certified annually for ISO EN 15713. ISO EN 15713 is the European Standard for Secure Data Destruction so you know from order, right through to destruction your data is safe, secure and you are compliant with the GDPR.

All material is destroyed upon the same day of collection, no material enters storage.

Once your data is destroyed, we issue you with a Certificate of Destruction through email. Your certificate will outline the volume of material, date of destruction process and to what standard it was destroyed to.

Yes. When accepting the T’s & C’s for your shredding service you agree to our data processing agreement, the terms of which are sent to your email with your Certificate of Destruction to keep on file. In an audit situation, you furnish your Certificate of Destruction with your Data Processing Agreement Terms for compliance.   

Please use our (“Size Estimator”) to decide upon the correct number of bags to order.

You can fill you bags in your own time. When you are ready for collection just contact our scheduling team who will arrange a date for your service delivery.

Yes, please visit our products page to view and purchase bins and/or consoles 

No problem at all. Simply contact the team at Security in Shredding who will;

1.    Discuss your current situation to best understand the service type for your needs

2.    Complete a customised quotation and service plan

3.    Complete a service schedule outlining your service dates

4.    Draw up your Data Processing Agreement for GDPR compliance

5.    Install your secure bins/consoles and/or bags

6.    Commence your service in line with your schedule and Data Processing Agreement

7.    You receive your compliance certification post each service for an audit situation.

8.    All shredded materials are recycled.

We also securely retire and dispose IT equipment certifying the Hard-Drives, SSD’s and memory drives. Please contact the team at Security in Shredding to arrange a quotation.