Shredding Services

The document shredding services provided by The professional shredding company Security in Shredding utilise industry leading knowledge, experience, innovation and expertise to provide data destruction services to the highest level of quality to customers in Ireland.

The Shredding services include a variety of tailored data destruction solutions that meet your business requirements with the highest level of security and quality available within the shredding services market.

Our High Security Mobile On-site Paper Shredding Services, Offsite Paper Shredding Services and Materials Shredding Services provide you with excellent flexibility, peace of mind and satisfaction (Testimonial available upon request). In addition to a scheduled paper shredding services the shredding company provides “on call” paper shredding services and purge shredding services delivered by expertly trained staff who are passionate about data protection and compliance .

Scheduled Mobile Shredding Services are available for clients which include both onsite paper shredding and offsite paper shredding services. The shredding company’s scheduling team can organise a tailored schedule for service delivery (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly) that best suits the client’s needs with minimum lead time. In line with Data Protection legislation our clients have the option of a variety of secure receptacles in order to store the confidential material. Secure receptacles include; Secure Lockable Consoles, Secure Paper Shredding Sacks (With the option of Asset Tracking Technology) and Secure 240 Litre Receptacles.

Our Once-Off (Purge) Shredding Services are for clients who require either onsite paper shredding or offsite paper shredding services. This specific paper shredding service is designed for clients who have secure storage space for their confidential documents.

The following are just some examples of what our system can handle:

  • Reports
  • Payroll Files
  • Confidential Correspondence
  • Legal Documents
  • Computer / Fax print-outs
  • ID Cards / Passports / Driving Licenses
  • Photocopied Paper
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Fabrics / Textiles e.g. Uniforms (Army, Garda, Airline, Bank, etc.)
  • Financial Records

View Document Destruction in 20 Seconds!

  • @ 0.00min – 186lbs of 5″-7″ thick Green Bar & 1.5 inch thick soft bound books – takes 1min 47 secs
  • @ 1.56min – 61lbs of Video Cassettes & Data Cartridges – takes 40 secs
  • @ 4.58 min – 130lbs of VHS, Data & E.Cartridges – takes 1 min 21 secs
  • @ 6.26min – 229lbs of File Folders & Office Mixed – takes 1 min 48 secs
  • @ 8.22 min – 217lbs of Office Mixed Paper – takes 1 min 28 sec

The shredding company’s services are available nationwide. Clients availing of our responsive paper shredding services include organisations within both the public and private sectors including SME’s and Multinationals.

For all of your shredding services, data protection and document shredding requirements please do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote below.