Computer IT Recycling Service

Electronic Equipment Recycling (IT Recycling)

When recycling your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment you have to be aware of the Environmental requirements and ensure to use a reputable recycling firm, however, The General Data Protection Regulation requirements are directly applied to this process and it is for this reason we at Security in Shredding are specialists to Recycle IT.At Security in Shredding we are licensed for computers, monitors, servers, laptops, tablets and other electronic equipment where we certify the destruction of the data carriers and recycle the equipment through specialist recycling networks with the highest levels of standards and compliance available in Ireland.With our expert knowledge and over a decade of experience, we have a solution for your secure IT recycling needs. We work with Organisations and Individuals who do not want their data to be resurfaced during their recycling and disposal process.

IT Recycling Awareness

All electronic computers that end up entering an IT Recycling process contain many different components that are made up of various metals. Included in our IT Recycling service for Servers and PC’s is secure destruction of Hard-Drives. At Security in Shredding, once we destroy the Data Bearing Component of the device the remaining recyclable material enters your certified recycling network where all of the materials are broken down to the base metals. Once the base metals have been separated they enter further processes to return to the market as new products protecting the environment. We destroy all data bearing devices to EN 15713 which is the European Standard for secure data destruction. We shred the devices to particle sizes that is unique in Ireland. We achieve the smallest particle size available in Ireland! We as experts in the field know that, the only certain method of destroying data on a hard-drive is to shred the unit itself to particles.WHEN NOT SHREDDED, IT SIMPLY IS NOT SECURE, IT RECYCLING THE SECURE WAY!Why Security in Shredding for your IT Recycling

  • Nationwide collections across The Republic of Ireland
  • Certified to The European Standard for Secure Data Destruction EN 15713
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Business
  • WEEE material is recycled through WEELABEX approved vendors in line with Legislation
  • Technical capacity to destroy data carriers to particle sizes that meet the top security ratings internationally (4-mm width particle – most secure available in Ireland)
  • All Staff are security screened with a 10-year history
  • Certified the secure destruction and disposal of 1,000’s of devices within Ireland
  • Full asset tag reporting on all data bearing devices included within our recycling service.
  • Most Secure Mobile Shredding Solutions available on the Market
  • Dedicated collections with GPS tracked, Immobilised, box bodied vehicles
  • Data Bearing Devices removed onsite at your location
  • Data Protection Compliance as the core service objective for clients 
  • 100 years combined senior management experience   

Zero Landfill Target

At Security in Shredding we have built in our zero landfill targets for which we continuously strive for 100% of your electronic equipment to be recycled where possible. As data security is integral to our business we ensure that all material is destroyed and broken down to particle size shred fragments. Through our WEEELABEX approved vendors, all of the remaining redundant IT equipment is broken down to their base metals and sent for recycling. IT Equipment that we collect to enter our Secure IT Recycling Process;

  • Software Media (Floppy Discs, CD’s)
  • Media Devices (External Hard-Drives, USB Drives)
  • PC Data Bearing Devices (Hard-Drives)
  • Data Contained Film (X-Rays, Photography Film, Microfiche)
  • Mobile Phones
  • Cameras
  • IT Equipment
  • Laptops
  • PC’s & Accessories
  • Touch Pads
  • PC/Servers
  • Circuit Boards
  • Networking Equipment
  • Out-Dated Old Computer PCs
  • Telephones/Telecommunications Equipment
  • Server Racks
  • Wiring & Cabling
  • PC Input Peripherals
  • Video Gaming Accessories
  • Printers (Only with No Toners)
  • Video Gaming Accessories & Gaming Consoles
  • Vending Machines 

Our unique approach means our clients IT Recycling requirements are achieved with total security and Data Protection Compliance. All of our projects from one single device being replace and certified for destruction & disposal to a full suite of IT equipment being renewed, Security in Shredding is your No.1 choice in Ireland. Our IT Recycling systems will ensure your data security throughout in addition to having a positive effect on our Environment. We at Security in Shredding are the most secure IT Recycling firm in Ireland, we are the best! At Security in Shredding, we can offer you and/or your business a cost effective and data secure IT Recycling process where you can rest assured that you will be Data Protection Compliant and Environmentally friendly. For more information please call 067 24848.