Secure Data Digitisation (Document Scanning Service) & Shredding

Security in Shredding’s secure scanning solution has been developed to meet your personal needs. Scanning services include a basic conversion of a physical original copy item, through to a indexed database of files that are searchable and seamlessly integrate with your inhouse file management software.

With the very latest high volume scanners and highly trained staff, your scanning needs will be met to the highest standards and with total satisfaction.

1: Contact the Security in Shredding Team

a. Dedicated customer support team

b. Human operated, not automated process

2: All documents are indexed prior to collection

a. Organised under file name, client name etc.

b. Only items that are indexed are collected for scanning

3. We come to you to collect your documents for scanning

a. Screened to national security standard 

b. Vetted

c. Carrying photo ID

d. Highly trained

4: Files return to Security in Shredding Facility to Commence Scanning

a. Scanning process commences upon the same day

5: All files are digitised (scanned) in the index format received

a. Files will indexed in the order the client requires  

b. Easy access once complete

6: All files are returned in digital format

a. Returned on an external hard-drive 

b. Can be directly uploaded to your current data management system  

c. Indexed for access

7: The remaining non data bearing IT equipment is removed & recycled  

a. All data bearing items are removed and destroyed  

b. Non data bearing is recycled  

8: Physical files are destroyed and/or returned to the client for disposal  

a. Certificate of destruction issued