Our Added Value

Clients of All Security Mobile Shredding Limited benefit from the following:

  • Shred Particle Size:
    All Security Mobile Shredding Limited is the only company in Ireland with a high security mobile shredding machine that works in line with the Din 66399 Standard which replaces the European 15713:2009. This integral point is due to our in-house designed shredding units resulting in a supreme level of shred being accomplished. With this is mind we offer a free demonstration shred up to 100 KG of confidential material for potential clients in order to observe the true benefits of our service delivery first hand.
  • Level of security provided:
    We at All Security Mobile Shredding Limited have great pride in our in-house technology design and the overall improvement of the Irish Confidential Shredding industry with the introduction of the only high security shredding technology to the market. With this in mind, we are constantly promoting to our clients that the reality of data destruction whether on paper or electronic media, is a process requiring security at several different points such as collection, transport, destruction process and the recycling of the material. In our specialised industry it also includes other activities such as employee screening, monitoring, access control, employee training, policies and procedures and audit trails. At All Security Mobile Shredding Limited we combine our industry knowledge and experience with the highest level of security during process available in order to provide the our clients the most secure and affordable confidential data destruction services available to them.
  • Office Cleanness:
    Because of the type of bin/containers they use for the recycling and we know its shredded on site and used for recycling purposes.
  • Never Breach of Contract:
    All Security Mobile Shredding Limited have never been in breach of contract for service delivery with total client satisfaction achieved with every service delivery Testimonials available upon request.
  • Quality Assurance:
    All Security Mobile Shredding Ltd holds an ISO 9001:2008 Certificate guaranteeing peace of mind that your shredding service provider works to the highest standards. All Security Mobile Shredding Ltd provides an extremely highly rated shredding service that only operates to the highest standards possible in the Shredding Industry.
  • Trained Personal:
    One of the most important factors in any service in today’s environment is that proper health and safety is adhered to. Due to our policies and procedures the service delivery is at all times reliable, efficient, safe and secure.
  • Efficiency:
    In addition to providing the highest level of security available on the market All Security Mobile Shredding Limited provide the most time efficient service delivery with an output of 2500 KG per hour. This figure translates to a full 240 Litre Receptacle containing 27,000 pages of confidential material being destructed per minute.
  • Visual Display Unit:
    Our shredding unit is equipped with an on-board surveillance system that will allow you to actually view the material entering the shredding process. This offers a further piece of security to our clients as they can see it being shredded on site.
  • Certification of Document Destruction:
    A Certificate of Destruction will be issued post shredding service delivery during the invoicing stage. This Certificate is All Security Mobile Shredding Ltd.’s guarantee that all paper waste at a stated period in time and locations was destroyed confidentially.