Hard-Drive Destruction & Shredding Service

1: Contact the Security in Shredding Team

a. Dedicated customer support team

b. Human operated, not automated process

2: We come to you

a. Screened to national security standard  

b. Vetted 

c. Carrying photo ID  

d. Highly trained

3. Hard-Drives are removed from your office in a secure sealed container 

a. No hard-drives leave your office unless in a secure container

b. Container is sealed until it enters the shredder

4: Sealed container enters the CCTV monitored shredder

a. Shredding process fully monitored and recorded on CCTV 

b. 360 degree angles  

5: Each Hard-Drive Serial number is record as each unit is destroyed  

a. Serial number appears on CCTV footage 

b. Each Serial number is listed on your Certificate of Destruction

6: The remaining non data bearing IT equipment is removed & recycled

a. All data bearing items are removed and destroyed  

b. Non data bearing is recycled  

7: Certificate of Destruction & CCTV Footage  

a. Receive video footage of the full process 

b. As each drive is destroyed, the serial number appears on the CCTV recording 

c. Certificate of Destruction includes all serial numbers  

In today’s technologically advanced business environment it is imperative that Data Security is the primary concern of IT Departments when selecting and IT Asset Destruction & Recycling Partner.

This is why Security in Shredding strives to provide security and confidentiality during all of their service deliveries placing great emphasis on protecting & Hard-Drive Shredding by destructing ALL DATA PERMANENTLY beyond recognition and/or reconstruction that is held on our clients used IT Equipment, Electronic Hard-Drives and Electronic Equipment.

Our IT & Media Data Destruction Systems provide a 100% guaranteed policy through professional Hard-Drive Destruction,which is the only method of total guaranteed  available to clients that in turn provides them with total peace of mind. We work to the highest standards of data removal globally which in turn ensures that our client’s brand, customer data and sensitive employee information are respected and protected throughout.

Key features of our IT & Media Data Destruction Systems

Traceable & auditable

All items received for destroying data are recorded onto our asset tracking software; our clients receive a detailed report during the invoicing stage in order for full traceability. Providing you with 24/7 access to reports and real time information about the status of your assets.

Expertise and guidance

At Security in Shredding we are accustomed to handling all levels of data security requirements due to our experience and expertise within the industry. Our Clients are assured that we will them in choosing the most suitable and secure method of data destruction which meets their business needs.

Additional Services

As we offer a range of confidential services in addition to recycling services we provide the client with the a range of opportunities which span the entire lifecycle of your IT and computer equipment. This can either help reduce costs, maximise the value from your IT assets and/or help you reach environmental and CSR targets.  Get in touch and find out what options are suited to you and your business needs.

Regulation Compliance

Our IT & Media Destruction services enable our clients to fully comply with The WEEE Directive and Hazardous waste Regulations

Peace of Mind Achieved

Due to our experience and expertise within the industry of data destruction our clients are provided with total peace of mind that they working with a professional organisation who understands your IT Lifecycle needs. Security in shredding handles confidential information in the most secure and professional way, and we will provide you with a certificate of destruction on completion.