Shredding Services in the Munster Region

Security in Shredding provides a range of shredding services that cover The Munster Region. Our Services include Onsite Paper Shredding, Offsite Paper Shredding, Onsite Product Destruction, Electronic Media Shredding and general Recycling Services. Our award winning services and highly professional staff have proven to separate our level of quality provided from that of our competitors.

While many shredding service providers within the industry pride themselves in having an unblemished track record, we at Security in Shredding are aware that our clients expect this,+Ireland,+Europa&aq=1&oq=Munster+region,+Ireland&sll=52.904532,-8.981135&sspn=1.000602,2.705383&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Munster&t=m&ll=52.422523,-8.64624&spn=1.674999,3.834229&z=7&iwloc=A&output=embedlevel of quality. At Security in Shredding we of course have a 100% track record however we bring the level of service further by setting new standards within the industry that enables us to provide the most impressive, secure, confidential paper shredding service available in Ireland and our clients are truly appreciative of this and are aware of the risks that we eliminate due to our innovation and contract management specialities (View our Testimonials).

Onsite Paper Shredding Munster

Our Onsite Paper Shredding Services cater for The Munster Region with total efficiency. Our Onsite Paper Shredding Services include one of our industry leading innovative shredding units arriving at The Clients location providing total security paper shredding munster, shredding services, data destruction munsterand confidentiality. An imperative aspect of our onsite shredding service is that our mobile shredding units are fully automated, this results in our shredding process not requiring a member our staff to enter the rear of the shredding unit with the confidential material as it is controlled from the outside of the shredding units (Watch our Demonstration Videos). The out dated method of entering the rear of the shredding unit with the client’s confidential material has been proven in the past by shredding providers not to be confidential as percentages of the material can simply be taken out of the hopper prior to being destructed. This fully automated shredding process is one of many examples of how we at Security in Shredding have increased the level of security available to clients within Ireland. Certificates of Destruction are provided to all of our clients during the invoicing stage in order for full traceability of the clients confidential shredding.

Offsite Shredding Services Munster

Our top quality Offsite Shredding Service is available to clients in The Munster Region. As we are data destruction experts we do not depend on recycling revenue unlike many service providers within the Paper Shredding Industry. It is for this reason that we are solely concerned with the level of quality and security within our paper shredding services which in turn provides our clients with total peace of mind that their material is being destructed with total security during EVER service delivery. For our innovative offsite shredding service we have a “Same Day Destruction” policy for all material collected within our secure collection vehicles with certificates of destruction provided during the invoicing stage.

This is achievable as we are Data Destruction Specialists and we do not wish to store client’s material in order to build up a quantity of confidential material that is of a certain grade in order to maximise recycling revenue during exportation, this point is another example of how we strive to educate our clients of the sever risks certain service deliveries provide.

Clear Out Services & “Purge” Service Deliveries Munster Region

At Security in Shredding we fully aware that many clients require a once off paper shredding clear outs. For our clients with such requirements we can cater for their needs with both our onsite paper shredding service delivery and our offsite paper shredding service delivery with very little lead time. Our responsive service deliveries coupled with our expertly trained enthusiastic staff truly provide our clients with total peace of mind and satisfaction during ever service delivery.

All of our confidential paper shredding services provides the client with the preferred and most suitable option of Secure Consoles, Secure Storage Sacks and/or Secure 240 Litre Receptacles. Please see our Product List for further information in relation to our products.