Plastic Recycling

Security in Shredding is consistently investigating new innovative ways to recover the vast range of plastic products that are still being sent to landfill (See Legislation Page).

Our plastic recycling services provide an efficient service delivery for a wide range of plastics for resource recovery and in turn divert recyclables away from landfill.

Security in Shredding can tailor a plastics collection and recycling service to meet each client’s individual needs while holding the protection of their personal data as essential. We can tailor a range of service deliveries with the provision of a variety of containers, balers and compactors suitable to your site requirements.

Security in Shredding’s plastic recycling service is specifically designed to allow clients to maximise the volume of waste that is recycled. In addition to reducing costs within the clients organisation Security in Shredding deliver advanced tailored recycling services that increase the overall efficiency within the client’s organisation.

At the heart of Security in Shredding’s plastic recycling service delivery is the core concept that every kilogram of plastic recycled is a kilogram kept out of landfill sites and in turn benefiting the environment and protecting the client’s information.

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