Why is it important to have a waste data management procedure in place?

Essentially it is The Data Protection Acts that apply to all organisations when managing waste data (Both paper waste and IT equipment waste (Data Carriers)). With the scheduled substantial increases in fines and penalties within Europe it is essential that all Organisations understand the process following a data breach.

Breaches in the new law can lead to fines up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover. Once a data breach occurs, the fines can be finalised post an audit of your systems and procedures by the country specific Data Protection Authority. If it is shown that specific procedures were not in place to protect that data (E.g. staff trained, details included in staff contracts, using a compliant shredding vendor, not releasing sensitive data in general waste & recycling streams) the fine will increase accordingly.

Overall, the risk cost associated with a data breach in the form of fines and damage to your reputation & image far outweighs the potential small savings when receiving cheap paper shredding solutions and hard-drive destruction solutions. It is the your (The Organisation’s) responsibility to ensure that your procedures are in compliance and it is ours to help you in achieving full compliance.    


Why use a shredding service instead of using our own shredder?

When receiving a paper shredding service through a professional shredding company you will increase your company’s compliance, document security levels, save your money and free up internal resources. In an audit situation you will need to illustrate where and to whom the material was released to for processing and a general waste provider recycling cert may not be suffice in the case of a data breach. 

  • Staff training costs
  • Procedure costs
  • Labour costs
  • Office space
  • Maintenance costs
  • Electricity costs
  • The cost of the actual shredder
  • Risk cost associated with in-house shredding

If you generate 1-2 bags monthly our shredding services will achieve cost savings & compliance.  


What is the difference between you and other material recycling operators?

Essentially we are data processors and not material processors. As the Data Protection Acts apply to paper shredding and hard-drive destruction, only data processors are to process sensitive data for clients as they are data controllers. The Data Protection Acts only acknowledge Data Processors and Data Controllers, if data is released by a Data Controller to a recycling firm who are not Data Processors then the controller is in breach of his/her responsibilities under the legislation.   

When a firm is processing many waste material types (E.g. cardboard, plastics) for shipment they are a materials processor and in turn use a business model that maximises the revenue for the materials through sorting through the material and grading it.

When a firm is a professional Data Processor (Paper shredding, hard-drive destruction) they are required to acknowledge the actual data, register with their authority for certain processing and in turn use a business model that maximises the security of the client’s data throughout the process.


Do you recycle?

All material destroyed is recycled in line with the European Waste Hierarchy

How do you charge for your services?

Not all paper shredding service requirements are identical. The price will be determined by volume, regularity and shred size required.


How do you ensure the security of our documents?

All data processing procedures are certified in line with European Standards. Our procedures have been and remain the most secure and advanced in The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


If I have received a cheaper quote why would we decide to use your services?

Compliance, Security, Expertise and Track record. We make our clients compliant with The Legislation at all costs. Businesses cannot afford to experience a data breach during our services as the financial burden is too much for the majority of businesses to absorb. It is for this reason that we invest heavily in our technologies, personnel and procedures. The risk cost associated with hiring the cheapest vendor far outweighs the potential savings made through using that vendor.

Our security levels are of the highest standard available in Europe. Our vehicles, our staff, our certifications and our shred sizes make our paper shredding service the most secure and efficient on the market.

Our expertise in paper shredding services (Data Destruction, Hard-Drive Destruction, Paper shredding) make our services the most reliable on the market. Many operators in the market have paper shredding as a “second business” or “add on” business which causes risk as staff, vehicles, skills and resources can be switched interchangeably from one company to the next which is not in line with European Standards and creates conflicts of interest. Possible examples could be office supplies companies, delivery companies, recycling companies and IT reselling & recycling companies.

Our trach record is 100% unblemished and we have proven through our history to be market leaders in security and reliability which has been nominated for awards. Please see our history to date paper

We believe the cheapest option is not the best option when dealing with your Data Protection. 


What if I only produce a small amount of paper data but it is extremely confidential.  

Many of our clients require a small amount a paper to be destroyed and we can tailor a service to suit their needs. As we are not a recycling company we do not depend up high volumes of paper material, it only takes one sheet to classify a data breach.


Do you provide security containers to hold our sensitive document?

We provide a variety of security containers for our clients to suit their specific needs.


What is the capacity of your equipment?

We have the highest capacity available on the market today. We have the capacity to shred up to 2,000 kilos to 4,000 kilos per hour. 


How do I know everything has been destroyed?

This is the beauty of our business model. The destruction of your data is our business and there is no risk of your material entering storage whether it is our onsite solution or offsite solution.


Do you issue a certificate of destruction?

Yes, we provide our clients with our unique compliance certs that illustrate their compliance to the Data Protection Legislation and not just Waste Management Legislation. It is important to know the difference, contact us today and our dedicated team will explain the difference and the importance of receiving our certificates vs that of general “certificate of destruction” from another vendor. 


When do we need to pay?

We tailor our service to suit our clients, we can issue invoices to be paid within a specified date however we can accept payment on the day of service delivery also.


What happens if we need our service delivery before our scheduled date?

Just give us a call and we will arrange your service delivery.


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