Din 66399 Standard


DIN (Deutsches Institut Fur Normung) is a registered non-profit standards association that was founded in 1917 in Germany. Din’s aim as an institution is to be exemplary in the development of standards and specifications through a high level of:

  • Competence
  • Innovation
  • Quality of processes in products and services

Standards Today

There is now a new European Security Standard for the Shredding or Destruction of all types of Data Media. The Din 66399 which as of the first of September 2012 supersedes the previous DIN 32757 and DIN EN 15713standards.

Through our innovation and passion for consistent quality improvement within the industry we at Security in Shredding have introduced the first and only onsite shredding technology that  meets the new DIN 66399 standards. It is the only onsite shredding service available in Ireland that meets the classification of Highly Security in which we hold a great deal of pride (About Us).

Our shredding services cover the protection class 1, 2, & 3 with high efficiency and professionalism.

Din 66399 Standard Explained

At Security in Shredding we are experts in the Data Destruction Industry and we are happy to explain the new DIN 66399 shredding standard to our clients as their knowledge on it and the benefits from it is limited.

The modern DIN 66399 replaces the DIN 32757 and for the first time divides data destruction into three separate protection classes and seven security levels in total.

din level 3/4 shredding vs din level 1/2, confidential shredding

Protection Class 1:

This protection class is for normal security requirements for internal data intended for and accessible to large groups of people. Unauthorised disclosure would have a limited negaitive impact on an organisation.

Protection Class 2:

This protection class is for high security requirements for confidential data restricted to a small group of persons. Unauthorised dissemination would result in considerable negative effects on an organisation and could violate contractual legal obligations or legislation.

Protection Class 3:

The highest protection class for an organisation designed for particularly confidential and secret data restricted to a very small and named group of persons with access authorisation. Unauthorised dissemination would have serious consequences for the company (Threaten its livelihood) and may violate professional secrecy, contracts and/or legislation.

Within the three protection classes there are a total of seven material classifications that break up as follows within the classes:

Material Classifications/Protection Classes1234567
Protection Class 1       
Protection Class 2       
Protection Class 3       

*Protection Class 1 classification 1 & 2 are not recommended for personal data.

DIN 66399 covers 5 additional data carriers other than paper/print media that are classified accordingly. For paper and Print media the letter ‘P’ is utilised for the classifications. Each classification size is listed below:


Level P-1 = ≤12 mm wide strips of any length

Level P-2 = ≤6 mm wide strips of any length

Level P-3 = ≤2 mm wide strips of any length OR ≤320mm² particles (of any width)

Level P-4 = ≤160mm² particles with width ≤ 6mm

Level P-5 = ≤30mm² particles with width ≤ 2mm

Level P-6 = ≤10mm² particles with width ≤ 1mm

Level P-7 = ≤5mm² particles with width ≤ 1mm

At Security in Shredding we are the only Irish Shredding Company that is truly capable of providing the DIN 66399 shredding standard P-3, P-4 classification with our onsite shredding technology due to our innovation and passion with our successful business model.

With the most modernly designed mobile shredder available, we can provide a Din Level 3, onsite, confidential shredding service by way of pushing a button. Din Level 3 shred is one of the highest degrees of shredding available in line with the European Standard 15713:2009.

Two shredders – resulting in 4mm X 40mm particles, resulting in totally illegible material. http://www.youtube.com/embed/rudWyz_OJgE

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