Reasons why having a “Clear Desk” Policy is beneficial for businesses today

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A clear space, a clear mind. Paper shredding is a good habit to help clean up and also protect your data. Confidential document shredding service will help you clear out unwanted paper and documents that may have built up over the years.

(Shred your waste paper data)

It is the time of year for new beginnings, new healthy practices and in the business arena new accounting years. Even though we advocate best healthy practice we will now take a look at kick-starting some best practices for housekeeping within your place of work.

When looking around in your offices; are you looking at paper documents stacked in areas to be “Got to at some stage”, as we have begun new healthy habits in our personal lives it is also a great decision to look at implementing a clean desk policy also known as “waste paper procedure” within your offices.

Similar to a clean eating policy where you maintain clean and healthy macronutrients entering your body, a clean desk policy will direct your employees in maintaining a clean desk at all times during their working day.

We are all aware of the benefits of having a clean working area, “a tidy space equates to a tidy mind” however, a clean desk policy will also empower your Organisation to protect data in line with Data Protection Legislation.

Simple guidelines to protect your working data, whether the data is sensitive commercial data and/or personal sensitive data is to;

  1. Passwords and encryption upon electronic data carrier
  2. Have lockable cabinets within your office areas
  • Other suitable secure storage if/when required
  1. Once any of the data has been used and is no longer required you should insert it into secure consoles (Cabinets) awaiting destruction.

A well detailed and structured “Waste paper Procedure/Clean Desk Policy” really is of serious benefit to any Organisation and protects you in many ways such as;

  1. Saved money and resources
    Using a clean desk policy and having a certified vendor saves money upon downtime for staff in destroying old data
  2. Protect your Organisations Data and improve upon internal data flows

Detailing to staff that data digitalisation is the new company policy you will save money upon printing costs, increase efficiencies in data transfers and maintain business competitive with new data storage technologies.

  1. Data Protection law compliance
    It is essential for business to comply with the relevant Data Protection Laws in their jurisdictions, this includes not leaving it resting upon desks for casual bystanders to see the details; the Organisation in turn is protected from receiving for non-compliance fines and penalties
  2. Reduced data breach risk
    When private and sensitive information is protected from unauthorised view, there is less likelihood of information theft, fraud or a security breach, the costs of which can run into the £millions – in fines, reputation damage, and lost business
  3. Create a stronger reliability within your firm
    Ensuring that sensitive information is not left on desks will provide management with peace of mind that possible insider fraud is reduced to a minimum risk.
  4. Create a positive working environment
    As previously covered, a clean and tidy work space results in a clean and tidy mind enabling employees to be happy and consistent with their work duties and create an overall positive atmosphere within your workplace.

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