Clear-out (Purge) Shredding Service Limerick & Galway

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A confidential shredding service when doing an on site shredding, are also available for purge clear out shredding if needed. Our specialists are available for On Call service or scheduled service. For any large quantity shredding done in the least amount of time.

Why Purge Your Documents?

Clear out shredding is usually a once off service, if you have accumulated a lot of paper over time and or archived paper documents. This creates a lot of clutter for the office which in turn can lead to increased stress levels.

The more paper clutter that builds up the greater the risk of sensitive data being mixed in with non essential data. It creates an unnecessary data breach risk. With current data protection laws, it is essential that you protect your data at all times.

Failure to properly destroy your data correctly and if data breach occurs and you will be liable for the data breach. Often resulting in a heavy fine against your business.

When you implement a clear out service, you are ensuring that all your data (sensitive or not) is being handled and destroyed correctly.

On Site Shredding Benefits

Onsite document destruction & Purge Clear out Service

With our industrial paper shredding trucks, we can perform the purge shredding securely and confidentially on site where ever your location. Our trucks can handle a large amount of paper in one call out. Destroy the documents by using one of our lockable container when being transported to the truck.

For added protection the shredding on site can be monitored by you our a trusted staff member. Weather it is done through CCTV and or physically view the shredding process yourself.

Our Added Value

At Security in shredding, our shredding standard is done to a high security standard (Din 66399 or level 6.) This level of shredding ensures that your document confidentiality is maintained throughout the destruction process.

One of the most important factors in any service in today’s environment is that proper health and safety is adhered to. Due to our policies and procedures the service delivery is at all times reliable, efficient, safe and secure.

Certification of Document Destruction:

A Certificate of Destruction will be issued post shredding service delivery during the invoicing stage. This Certificate is All Security Mobile Shredding Ltd.’s guarantee that all paper waste at a stated period in time and locations was destroyed confidentially.

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