Business Environment – What can be Recycled?

recycling for business & paper shredding service

A secure document shredding service in the Limerick, Galway and Cork areas will provide you with the data security needed for document shredding. While also providing a recycling service for your business thus helping the environment.

Firstly, within a business it makes definite sense to recycle as reducing waste makes business sense. As all businesses run under the simple formula that is to maximise income and reduce costs, is necessity for business survival a clear achievable waste reduction and recycling plan performs as an aid to businesses in reaching their goals
and objectives effectively.

An organisation can save up to and above 25% on waste management costs with an effective waste reduction and recycling plans in operation. It is estimated that waste production can cost your business up to 4% of turnover and in some companies it can reach as high as 10%.

How Waste Reduction & Recycling Plans Benefit Businesses:

  1. Recycling services reduce net operating costs as recycling is a less expensive process than that of waste disposal.
  1. Waste reduction and recycling is a straight forward and simple task for an organisation to conduct once they have the right information and expertise helping them through. It takes a short period of time for an organisation to implement a waste reduction and recycling plan while the beneficial monetary savings will continue long into the future.
  1. Both customer and communities are aware when Organisations are environmentally friendly which in turn has a knock on effect relating to the company image and potential client perception of the organisation.
  1. The purchasing of re-manufactured goods and those manufactured with recycled content can save money and improve overall efficiency within an organisation.
  1. Through compliance schemes and compliant documentation companies can achieve awards in relation to their environmentally friendly practices which is an additional positive aspect to recycling for an organisation
  1. An organisation that is recycling ethically has the opportunity to benefit from making new business partners within various industries that have the common stance that recycling is an imperative aspect of their daily business.


Within the waste material produced by an organisation there are certain items that should be segregated from the main General Waste, Mixed Recycling Waste and Green Waste.
Segregated items would include Bulky Items and Hazardous Items.

Bulky Items Hazardous Items
Furniture Hazardous Chemicals
Mattresses Paint
Rock, Dirt, Concrete Used Oil
Appliances Propane Tanks
Tires Batteries

Once the items above are segregated the remaining waste is suitable for mixed recycling collections and general waste collections.
The list of materials an Organisation can recycle, re-use and/or purchase as re manufactured is vast and I have noted clearly below a list comprising of material that would be of benefit to an organisation when implementing efficient and effective recycling plans.

  • Aluminium foil and cans
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Class Containers, Bottles and Jars
  • Metal cans
  • Mixed paper, including magazines and junk mail
  • Newspapers
  • Paperboard Both White and Coloured
  • Hard plastics and Plastic Containers
  • Autos
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Metals
  • Plastic Bags
  • Tires

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