When To Disclose A Data Breach

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Secure document destruction methods must be in place to comply with Data Protection laws. A confidential document destruction service will benefit your business and its Data Protection.

Technology has brought us accessibility to a global market and small businesses have benefited greatly from this boom in technology. With a greater number of devices connected to an online service has also meant that a increase in the number of cyber attacks. Small businesses in particular are now being targeted.

A report from the Wall Street Journal has shown that small law firms are targeted the most due to the potential high profile client base they may have. That being said law firms do not usually hold social security information and the information obtained by hackers may not be beneficial to them.

Under American law, law firms are required to inform the public that a breach has occurred.

Data Protection Commissioner

Under Irish law the Data Protection commissioner has Data Breach guidelines for you and your business to follow. If a breach occurs it is paramount that the matter is dealt with swiftly to minimise damage. Data Protection Commissioner data breach guidelines can be found at the link below.


The document informs you on what steps to take if a breach has occurred. With this guide you can easily follow the steps needed to take and the information to provide when informing the Data Protection commissioner.

“Failure to comply with these obligations can result in a criminal prosecution with fines up to €5,000 indictment €250,000 per offence.” 

The document also state “Prevention is better than cure.” Setting up company policies and practices for handling of sensitive data should be implemented immediately. A reputable Shredding Service will also improve Data Security within your company. A shredding service will be able to provide an onsite shredding service. Confidential shredding is paramount to shredding services.

A reputable shredding service will comply with the protocols provided by the Data Protection Commissioner. It is a governing body to help protect your personal data and the data of others.

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