5 Reasons to Hire a Data Destruction Service Provider

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Confidential shredding is available in the Limerick area provided by Security In Shredding. Incorporation a data destruction service into your business practice is beneficial for your data security and data protection. While also being a good recycling practice.

Top 5 reasons why you should hire a Data Destruction company such as Security in Shredding:

  1. Data Security

In order to protect confidential information and reduce the risk of a data breach, Security in Shredding advise to outsource data destruction requirements to a professional, certified service provider. All data containing personal information must be securely destroyed when it reaches its end of life.

“An office shredder simply can’t provide the same security as a professional company. A reliable document destruction company provides a secure chain of custody, from the time the documents are collected, through to shredding using cross-cut shredders, and ends with” a Data Processing Certificate after each service delivery.

  1. Compliance

It is not just simply destroying documents that are no longer needed, but it is both best practise and it is in Data Protection Legislation.

data destruction and collection service

  1. Saves Money

By outsourcing your data destruction requirements you are cutting out the cost of purchasing an in house shredding machine, maintenance costs resulting in saving money. You are also reducing the amount of employee down time spent on the shredding of data resulting in the employee being 100% focused on their own job.

  1. Convenience

A renowned shredding company will provide the client with lockable receptacles and locate them in suitable and convenient locations around the building. These locations will be previously identified with the client to ensure the employees have ease of access to place paper data awaiting destruction.

At a prearranged date and time Security in Shredding will arrive on site and remove and replace the receptacles of paper for destruction with little or no disruption, for shredding.

  1. Additional Services

There are a number of other mediums of confidential data that needs to be destroyed. Out of date PC’s, e-data carriers and storage devices also require destruction when the data on them reaches end of life. Research has shown for example that wiping a hard drive is not a guaranteed method of destroying the e-data contained within but physical destruction is the most reliable method of destruction of data. You have total peace of mind that the data is 100% beyond reconstruction.

For more information on a data destruction and media destruction service, please visit: https://www.securityinshredding.com/limerick-shredding-services.php for more information. We are also available throughout the country along with Limerick our paper shredding is available in the Dublin, Galway and Cork areas.

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