Why an In-House Paper Shredder Is Not the Answer

Shredding your own documents is all well and good however there are many negatives to this which may make you reconsider. Bulky paper shredders with fed up employees shredding for hours, wasting time and money and possibly raising their stress levels to the point where their loyalty may be tested to the extreme. Then the paper gets stuck or some other maintenance issue arises. The shredder is left to the side until someone can get around to having it repaired and the paper begins to pile up and up.

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Personal paper shredding costs your company more money. You will have to fork out for upkeep and repair, which doesn’t even take account of the employee you will have to pay to operate it. This employee will have to be someone you trust completely. There is no need to even consider procurement fee, equipment upgrades, electricity consumption, labour etc with a contracted shredding company.

Certification for Compliance.

To make in-house paper shredding a policy within your business, you will need to have a safe and accurate document destruction strategy. Additionally, you must record the removal and destruction of records in question, otherwise you and your operator become liable. A contracted shredding company takes on all of these associated risks so you and your team don’t have to.

Reduce risk of employment fraud.

A business seldom hires a specific team or employee to feed the shredder and ensure the destruction of the documents. The operator is typically an employee who works unaccompanied and there is no supervision in place. An untrustworthy employee can be a risk when they see the possibility of a lucrative way of making money in selling personal and confidential information. In-house shredding increases the risk of employment fraud unless you put safety measures in place. With outsourced shredding, destruction of documentation is always observed and documented from the moment the documents are lugged from the location to the time they are securely destroyed.

Correct Disposal of Data.

In-house shredding usually translates to materials ending up in normal waste. When the shredder bag gets full or if the shredder breaks down, sometimes the temptation to throw things in the normal rubbish can be too high. With outsourced shredding services there will be secure procedures put in place in order to ensure something like this will never happen. The paper is securely destroyed and disposed of, eradicating any possibility of data being salvaged from the waste.

It is clear that contracting outside of your company is safer than in-house shredding. When a corporation does this, they are eliminating the risks of data being released into the wrong hands.