Twitter Data Security & Data Protection

Secure Harddrive Destruction, Twitter calling for increased Data Protection

Protecting your data both digitally and physically can be done by incorporating a confidential shredding services are available in Cork & Limerick to help benefit your businesses data protection.

Data Security & Social Media

Twitter, Google, Facebook and other heads of cyber security such as Dropbox and a senior researcher in networking and security at UC Berkeley are discussing future methods of cyber security for their business at a sponsored event.

Twitter’s security chief has said “Users should not have to petition companies to implement security or fix egregious vulnerabilities.” The discussion continues and mentions how companies should be required to encrypt data and maintain applications and any security holes within reason.

With current technology and more and more people using mobile devices. Your device has sensors and could pick up or spread malicious software and infect unprotected software. An emphasis towards on-line security is needed and putting the research in to marketable ideas.

Protecting your business and personal information

Your on-line activity and the information you share can be viewed by the public if certain measures are not in place to protect sensitive information. The Data protection act 1998 and 2003 is an integral importance to all organisations today. There are 8 main rules for organisations. For more information visit and download out information leaflet.

Any business that stores a person’s details on electronically and especially sensitive data like card details, this data needs proper security/ encryption. Ensuring this data is protected correctly, maintain and update your site regularly. Sensitive data is correctly protected. There are a number of methods for obtaining data from a database. Some hacking methods cannot be avoided and data can be retrieved but as long as the sensitive data is encrypted then the data is useless to the hacker. Once data is encrypted the data can only be viewed by an admin.

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that the data you possess is being stored and protected correctly. Data destruction is now as important as Data protection. Having a licensed shredding service securely destroy documents and  hard-dives will help protect you and your customers. There are shredding services available to cater for your needs.

Improving on-line security and visibility

As most security issues can be human error. With mobile devices widely available, people often forget to secure there phone correctly. Following these steps below can help you improve your on-line security.

  1. A proper anti-virus software with firewall protection on all electronic devices.(desktop, laptop, mobile)
  2. Enabling a two step verification login.
  3. Be aware of what information sites show publicly as each site is different.
  4. That sensitive data is encrypted with the latest encryption method.
  5. Report suspicious behaviour to your own and site you use as they may not be aware of the issue until someone tells them.
  6. Use a secure password, “123456” and “password” are NOT secure passwords and are surprisingly used more often than you think.

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