Recycle IT Information

Recycle IT is a secure and simple process that takes away the problems that you may face with old IT equipment. When it comes to the disposal and recycling of IT is has never been easier to do so. All IT equipment and electrical products include Desktops computers, Laptops, Hard Drives, mobile phones, scanners, fax machines, shredders, and so much more. All these items can be recycled no matter what make or how old they are. It is important that all IT equipment doesn’t end up in the landfill. By recycling properly, it prevents your information from falling into the wrong hands and will ensure that you are operating the right way in the eyes of the law. A lot of IT devices such as monitors, mobile phones, computers, etc contain materials and these can be harmful to the environment if not recycled properly. If you dispose of hard drives or computers incorrectly it will leave an organisation open to data breaches. It is important to use a reputable recycling firm that are specialists in IT recycling.

Why choose Security in Shredding for their Recycle IT Services? 

• Excellent Service 

They can ensure that all our client’s requirements are met by providing an efficient and professional service every time.

• They Provide WEEE Recycling Services 

Any WEEE materials are recycled through WEELABEX approved vendors in line with legislation. Through these approved vendors all remaining IT equipment is broken down to their base and sent for recycling.

• Their staff are experts 

All their staff are friendly, trained, and security screening with a 10-year history. They can offer you any advice and answer any questions that you may have for them.

• They save you money and Time 

They provide IT Recycling services across the nation. They will always do their best to offer the best deals where possible. Recycling with a professional company will save you a lot of time and hassle.

They offer a Hassle-Free Service 

You can contact the company without any hassle and arrange a collection appointment for your Recycling to be disposed of. They will ensure a hassle-free service every time.

You are guaranteed peace of mind 

Security in Shredding offers innovative and modern solutions in IT Recycling to the public and private sector organisations. The company provides reliable, flexible, and value for money to all customers in an ethical and sustainable manner. With Security in Shredding you never have to worry about your old IT Equipment as it is in the safest hands. Their main goal is in the best interests of the customers so that they know they will always benefit from their knowledge and experience.

We Recycle our waste  

They have a motto where there is limited use of landfill sites. They continuously strive for 100% of any IT equipment to be recycled properly and the right way. It is so important to them that all customers data and information is destroyed the right way to ensure any data isn’t known to anybody else. Security in Shredding is the number one company in Ireland for Recycle IT

Specialising in secure confidential document shredding services with a reputation for exceptional security, customer service. Delivering value for money and the utilisation of leading technology compliant to the highest security standards within the industry.