Benefits of WEEE Recycling

There are many benefits associated with WEEE Recycling. The secure disposal of digital data through a certified data destruction service is a key part of any information security strategy. If for example, hard-drives that contain information that is no longer required, are not disposed of through a hard-drive shredding service and then become breached, the organisation and/or individual may be liable for prosecution. You need to be aware that failure to do so can lead to breaches in data-protection under the New General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) which could incur fines of up to €20million for non-compliance.
The data destruction market hasn’t changed much over the last few years, however, there is a significant trend emerging which is that businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of this type of service, more specifically digital data destruction in the form of confidential Hard-Drive Shredding. In line with environmental best practices, once the data-bearing media devices such as Hard-Drives and Back Up tapes have been destroyed through a certified onsite Hard-drive shredding service, the remaining WEEE will enter the appropriate IT Recycling processes achieving double compliance, both GDPR Compliance and Waste Management Compliance. Statistics show that smaller businesses and self-employed individuals require further education about confidential data destruction and the importance of the same. Visit our WEEE Recycling Centre!


Methods of Digital Data Destruction
In today’s market, there are various methods of Digital Data Destruction offered to business which include, overwriting, degaussing, reformatting and finally physical destruction through Hard-Drive Shredding.
We want to stress, the only method for 100% data destruction is to physically destroy the data-bearing media through an onsite hard-drive shredding service and/or certified offsite hard-drive shredding service with a full chain of custody.
The first three methods listed above which are overwriting, degaussing and reformatting simply are not 100% secure as the data is still on the device and may be recovered with technology and a skilled technician. In addition to that, the actual device itself cannot be guaranteed to be destroyed/usable by simply looking at the device. If an individual does try and use the device and the data can be recovered, it is then too late and the data controller may be prosecuted.


Physical Destruction – Hard-Drive Shredding
Data Protection and Data Protection Compliance is a risk-based activity for businesses. If the risks are high, it is not worth it under the GDPR. The potential fines will be too much for an organisation to absorb. The best advice to give in Data Protection Consulting for business is to minimise the risk where possible and when it comes to secure digital data destruction, physically destroy the device through a hard drive shredding service and release the destroyed material into an IT recycling process post-destruction. Then it is 100% secure!!
If you wish to receive any further information on secure digital data destruction, please contact the Team at Security in Shredding!!
In agreement with the means of the Data Protection Act, theft and financial significances in theft, it is very important to have and make sure that your disposal procedures and data destruction are completely secured.
Here at Security in Shredding, we are 100% committed to securing all our destruction of data and hard drive destruction. We are dedicated to finding new ways in combining the security of data with the CSR and circular economy of all our customers.