5 Things to Consider When Choosing Paper Shredding In Ireland

In today’s business environment, the majority of organizations are not paper free and unfortunately, organizations don’t even realize this. Even though digital systems store data in digital format there are still a great deal of information being printed whether it is for a meeting or physical writing/reading the data is being generated in paper format. Storing confidential information this way may result in to careless handling or time consuming paper shredding which is why large – medium – small companies generally prefer professionals to do the job. Depending upon your requirements for paper shredding in Ireland, you could plan a scheduled regular or monthly paper shredding service. This will certainly provide you with a continuous document of regular conformity, making the job straightforward as well as fast ensuring compliance to legislation. 

Let’s check out the top 5 attribute/accreditations to consider for a paper shredding company in Ireland:

  1. Information Security: A reliable paper shredding company provides a secure chain of custody, from the time documents are collected, through the shredding process, and ends with a Certificate of Destruction provided after every service performed. These companies are subjected to regulation to take care of any data that contains personally identifiable information. This information must be securely destroyed for the reputation of any organization.

  2. Agreement – Nowadays, secure paper shredding is not just a need but a legal requirement, in many countries. This has been declared as a legal responsibility to protect personally identifiable information otherwise penalties and fines are implemented upon businesses that don’t.

  3. Saves money and time – Availing of professional paper shredding in Ireland is great solution and is more effective than buying a shredding machine or paying for maintenance after every time lap. Also, it spares time for employees to perform their appropriate tasks other than paper shredding as it holds sever risk to the Organization.

  4. Convenience – Shredding documents is convenient now, with professionally certified shredding companies. They provide locked consoles and place them in easily accessible locations around your premise so that documents that need to be destroyed are easy to gather at one place and are “Kept Secure” in line with Data Protection Legislation.

  5. More than shredding paper docs – Shredding services are not paper destruction only. The digital form of documentation also needs to be securely destroyed. Ask your professional paper shredding company in Ireland if they can provide a way of destroying digital data.

Get the experienced service providers to ensure complete destruction to confidential information rather relying on employee for manual paper shredding.

Specialising in secure confidential document shredding services with a reputation for exceptional security, customer service. Delivering value for money and the utilisation of leading technology compliant to the highest security standards within the industry.