“The Security of the Cloud …”

iCloud security wake-up call


As a result from the security issues surrounding iCloud, “The general move to cloud services is going to suffer..” “In the wake of a leak at the start of the month, Apple added new security measures to its iCloud service. Apple was late to the game with two-factor authentication, but most of these (celebrity) images were likely hacked before it brought in that update”, Conor Flynn stated to the Sunday Business Post. “These leaks should act as a wake-up call to Irish smart-phone users to keep account of where their data is being stored, according to Michael Conway – director of Renaissance”.

If the public was better educated about the methods and locations for storage of their data, it would minimise the risk to the user. “People share information so-freely in social media circles, the logical step is just saving that information in the cloud”.

According to the Sunday Business Post, the simple solution is to encrypt your files before saving to a cloud service because even if that cloud provider is compromised, your files are useless to anyone who gets them without the encryption key.

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